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    Izzy Stradlin must be the most over-hyped fuck in the history of music.....How's that hot tune he wrote about going to the dentist? Just fucking sad........ The romanticism over past junkies that were given way to much credit is sickening at best, and outright pathetic. Fun game to play if you know multiple GNR fans. If you like CD, compare yourself to a fan you know that doesn't, or vice versa. The line of delineation is staggering on so many levels.
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    The person that did this must be a forum member somewhere.
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    Got the wife a 22 pistol and BB gun rifles for the kids. They are out on the back property (with grandpa) shooting their guns. After a crazy morning I now get to relax, eat a meat and cheese plate full of exotic food, grandma’s homemade fudge, while watching Houston-OKC and Blackway. Prime rib cooking. I hope you all had a fantastic and memorable day with your loved ones.
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    Buy a switch. Play smash bros. Have fun.
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    Hardly. Just saying, whens someone appears to be a joyless miserable cunt, chances are, he's a joyless miserable cunt.
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    I rettaged chinese democracy as axl rose solo album so it doesnt pop up when I play my gnr songs on shuffle
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    You seem like a pleasant person to be around.
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    Axl's best efforts have been seen, and they have been humiliating for him. He might not need Izzy, but he does need someone to write songs for him.
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    Quoted for truth. Izzy can eat a dick. By far the most overrated member of the classic lineup. Yes, more overrated than fucking Steven. As far as I`m concerned, he has made one good album on his own "Like A Dog", "Juju Hounds" and "On Down the Road" have like two or three halfway decent song ideas, the rest, the less spoken of, the better. To suggest Axl can`t make good music without Izzy is just, let`s say naive without offending anyone (if they take offence, well, it`s not my problem). Yeah, yeah, I know everyone has a right to voice their opnions and all that jazz but there comes a time when it`s much better to keep silent than say some inane bullshit .
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    Do you honestly believe, that in 2018, he is going to be able to help Axl Rose (or anyone on this planet) with writing a song? Those days are dead. I really think some fans need to embrace this and either adapt or move on.
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    This article reminds me why I’m so dismissive of the band’s future. The failure and reputation of Chinese Democracy is exactly why having their next comeback album sound so drastically similar to their last comeback album that crashed and burned (which Axl confirmed is the case for the unreleased stuff) is a horrible idea. Hands down the worst mistake the band can make. Having Slash and Duff peppered onto an already overlayered monstrosity won’t help. Fuck off with that notion. Even scarier since it does unfortunately seem to be the most likely scenario for “new music”. But would the label let them waste the opportunity like that? Because it makes zero business sense. I’d only care about a new album if the recordings are at least fresh (don’t care what year the songs are stemmed from), and if Izzy is mostly involved in the process as this is where they need Izzy. Neither of which are likely to happen. Ya know, because it’d make too much sense and all. Something that’s kriptonite to this band. Fuckin fags.
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    Shit reunion of hell. Give us the leftovers. Hey @John Bonham U win this time. I was preparing the post when you publish this thread.
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    The record should never have been released. Axl probably didn't want to release it. He probably couldn't be bothered with it after tinkering with it on and off for ten years and it still sounded like crap. There's nothing inspiring about what was released. The list of crap is endless, from the production, to the vocals, to the simply dreadful musicianship, there is just no end to how bad it is. I'm glad it failed. To take a bunch of unknown session musicians, and labelling them 'Guns N' Roses' was a stupid enough idea, but releasing a crap record under that name too, well, it got what it deserved.
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    Contraband is the GNR album of the 2000s. It was rocking, fun, pop, generic and well written and produced. Chinese Democracy is painful to listen to, it tries to copy every pop fad and fails, it's pretentious but ends up as generic as any new/alt metal album from that period, it's poorly written and a mess production-wise, including copy paste blips.
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    This is it, guys! Axl is currently sifting through Chinese Democracy leftovers for a new album in 2019 with Salsh and Puff
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    Imagine being such a joyless twat that you can't find the humor in this prank. And then imagine spending your time chatting online with people just as joyless as you. We should count our blessings during this holiday season, GNFNR. Not many are as fortunate as we are.
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    A few weeks ago, Mickey Rourke tweeted a pic of him and Axl hanging out. Then, a snarky fan sent the photo to a Canadian local news show that shows pictures of old people celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. So, the implication is that Mickey and Axl are an old couple (Axl being the wife) celebrating fifty years of marriage. It's funny, because they both look older and shittier than they should, and in fact, were both considered quite handsome in their prime; so the fact that they turned out to be such train wrecks at this point in their lives is a source of amusement and merriment. Do you understand?
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    Nate, I'd be happy to bring your young wife to the next superhero films she'd like to watch 🍿
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    mushrooms are fucking awesome, are we all on that page? Lots of people don't like mushrooms, and that's cool. I'm a huge fan. My weight maintenance plan involves not eating large carbs, so pizza - crust is in line. I've been all over that. red onion, black olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, arugula. Sorry to piss people off but bbq chicken pizza with banana peppers and pineapple is dope as fuck, yo. don't @ me.
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