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    Life is too short to watch shitty movies or TV shows. If your wife dragged you to Aquaman, you should have snuck some booze in there and just got shit hammered. Ultimately, she wanted to see Jason Mamoa and get her panties wet, so maybe you got laid afterwards? I'd sit through a shitty two hour super hero movie if I knew it was gonna get me laid by an extra-horny chick.
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    The transition from Tony Clifton to Geraldine Bailey is a beautiful thing.
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    It's on Buzzfeed. It's a Christmas miracle,
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    Holy shit that's one hell of an epic troll job!!!
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    Man, when you put it that way why the fuck do we even follow this band? Soon is the word
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    We all have stories, lord knows I could write a book. What's something outlandish you witnessed prior to a show or whatnot? Here's one memory : I was eating breakfast/brunch at Lucky's cafe at the Hard Rock with MSL, during the second residency. (Believe it was a Thursday prior to the final shows) Around the corner rolls Beta with porn legend Ron Jeremy (Swear on my mother). The stink eye she gave MSL was priceless..... BTW, she was carrying a ton of fruit and likely on her way back up to a suite.
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    Yeah some people view depression as a form of mental weakness, of not being able to cope. I don't. Plenty have it, but you wouldn't know it because many people use meds or have addictions (overeating, sex, alcohol, cigs, drugs, etc) to cover it up. I don't know a lot about Davidson, but I know he's been fucked up since Age 7 when his firefighter Dad got crushed in the WTC after running in to save lives. That's a tough age to deal with something like that, completely attached/dependent on their Dad and too old to ever forget. I also know he's been suffering from Crohn's Disease his whole life too. Maybe there's legit reasons to dislike him that I don't know about, but jealousy shouldn't be one of them. As for Ariana, she can lick my churro any time she wants.
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    My vote remains the same cause Orange Man Bad.
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    The only truly amazing movie I watched all year was "Network" and it's over 40 fucking years old. It's so goddamn good I'm watching it again, something I rarely do. Not only is Faye Dunaway totally my type, but goddamn is it the most accurate prediction of society this side of 1984. If you've never seen it I implore you to give it a viewing. Just think of it as a darker version of "Anchorman." It's soooo good. The dialogue just snaps and the performances and satire are amazing. Ned Beatty's scene is the stuff of immortal film legend. Watch it.
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    I imagine him like the Beast, from the beginning of the cartoon, all locked away in his mansion destroying any portraits of himself when he was young and beautiful, knowing that he's trapped in the hideous body of a monster now.
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    Yeah, I'm not gonna speculate on whether or not he was actually trying to fuck those 14 year old girls, but I imagine he was, cause why else even bother talking to them? Plus most of the women in the crowd were in their late 30s/early 40s, as most GNR fans are aging Gen X-ers, so this pair of jailbait was probably the hottest girls he spotted that night. I will say this for certain though: it was repulsive to watch; not in a lecherous old creep trying to fuck younger girls kinda way, cause hey, I'm a guy and I get that. It was disgusting to watch this hanger-on nobody, this piece of trash that never did anything to even remotely earn the opportunity to invite chicks backstage at a rock concert. He had that position simply because his cousin used to clean the toilets of the supermodel Axl used to fuck almost 30 years ago. And Beta is so good at manipulating and taking advantage of Axl, that her nasty ass fucking extended family that were probably living in tin sheds in a 3rd world country when GNR was busting their asses in LA in 1985, now gets to be part of the GNR "entourage." Disgusting. That was the first thing that popped in my head that I've personally witnessed. Other than that, it's just the sheer amount of fucking weirdos and freaks and social retards that continued to see this band through the NuGNR years. I mean, normies went in the 80s/90s. Normies went to see NITL for the nostalgia. And I bet even a few normies went to the shows in 2002 when Axl first resurfaced, just out of curiosity. But the people that continued to see them from 2006-2014?? Jeez, what a bunch of fucking rejects. I'm embarrassed to admit that I am one of them. I want to hide my face and be like "These 7000 people are not with me."
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    Why do you go to these movies that you already know you are going to hate? I wouldn’t go to a Pitch Perfect movie unless somebody paid me $50. I stopped going to super hero movies because they are all virtually they same. Skip movies that you know you won’t like.
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    Axl starting shows late. Making fans wait 2-3 hours. My World. Taking 13 years and spending 14 million dollars for one album. Playing a wedding. Playing a birthday party for a c-level actress. Playing a a bowling alley. Axl not preparing for shows and using the first 4-5 concerts as his warmups. GnR having a revolving door of musicians. Including DJ Ashba. Bridgeport. Yoda. Past lives. Regression therapy. Removing videos from YouTube. Blaming fans for the delay of CD2 and CD. A $1,000 box set that featured 8 versions of one song. Not bringing Izzy and Adler back into the fold. The decade long CD tour. Bringing Slash and Duff back....and instead of adding a new song or two, they add three new covers. Waiting 20 years to bring Slash back to save GnR.
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    Interesting trade. Losing Kemp is no big loss. Old and be really faded down the stretch. Farmer and Wood - who cares. So it’s essentially a salary dump. And Puig for a first and second round pick. I guess this frees them up to sign Harper. Whom I can’t stand. Not sure why they didn’t sign David Murphy to play second. Guy is a pro hitter. Totally clutch. And you can write him down for .300 and 20 homers. And they don’t have a catcher. At all. So interesting they trade Puig away without getting a catcher in return.
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    Estranged - I know exactly who you are talking about. While I do believe him to not be a pedo, he is one creepy mofo. Another one - First day of the UYI tour at Alpine Valley, we get there at 11:00 to wait. Pure fucking chaos in the grass parking area. I saw a 18-25 yr old chick being drug by her hair by some goofy looking dude. He was yelling she shouldn't drink so much, and at the time I didn't process it as a big deal. Over the years I have wondered how that ended up for her.
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    Home Alone 2 must be eliminated because ORANGE MAN BAD!!!
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    Momentum Generation. Surfing documentary featuring Kelly Slater. Best damn surf movie since Point Break. Highly recommend this one.
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    And, sorry/not sorry to pile on, but... Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Anthony Bordain, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson, Prince, Michael Jackson, Mac Miller, Chris Benoit, etc. etc.
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    That's the thing about depression—it doesn't matter if you have a good job, success, people who love you, talent, good looks, money, a big dick, whatever. I've felt depressed. I've felt suicidal. I've been there. I know how it feels. This guy had mental health problems long before he met Ariana Grande. That's not my take at all, that you should "feel sorry for him because he can't get over Ariana." My take is that I can relate. I know how he feels, and I am damn glad I don't feel that way right now.
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    I don't know what to think of the Mets right now. Clearly they're trying to win now, which is exciting, but I'm not sure it's within them, and I worry they'll sacrifice too much of the future. Top 10 pick from last year already gone.
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    Ok. Let’s get to the important stuff. Who signs Machado Bryce Harper And how does your team improve over the offseason? Dodgers get Seager back and Urias for the full season. They need to sign a bullpen arm or two. They also need to let Alex Verague(whatever is name is) have a starting job in the outfield. Is there a free agent second base man or shortstop or third basemen that hits for a .300 average and steals 25-30 bases? Seager can play short or 3rd. Turner can play third or 2nd. Dodgers have like 8 guys who hit .250 with 20-25 homers. Puig. Joc. Grandal. Chris Taylor. Puig. Bellinger. Kiki. Even Muncy and Matt Kemp had better numbers - but totally faded in the playoffs and will drop off next year. Clean house with a bunch of them. And sign a second baseman and catcher than can get on base and hit .290-300. Guys who won’t strike out 150 times a year. Guys who can move a runner over.
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    Congrats to @The Linguini Occurrence? and all Red Sox fans on the board. The best team throughout the year won last night. Eovaldi was probably the biggest pick up at the trade deadline.
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    best of the series by far. Apart from the original.
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