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    Home Alone 2 must be eliminated because ORANGE MAN BAD!!!
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    I just notice this thread and saw that Love Actually was already eliminated. Whats next? Are you going to eliminate Home Alone. I watch those every year. I wont play this shit game. The fag side of me is offended by the first elimination.
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    Guns N' Roses officially the second grossest band this year 1st
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    Everything Facekicker said about Love Actually is 100% true, but I still love fagging out to it multiple times each Christmas season.
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    "Shitter was full." "Ah that's great. Hey honey, how's our shitter?"
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    Cliche but true. is this your contribution in this thread?
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    Ginsburg just had two malignant cancerous growths removed from her lungs.
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    If only we had an investigative reporter to track down the objective truth...
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    Nice story bro. one that I remember ... at the Guns in Rio show (1992), Axl got annoyed with something and left the show in half going away by helicopter.
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    Slash used to badmouth Axl now he is his buddy buddy Slash used to be a junkie now he is so sober he looks like a sad zombie on stage Slash used to support a child abuser (MJ) now he plays ribfest to support abused kids Slash used to have teeth...
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    The only thing Salsh saved is his bank account.
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    Im going to watch Mr Bean's christmas now.
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    Scroogedi watched it yesterday,terrible acting ,boring
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    Watching libtards turn pro-war is hilarious, disgusting and frightening all at the same time. They don't have a Rothschild central bank installed.
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    If you ever needed the perfect picture to illustrate that the GOP and Democrats are two cheeks of the same ass that one above is perfect
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    Or even better, stop right there.
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    "Hey guys, isn't wonderful to see this classy lady making friends with cuddly cute George Dubya. In these troubled times we need more people like this to stand up to sexist, racist, misogynist Putin-puppet fascists" These fucking cunts just reached a new low. Fucking deranged beyond belief. Cunts. Cunts. Cunts.
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    I can't wait for Hilary to crawl out from under her rock
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    I did not arrive in time for the photo 😜
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    @GUNNER Salsh saying: My teeth are not so important! I'm a lucky guy! I know the pentatonic scale and I'm a Axl’s friend again.
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    The question is, who will save Slash's teeth?
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    The Nightmare Before Christmas I never watched it because Tim Burton sucks.
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