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    Hello Guys. I wish the week that begins is productive and positive for all of you. I've been checking, and I have not found any thread that deals exclusively with this "new" track to come up, so I invite you all to post here all rumors and news about "Children of the Revolution”. That said, come on! Zak Starkey participates with the band in tribute to T-Rex? Axl Rose Fan Club reports that a mysterious user in a band forum, which leaked in recent days unpublished versions of Chinese Democracy rehearsals in 2009 said that the drums of the song was made by Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr (Beatles) and who plays drums as a tour musician for The Who. Recalling that even the cover of the tribute was officially announced by Guns N 'Roses, who will then say of this supposed special participation in the recording .. http://www.instagram.com/axlrosefaclube/p/BrD6V63HTUC/ Initial rumors about the song came from journalist Mitch Lafon: _______________________________________ Thread created following the guidelines of this forum:
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    Because you suck playing mafia. I knew it since the first likes he gave me. And I was 100% sure when he started a bully wagon against auad. Shame of who entered that wagon. @auad is harmless he didnt deserve that shit just because he is brazilian. I can see a pattern here. WFA, Borki, TM, maynard ... All of them had all the chances in the world and all of them commited the same mistake, they turned against the guy who gave'em all the chances. I think Maynard takes the cake ... he managed to get banned by JB for at least 3 times. Thats something. As far as Im concerned he already doxxed WFA, Borki, Andre, Manets, auad, JB and myself. I think its pathological. He used to criticize warchild so much. I wonder if its not the same person.
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    Yet, he had gall to make fun of Warbitch and her cohorts . Two sides of the same pile of shit.
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    I'm all in for taking down Amy Schumer. There isn't a redeeming quality about her.
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    Oh yeah. He saved the band. New songs on the horizon: 0. A dentist please!
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    Should be even more fucking horrible with Mickey on vocals. I can't wait.
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    they look like the mumford & sons trying to sing like led zepplin while imitating wolfmother.
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    After much consideration I have concluded my dream job would to do absolutely nothing.
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    What a puss. http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/221721-george-hw-bush-rip/?do=findComment&comment=4652513
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    I smoked tobacco for 17 years, pack a day. Haven't smoked now for 18 months, cold turkey.
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    Yes its too bad hes creepy stalker motherfucker
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    Couldn't tell you. I don't pay attention to that nonsense.
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    1. How many of you own your own business? Or are you an employee? 2. If you are an employee: A. Are you doing what you love? B. Are you making tens of millions of dollars a year doing it? If Slash is a cuck....what does that make you? Dude is doing what he loves, traveling the world, and makes more money in a week than you make in ten years. It’s funny to see how pussy-hurt some of you are that Axl had to get Slash back into the band to save GnR. “Slash didn’t save Axl and GnR!!!” Lol, OK numbnuts. GnR was down to playing crowds of 7,000-10,000 people. Slash comes back and GnR is instantly playing to 50,000 people and the band’s fee went up 10-fold. I guess you can be pissed off that Slash coming back ended your chances of seeing Axl “up close and personal” this year. Without Slash, you might have gotten to see GnR at your local 1,500 seat venue.
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    Slash ranks lower than Beta as far as decision-making for the band goes.
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    "He remembers back to childhood when he first picked up a guitar and is humbled by his achievements, crediting his unwillingness "to take no for an answer from that day forward" Slash: "I can get away without signing the band over to you, right?" Axl: "No." Slash: "Sweet, bro." Slash: "So, uh, how's about a pre-nup?" Perla: "No." Slash: "Awesome. Sounds cool." Slash: "Hey Axl, wanna record some new shit?" Axl: "No." Slash: "Very good, sir."
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    No Izzy, no West Arkeen... Axl has no more ghost writers.
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    desperate to try and block it from YouTube and everywhere else. Several channels received strikes for false claims made by the fake company “UziSuicidal LLC” . These “fans” are known “trolls” and have been banned many times from the Guns N’ Roses communities.
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    then: A man choking on gas during ww1 today: "Suspend me for 5 years" /perspective
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    Ok. I declare you suspended fo 5 years.
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    What if Axl had dyed his hair black, would things have turned out differently? Are The Who and GnR linked by a metaphysical link? What if Eddie Vedder had replaced Axl? What if Duff had played guitar? Did Mark Canter inspire My Michelle by taking a picture of Michelle? Is Out Ta Get Me about Axl's past life regression alien experience? Did Axl's cat inspire the song Sorry? Proof inside. Are the rabbit sausages an allegory for There Was a Time? Is Axl using the laser scalp treatment that Tom Cruise uses? Did Scientology influence The Spaghetti Incident?
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    I won't mind quitting my job if I ever decide to raise children. I don't believe in the reconciliation bullshit, and I don't think of myself as a weaker person or that my rights are taken away for having to choose between work and family.
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    You just want the ride admit it. (I think your answer is refreshing tbh) I think many/most women would say the same thing if unlovable sasquatches hadn't brainwashed them into thinking it weak and servile.
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