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    Looks like Verne Troyer's corpse is dating Sissy Spacek.
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    Ah, the Ragtard is in full-on war mode now. I, for one, welcome our new third world overlord.
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    It's that stupid tattoo that black sabbath has on his arm. I'd offer $5 then video myself destroying it for the laugh.
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    This is ridiculous. At some point everyone is going to be a rapist, as soon as you get into the public eye. How many guys here slapped a chick's ass when they were younger? Rapist. Put your hand on their hips flirting. Rapist. You've each had 2 beers after a football game and kiss. Rapist. Lean in for a kiss after a date, but she's not that into it. Rapist.
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    It is your money. You earned it. Spend it on whatever you want.
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    Go find a corner to squat in
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    It turns out that all the science stuff Neil was always goin' on about was just a bunch of mansplaining.
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    This makes my day. He'd probably be in my top 5 of people I'd like to see this happen to.
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    Bobbo thinks GNFNR is about positive vibes.
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    Who wants to play Pin the Ragnar on the Spectrum?
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    Ah, poor Fagnar. You need help, sunshine. It's obvious you're developmentally disabled so I'm gonna lay off you.
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    Axl looks good sitting beside Mickey.
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    Hey, there's no GOOD reason to kill yourself. But if you wanna compare jumping in front of a train cause you work 15 hour days and can't get laid and hate your life and all the stress and that......or crying and and sobbing and blowing your brains out cause Axl Rose is dead? One sounds sillier than the other. But it's a hypothetical. Can you honestly tell me, as a South American, you don't expect at least one obsessed fan from your continent to kill himself after Axl dies?
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    With all the advancements in oil extraction, and how much the US is stockpiling, you'd think we could just step back and let the Middle East just destroy itself. Fuck the Middle East.
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    We are starting to show up near the top of the page on Google South America's "Axl Rose" searches.
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    What is worse, choking your pregnant girlfriend like Tyreek Hill did or pushing and kicking some aggressive groupie like Kareem Hunt did? Answer: Whomever TMZ has video footage of.
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    Here's a revolutionary concept: you can spend the money you've earned any way you damn well please. If you want something, go for it. It doesn't matter what dense faggots like Damn_Smooth and Ragtard think. And what the fuck does hating Axl have to do with it? I still love The Beatles even though Lennon and Harrison were shit human beings.
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    no probs, we've all been there.
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    its just materialistic shit. Why want something just because its rare? dumb as fuck. You've seen the artwork, dont give into something you think you want when you dont really,
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    Let them eat their own. If some other famous physicist got accused he'd fucking be tweeting that it's unacceptable and virtue signaling to the world. Fuck him. I've no sympathy for any of these high profile fucks because they have zero balls and not one of them has spoken out about how #metoo is basically a load of hysterical bullshit. The more high profile and popular the target the better. I want to watch these cunts destroy themselves and all their enablers.
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    Oh, defo. Everyone knows it's South America and not Japan where people commit suicide for the dumbest of reasons.
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    That's awful, man. Truly awful. You can't blame yourself, though. It was up to people much closer to him/her to see this coming. Think about it, if red flags went up every time someone said they felt lost and worried about the future, 80% of people would be on suicide watch. Hang in.
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    I just got Masterpiece Shockwave this weekend, so my Decepticon lineup in complete. Now if you were a kid in the 80s, of course you knew that Transformers toys ruled. But they weren't perfect. They weren't poseable at all, sometimes they'd have parts in weird places like Megatron's giant trigger dick, and most of them looked nothing like they did on the cartoon. Well, now it's all been fixed. The Masterpiece line is a child of the 80s wildest dreams come true. They look just like the cartoon, they're fully poseable, and of course they still transform. If my 9 year old self could see this toy shelf, he would shit puke and puke shit. And they're all MINE!! MINE!!!
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    not advice i've received but something I've learned and am sharing with you fortunate folks: (with regards to professional life) If you don't have to say something, don't. Say only what you need to say. People get themselves into deep water because they're saying stuff they never needed to say. People like to brag, share information, spread gossip. Don't go on a run of "just saying stuff."
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    this is not advice i've received, but advice i'm giving: outlast In a business job, outlast the others. For instance - I work with accountants, i've learned from them, they've left, new accountants have come in. I'm a better professional with the new wave of accountants than i was with the previous. In my position, that goes for chefs, hairstylists, servers, etc. I learn from my experiences with all and when they leave, and the next wave comes in, I'm a better Jackie. Outlast them. They may not like you on every day, today I read the riot act to a chef, he was not pleased. That's cool - he will most likely leave. I'll be here, with more experience and knowledge to deal with the next chef. I'll outlast. outlast.
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    "Train, Say Your Prayers, Take Your Vitamins." - Hulk Hogan
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