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    Why does everything Axl does have to be defended by some faggot?
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    Backing vocals on Going Down were decent enough. Axl.
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    Eat a dick you cum guzzling cock gobbler. You like 80`s gay butt Rock ? then again, I should n`t be surprised . No, I don`t give a shit you inbred imbecile. I`m here to send low life pieces of shit such as yourself to fuck themselves. Now get lost and lick my semen off your girlfriend`s pussy, faggot......
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    The only thing Axl has is our memories of his reckless youth. He can't sing, dance, or come up with anything remotely interesting to rant about. His reclusive image is a fabrication. Slash still tries, thereby making him the least shit. Grohl wins the shit crown, because he's Dave Grohl.
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    That's awful, man. Truly awful. You can't blame yourself, though. It was up to people much closer to him/her to see this coming. Think about it, if red flags went up every time someone said they felt lost and worried about the future, 80% of people would be on suicide watch. Hang in.
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    Ok Buddy! This is already past. JB and I have already created at least 4 new threads since then ... and we're looking forward to your entries.
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    Team Brazil will gorge on his 500pound carcass like flesh eating maggots. Del James will finally have to get a real job. Miser will start 500 threads a month on the thickness of Axls hair on his deathbed. DJ Ashba will tell everyone that he secretly recorded an entire GNR album with Axl but won't release it out of respect for his lifelong friend Steven Adler will give an interview saying he believes it is all a conspiracy by Slash and Duff to prevent a real reunion tour and that Axl is alive and well living in the jungle in Brazil Thousands of retarded Brazilians will die looking for Axl in the jungle
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    This made me very sad. I like the thought that Axl is out somewhere. Lazy, fat, stupid. But alive.
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    The anticipation as the whale carcass is lifted up from the pool in Malibu will be electric. The pubescent, malnourished Brazilian houseboys Axl keeps will make for weak pallbearers.
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    You give a crap, retard, hence your comment. Tell us again how Chinese Democracy is the greatest album of the century, earless faggot.
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    Accept one of the gayest bands ever. Right up there with Manowar. I mean, you can`t get gayer than "Balls to the Walls" plus, no one gives a crap.
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    See? Bruce Willis on guitar. Everyone should know 'em.
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    Something touched me deep inside, the day the hue hues died.
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    Plant and Eric Clapton turned into right old boring cunts. Thank god Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood are at least still mad cunts. Paul McCartney on the other hand was born an old boring cunt and only became worse.
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    Georgia is a good place to start with JJL
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    @meatpuppet eXistenZ is one of my favorite movies. Jennifer Jason Leigh was killing it during this period. She ranks very high for me as does David Cronenberg