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    If the hits don't hit, you must declare "shit!"
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    He can always say gravity caused his unzipping
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    Nice to see Salsh visiting Axl on his deathbed. #bros4life
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    Why does everything Axl does have to be defended by some faggot?
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    The three of them put out a track together in 2010, "Watch This," and in typical fashion, Axl contributed zero.
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    Just send Jr. a bottle and it will all be in due time.
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    It's the Saints to lose it at this point. KC was always a pipe dream. We all know Andy Reid fucks it all up in the playoffs. Los Angeles and New England have a shot but as far as I see it New Orleans can score on any play. Brady is one year older and as good as the Rams are, even their offense is no match for Drew Brees I think. This NFL season has been so shit. I want to fast forward to the next one.
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    I am a fan of Guns n Roses. Some maight even say I’m a mega fan Im pretty sure we all are here on this forum. i do think he’s a complete douche bag and has rendered himself a talentless hack, but it’s still a pretty cool piece of GnR memrobelia Nonetheless.
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    It's hard to get a hold of...but I know someone here has multiple copies, and should send one to GnRLiars. Do it or YOU'RE A FAG.
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    Simpsons, buddy. W was King of the Hill.
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    such quality threads, gunsnfnroses would really be in the shitter without these
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    Can we please give Maud his very own Gunsguy news reporter title? He's well and truly deserving of such a dishonorary title.
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    And all 300 have the same vocal tracks we already have, just different bullshit beeps and boops in the background.
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    The only thing Axl has is our memories of his reckless youth. He can't sing, dance, or come up with anything remotely interesting to rant about. His reclusive image is a fabrication. Slash still tries, thereby making him the least shit. Grohl wins the shit crown, because he's Dave Grohl.
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    This made me very sad. I like the thought that Axl is out somewhere. Lazy, fat, stupid. But alive.
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    Georgia is a good place to start with JJL
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    @meatpuppet eXistenZ is one of my favorite movies. Jennifer Jason Leigh was killing it during this period. She ranks very high for me as does David Cronenberg
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