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    What's wrong with you guys
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    I always thought Grohl is shit. Exhibitionist convinced egocentric, without talent, musician without soul. He needs to get involved with everything and everyone. I hate FF and everything he's involved with. I never understood or accepted the Hype. The luck of his life was to have been part of Nirvana. That simple. For him to be something, Cobain is missing from his side. This guy said all I think about Grohl: Do not believe the hype. My life over the last two decades has been swamped with people spouting weak-assed crap like “I don’t want to say Dave Grohl is shit because it ain’t up to me to tell others how to live their lives”. Damn straight. It AIN’T up to you to tell others how to live. You so scared of being thought out-of-touch that you can’t even figure out what you like yourself, though? You so scared of being viewed as opinionated or nasty or close-minded (shudder) a critic that you can’t state your own opinions loud and clear, though? DAVE GROHL IS SHIT. He’s a beardy smiley bland comfort zone for people who just need some reassurance in their lives, and have no expectations beyond the promise of the new Wolverine film next year, a smiley retro sweep of pre-digested emotion whose primary concern is not LURVE or LIFE or…wait, why am I even discussing the streaming revenue with you? Dave Grohl is shit. You don’t need to be outrageous to say this, you do not need to be cowed. You don’t need to be a narcissist, you don’t need to be a nobody. Dave Grohl is shit. You don’t need to listen to Foo Fighters or work out to them down the football stadium or listen to their legion of desperate fans to realise this, just read the apologetic commentary from those too afraid to state the fact (and still think that somehow it’s OK he’s shit cos he’s “such a nice guy”), the apoplectic commentary from those who think they’re Making A Statement by coming out against them, the yawning knee-less praise from those whose idea of a varied and worldly musical taste means including a David Bowie album on their playlist of Coldplay, U2, The Killers, Marilyn Manson and (shudder) Foo Fighters. Look at the way he looks. Not so much a rock star as an exercise in hair conditioner. Dave Grohl is shit. How many times do I need to say this before you start listening? Hey, why not start listening? Just cos you’ve only heard a handful of songs in your life does not mean that no alternatives exist. Dave Grohl is shit. Do not be scared of the crowd. Has it not occurred to you that the crowd can be wrong sometimes? Dave Grohl is shit. The idea of listening to his music drives me to extremes of nothing. Dave Grohl is shit. Shout it from the tops of buses and shout it from street corners. He is dreary, whiny, derivative, needless, grey. Dave Grohl is shit. He makes Chris Martin sound like Beyoncé. Flaunt the bump/don’t flaunt the bump/FLAUNT THE BUMP! He makes Ed Sheeran shine with an inner fire. He puts Theresa May into perspective. He is shit. He is crap. He is the shit in the middle of crap. His emotion is not his. It’s empty, big washes of guitar-driven bombastic nothingness. Dave Grohl is shit. The loudest boy in a room of one. Useless shit that pervades the world with the smell of uncritical acceptance. Smiley shit. Bouncy shit. Bearded shit. Dave Grohl is shit. He is one more commodity, just one more commodity. Shit. Less than nothing. Shit. Lifestyle choice for the folk who think someone else is cutting edge. Shit. An approximation of music that does not bother to capture the spark that can make music so special, so magical, so special. Just an approximation of an approximation. The boy next door, with a drum kit and a sound purloined from the past. Half-assed subcultural appropriation. I eat at home. My nights are filled with splendour and children. Dave Grohl is shit. And that shit is everywhere. http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4151293-everett-true--dave-grohl-is-shit
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    By Merlin Alderslade 6 hours ago Metal Hammer Metal Hammer's Editor shares his love of Guns N' Roses' controversial 2008 album Chinese Democracy You had to see it right there in the shops to believe it. After 15 years, $13 million dollars, a revolving door of contributors and so many false starts it had become its own myth, Chinese Democracy, the long-awaited new album from Guns N’ Roses, was finally out in the world. The better part of two decades after Use Your Illusion I and II, it served as the first new GN’R studio album for a whole generation of rock fans, and would mean that Axl Rose could finally answer the questions that had been following him around for all those years in the wilderness. Questions like: who the fuck was actually on it? What does a Guns album without Slash sound like? And, most importantly, would it live up to 15 years of expectation and controversy? Perhaps that last point is where most people’s assessment of Chinese Democracy is a little skew-whiff. Really, the question should never have been whether it would live up to the expectation, but whether it could have. How can you possibly give an objective opinion of an album that was already so tainted by delays that it has since become the measuring stick for MIA musical ventures? And that’s not to mention the fact that a Guns N’ Roses album without, well, pretty much all of Guns N’ Roses, is going to be greeted by unprecedented cynicism from even the most battle-hardened Axl fanboy. Upon release, ten years ago this past week, reviews were decidedly mixed. Rolling Stone described Chinese Democracy as a “great, audacious, unhinged and uncompromising hard-rock record”, awarding it 4 out of 5 stars. The Guardian gave it a solid but unspectacular 3 stars, stating that it “wears its agonising gestation like a badge of honour.” Many were less kind: Pitchfork gave the album a kicking, describing it as “prosaic letdown”, while Hammer’s own reviewer gave the record a measly 5/10, bluntly asking, “where’s the swagger? The danger?” Commercially, the album did pretty well – debuting at number 2 and 3 in the UK and US respectively, eventually turning Platinum – but was deemed a disappointing performance overall, especially given its lofty production bill. It quickly slumped back down album charts after the initial hype faded, doing little to convince fans that Axl was justified in seizing control of the band and making it his own pet project in the first place. The new tracks rarely garnered much of a response live, either – even the sight of Slash solo-ing the fuck out of Better on the recent reunion shows provided a paltry reaction compared to a Rocket Queen or a You Could Be Mine. And what a shame that is. Because here’s the truth of the matter: take away the circumstances of its creation and the context of its release, and Chinese Democracy slams. It’s a damn good album – fuck it, it’s a great album, and occasionally exceptional. It’s an explosive, fantastical, multi-multilayered rock ‘n’ roll opera, but more importantly than that: it’s absolutely stacked with great songs. Let’s take it track by track. Chinese Democracy might not be on a Welcome To The Jungle level as an album opener (come on, what is?), but it’s an absolute beast of a song in its own right – a snarling, sarcastic, proudly messy banger underpinned by a riff dragged straight out of an LA gutter. Shackler’s Revengefollows: a claustrophobic, eccentric mish-mash of sparring sounds, with a particularly loopy, industrial-metal-on-crap-speed pre-chorus suggesting that Axl was binging on Nine Inch Nails at some point in the album’s lengthy conception. And it works! Better is up next: a song packing a chorus so meaty even the most cynical GN’R nostalgist can’t possibly deny it, with some particularly worthy guitar work from Robin Finck. After that comes what might just be the centrepiece of the whole record: a triple-whammy of power ballads worthy of any lighters-or-phones-in-the-air moment. Street Of Dreams, with a piano line straight out of the Elton John book of songwriting, and If The World, its flourishes of flamenco guitar and scatty percussion bathed in a warm wash of strings, are both anthems worthy of the GN’R moniker. But it’s There Was A Time – the best track on the record – that really steals the show. A stirring, strings-powered colossus, it’s the kind of song that’d have people slathering if it was released under the umbrella of a Use Your Illusion III in 1995. If you’re keeping score, that’s six straight-up screamers all dished out one after the other. The album admittedly takes a slight dip here – Catcher In The Rye is another decent ballady number but a step below its predecessors. while Scraped and Riad N’ The Bedouins feel like two sides of a coin found down the back of Axl’s sofa, even if the latter has some interesting, self-deprecating lyricism going on. Then, however, comes the outstanding Sorry – an embittered, bile-spitting Western waltz that sees Axl at his most typically defiant, his goading vocals propelled by the heaviest riff on the album. I.R.S. is a (relatively) simplistic but effective rocker that fans had been used to hearing live for a couple of years before the album actually dropped, while Madagascar – an impassioned horns, strings and kitchen sink epic – had been knocking around since way back in 2001. In truth, perhaps the latter would have been the best place to let Chinese Democracy finish, as the two tracks that follow – the overwrought This I Love and messy but dramatic Prostitute – are decent but not quite in the same league. Still, though: at its very worst Chinese Democracy is merely ‘OK’, while at its best it’s nothing short of fantastic. There are a flurry of songs that should stay in GN’R setlists for years to come, and moments that none of the other members of Guns have managed to match in any of their time away from the fold. If this had been released as an Axl Rose solo record in the aftermath of a more amicable Guns N’ Roses split, it’d have been embraced with open arms. Actually, I’ll go one better: if this was the album that the now-reunited lineup decided to put out in 2019, it’d be heralded as a thunderous comeback and end up topping a ton of end-of-year-lists. You know I’m right. So, forget the background noise and give Chinese Democracy the credit it deserves: a killer rock ‘n’ roll record with scope, ambition and, most importantly of all, kickass songs. Happy birthday, kween. http://www.loudersound.com/features/in-defence-of-chinese-democracy-guns-n-roses-misunderstood-gem more here: http://www.loudersound.com/news/metal-hammer-podcast-respect-chinese-democracy
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    @FLebeis you guys are UNREAL! Niven was with GNR for 3 years and hired a Satan specialist to cast spells on Axl and myself.. I was with Axl for 17 years and more than doubled the bands royalty rate. Niven gets thanked on the new boxset, and NOTHING mentioning me.. WOW check it out the comments... Andreis Peenus‏ @APeenus 15 h15 horas atrás Mais Em resposta a @dougbfdink @GeoffGNRCentral @FLebeis Fernando is destroying GnR legacy. I don’t even know who this fucking band is anymore. @anonymouswoke #poorleadership #losingfans
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    A shit record, made by unimaginative session musicians, for a fat shit ex-singer, to sell to a small number of fat shit fans.
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    now I realized it's Bruce ... I thought it was Satriani 🤙🤘😜🤣
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    Functional ears and an aversion to neutered dad rock. Grohl's a shit fag and you know it.
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    Axl had New GNR spend years in the studio trying to mimic Grohl's playing on Smells Like Teen Spirit.
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    They came through town a few weeks back. Buddy offered me a free ticket. Not a huge fan of theirs, but if they come in the radio, I don’t turn the channel. i do have to say that it was an amazing concert. They put on a helluva show. 2.5 hrs of straight up rock n roll. no complaints about the guy or the band from me
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    THANK YOU! Jesus Christ, I thought I was the only one who noticed he does that. I mean, I create a shitpost every few days sometimes, but he literally will post like 3 threads a day, and just copy/pastes shit. Like in this one, he can't even be bothered to tidy up the formatting. We're just lucky that he's not posting his guitar playing in this forum. He really likes to promote the fact he plays open mics.
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    Three separate threads started by auad for quotes pulled from one interview. Now it's just getting sad.
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    This is just stupid. Anyone with an interest in 80's hard rock or metal knows who Accept is.
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    Dave Grohl was shit even when he was in Nirvana. His shit hair and that goofball smile while Kurt was singing about offing himself. Objective twat.
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    I'm just grateful OP gave us an opinionated write-up and not some linked GNR related spam nobody on the forum cares about. One small step for man. One giant leap for auad.
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    always thought he was an annoying goofball
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