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    Maybe somebody should let the illegals know that in the USA all criminals are separated from their kids, so why should the illegals get preferential treatment? I'm sure the prison systems in their countries are loaded with parents, and I doubt any of them had the option of having their kids jailed with them.
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    Maybe if those shitty parents didn't bring their kids to the border, they wouldn't be separated.
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    Hey. I don't know how to say this so I'm just gonna come out with it: Scott's dead. He died three years ago. He doesn't have happy birthdays anymore cause he doesn't exist anymore. He can't read your message. Sorry man. I thought you knew.
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    Doesnt look like it now!
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    Yeah he launched that pitch. 10 more innings tonight?
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    Definitely the best game of this generation IMO.
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    Don't have kids unless/until you can afford to raise them.
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    absolute 10/10 so far might deduct 0.01 for dominoes
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    Are we still supposed to care about children being separated from their families at the border? I was so upset about that that I only ate 1 pint of ice cream a day instead of my customary 2
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    How many wet wipes did they find in his car?
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    So the bomber wannabe was a DJ at a strip club, even worked the night before he was arrested. Sounds vaguely familiar.
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    Blood On The Tracks box set coming out next week
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    another day, another mass shitting
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    I bet he still has better teeth than Salsh.
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    What's next? A happy birthday thread for Dave Kushner?
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    I hope it comes out on PC eventually one day. I have a 1080ti and I would love to push it to its limit running that game.
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    I've barely played the first one. Am I getting too old to play video games?
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    Living Colour's album Stain is a masterpiece that didnt get its due when it was released
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    I thought Axl,didn’t like to be around heroin addicts?
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    Giants traded Eli to the Saints!!!
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    Yeah, I definitely feel that. They're part of the Elephant Six recording collection, basically a group of indie/hipster bands in the 90s and 2000s when indie was at its most popular. They are associated with other luminaries of the genre such as Neutral Milk Hotel and of Montreal. I just always imagine hipsters in Brooklyn listening to this stuff. I LOVED these bands in college. You could do a lot worse than the Apples in Stereo. As I mentioned above New Magnetic Wonder is such a fun record. My favorite E6 band is probably of Montreal, but they've released so many shit albums there are only a few that are truly special (That said, those records are AMAZING and were a huge part of college for me). I still need to give this album a proper spin.
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    Cop. Out. fun. The Civil Wars Silversun Pickups Arctic Monkeys The Killers Avett Brothers Them Crooked Vultures The Racentours The Dead Weather The Books Arcade Fire Animal Collective Gary Clarke Jr. The Strokes MGMT Heiroglyphics EL-P Noah and the Whale Vampire Weekend Regina Spektor of Montreal Phoenix Deer hunter Neon Trees Foster the People Mumford and Sons The Fratellis Fleet Foxes Cocorosie Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! Bright Eyes The Black Lips The Black Keys Aesop Rock The Mars Volta The Shins Sigur Ros To name a few
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    11/10/06- Guns N' Roses, Papa Roach, Sebastian Bach 3/17/07- Buckcherry 8/17/07- Velvet Revolver, Alice In Chains 12/29/07- Velvet Revolver, Sick Puppies 5/14/08- Van Halen 7/29/08- Foo Fighters 8/9/08- VIRGIN MOBILE FESTIVAL- KT Tunstall, Gogol Bordello, Lupe Fiasco, Sharon Jones and The Dap King, Citizen Cope, The Offspring, The Silver Beats, Chuck Berry, Foo Fighters 8/10/08- VIRGIN MOBILE FESTIVAL- The Go Team, She & Him, Lil' Wayne, Stone Temple Pilots, Bob Dylan, Kanye West 8/26/08- Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Sixx AM, Trapt 10/18/08- Lupe Fiasco 11/23/08- All American Rejects 5/1/09- Motion City Soundtrack 7/13/09- The Offspring 9/20-something/09- U2/Muse 10/4/09- Blink 182, Fall Out Boy (Terrible), Asher Roth (LOL) 12/11/09- The Gaslight Anthem 4/30/10- Brand New, Twalib Kweli 7/29/10- The Gaslight Anthem 9/5/10- Stone Temple Pilots, Cage the Elephant 9/17/10-Slash 4/29/11- of Montreal 9/10/11- FREEFEST: Bombay Bicycle Club, Okkervil River, Big Sean, Calvin Harris, Patti Smith, TV on The Radio, The Black Keys, Deadmau5 9/28/11-Radiohead 4/21/12- Portugal. The Man 5/2/12- Bruce Springsteen 5/9/12- The Gaslight Anthem 6/23/12- The Gaslight Anthem, Cage The Elephant, Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys 9/14/12- Slash 11/29/12- The Gaslight Anthem