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    Imagine having architects and engineers this shit.
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    holy shit you guys they look like little big dicks! om nom nom
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    @comedy enthusiast now you know what is a necro bump.
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    I cheer for all Canadian teams and support them all... but really, as a city, and a fan base, fuck Toronto. Same with Montreal, I love the Canadiens, my life long team, but the fan base is fucking unbearable. Team doesn't win? Well, maybe it's because you're all unbearable cocksuckers. The fact anybody has talked shit on Carey Price at any point tells you everything you need to know - the fan base does not deserve any success, and they will constantly kick their heels and wonder why they don't have nice things. This is actually close to a HR item - morons create their own problems and then blame everybody else for their peril. Internalise things, grow some mushrooms and get high as fuck, then you'll be part of the solution. Right now, you're the problem. Please let Winnipeg win before Toronto, please.
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    let's be honest, we, as a species, deserve to die. Obama is a secret Muslim, going to install sharia law, etc. We are retarded. Hail ants!
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    87 year old Stalone is in better shape than Axl at his 40's.
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    who cares, no one buys cd's anyway... and only dumb people buy digital songs.
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    got banned from the conspiracy subreddit bunch of fuckin trump-loving queers
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    She was there to asure RQ would be the only GnR song they would play.
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    lol, fat axl couldnt even be bothered to show up at a show in his hometown after slash went to all of his acdc shows
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    It has been swept under the rug along with Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Also that video about the black James Bond is great. The thing is he will be called an uncle tom or a million other horrible things.
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    when your new album is so shit that you have to promote it with the last album's single
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    Will they ever address her obvious steroid abuse? Bitch looks like Mike Tyson and her tantrum was pure roid rage
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    So in other words: a complete flop.