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    In the darkest days of nuGNR, BBA was one of the few shining lights.
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    Do a shot every time this dispshit claims "eyes are on this thread.' Then try to not get a DUI.
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    Only problem with that is that Disney holds absolutely no moral high ground on any occasion. Hollywood itself needs a reboot to clear out the child molesters, rapists and whores. Only problem with that is that if you believe that there are too many social justice issues in movies now you wouldn't like what's coming next at all. Personally, I'm for shutting the whole fucking shitshow down and replacing it with nothing, but I'm a minority.
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    Honestly, never understood why some of you held him in high esteem. He was a dipshit with his BBA gimmick and by the looks of it, he`s a bigger dipshit now.
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    I remember when BBA was the king of "insider" trolling. Honestly, he wrote the book. Lance just ripped off his gimmick and dumbed it down.
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    James Gunn is one creepy looking fuck
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    @arnold layne this Van Gogh is my favourite
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    I can't remember the last time I was at the cinema. I can't remember the last new film I watched. I don't miss it
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