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    Not that I give a shit but those who scream loudest usually are the ones who hide their dirty laundries, so to speak.
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    James Gunn getting fired from Guardians 3 has been pretty funny. The guy was lecturing people about Roseanne being fired not being a violation of freedom of speech and how Disney has the right to have their image represented by certain standards only to have to eat those words two months later. And then the muscle dude from the movie to go on a rant about alt right trolls digging this up. Who gives a flying fuck who found it? I don’t care if it’s Hitler’s ghost. If someone does something shady that the public should know, we should focus on the shit thing they did and if it’s factual or not. Not who found it and why. Jesus Christ. And then the cunt goes on to delete literally 10,000+ tweets afterwards ?
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    A thread for all the two faced libtards getting their comeuppance A juicy one to start it off, Asia Argento, prominent #MeToo loudmouth, friend of Rose McGowan, "victim" of Harvey Weinstein and girlfriend of Anthony Bourdain. She's been exposed as a sexual predator herself, who paid off her victim to the tune of almost half a million dollars. Likely also the reason why Bourdain topped himself Read the nasty truth here: http://penthouse.com/pages/asia-argento/Toxic-Femininity.php
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    Exactly the same reaction to Hillary's emails. Focus on who to blame for the leak rather than the contents of the leaks.
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    And Asia Argento is a fucking cum guzzling slut.
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    Nerd used to be a bad thing. Then the nerds took over the entertainment industry in the last ten or fifteen years. That's why all the "heroes" are these limp wristed faggot manlets, with powerful womyn and all that bullshit. I was a "nerd" back when it really meant what it was supposed to mean. But I respected the natural order of things. I knew that being a nerd didn't make me "cool" or the "hero with a heart of gold that will get the girl in the end"....it just meant I liked comic books and action figures and Japanese cartoons with lotsa blood and titties. I'm with Damn Smooth though...I honestly don't give a fuck what anybody else thinks. I just shake my head at these fucking posers that jumped on the bandwagon and never had to be ridiculed by guys and girls alike for drawing pictures of Iron Man during math class. If anything I guess I'm just a fucking hipster cause I was literally into all this shit decades before anyone knew what the fuck it is. Before Tony Stark was a household name, I had hundreds of issues of Iron Man....he was a B level hero at best. I bought New Mutants number 98, the first appearance of Deadpool, for about $15 bucks around 1992 or so. That was a shitload of money to me back then, but I HAD to have it. Go look up how much that's worth now.
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    Adler is the only one who has the right to not move on ...
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    I've been saying this for years, women are just as horny as men and they are just as likely to use a position of power for sexual gratification as men. Look no further than all the female teachers who have been busted for sex with students.
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    James Gunn is one creepy looking fuck
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    James Gunn should be fired. His movies are bad and what he said on Twitter was horrible.
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    As I've mentioned before, American comic book artist Frank Miller is probably my all time favorite artist. I just read somewhere that a Japanese ukiyo-e artist named Yoshitoshi was a big influence on him. I'd never heard of the guy, but I can definitely see it. Look at the samurai art Frank did during the early 80s in "Ronin" and "Lone Wolf and Cub." Now look at some of Yoshitoshi's stuff from the late 1800s....pretty awesome, huh?
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    It's just that I've recently heard it from a couple people who are into these things. Things like, "I'm into xyz, but, you know, that's me, I'm a nerd like that." Like it's a humblebrag. I don't like it.
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    How could Salsh to see a dentist? he don’t have a contract
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    Thats the point. At least Keith went to see a dentist somewhere in time.
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    Adler is GN'R In fact, Adler is the last true gunner..
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    Goddamn, people take this horseshit so seriously. Turn off the TV. Close your eyes. Listen to the birds chirping outside. Take a deep breath.
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    OK, I'm definitely going. I can't pass up this chance. Not only to meet Frank, but here's just a small sampling of other artists that will be there: Art Adams Neal Adams Simon Bisley Howard Chaykin Garth Ennis !! Michael Golden Kevin Maguire Walter Simonson Mike Zeck Anyone wanna go to Baltimore with me on Sep 28th??
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    He did most, if not all, of Hunter S. Thompson's illustrations. I picked up a six pack of beer a few years ago. The brewery used Steadman to design their labels. He has some cool stuff.
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    Also have print of this Steadman signed by Slash
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    Emily Baker aka November Snow
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