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    downzy makes fun of Trump's treasonous subservience to Putin by falling back on tired homophobic jokes
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    Russia is the scapegoat for revealing a fraction of the disgusting shit Clinton was doing. We can never forgive them!
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    Heaven forbid we have good relations with Russia. They also seem to forget every president since Bush has had meetings and tried to improve relations with Putin and Russia.
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    While not a fan of Adler, I openly admit to enjoying the drums on AFD over the Illusions records with some exceptions.
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    The remix of This I Love is 10000x times better than the original.
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    I just want to reiterate and go into a little more detail about the nightmare I had moving. I don't mean for this to sound egotistical or moreover, cliched, but quite honestly, I've been really busy. You people are lucky I even showed up for this fucking game. So if my posts seem to lack the deep, meaningful, thought-provoking substance that you've become accustomed to, then I'm really fucking sorry. Expand the spoiler if you want details: But anyway, I'm gonna try to step up and dig in. I'm ready to help participate in and make an informed decision on who to vote for. But, cut me a little fucking slack. The timing of this game couldn't be worse. No offense to Conor, with his Irish 25 hour shifts or whatever.
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    Not GNR Sorum was merely an additional employee 0% real GNR
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    Is Axl wearing a MAGA cap in that pic?
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    I saw this thread in other forum and liked the idea. But I think here it could work differently. We all share our extreme/controversial opinions all the time here. How about we post things we think we all agree on regarding GNR? I'll post some, you guys can add more or reply to my opinions and how you agree/disagree with them. Axl should have released more music during the CD era. Buckethead is great but abuses the same scales (chromatic, minor harmonic) and patterns much more than Slash and his pentatonic/bluesy licks. Slash got worse with time. Despite Beta and Fernando being his enablers, most of Axl's career has been ruined by himself. Their luck was bigger than their talent.
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    This is not looking good for the pro-gun stance Some actual republicans were stupid enough to think this is real and they gave their name and face to it (Larry Pratt is a moron by design, so i don't blame him) You can't make this up UZICORN
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    I insist you don't, you need the practice either way. If you're Town, you're slipping into Ragnar's throwing toys out of the pram. If you're Mafia/Indy, well, it all makes sense.
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    Woe is me, the least Pro-Town play possible from a desperate player.
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    I mean, I feel 80% happy about it. That's not to say I'm 80% sure, but unless something drastic happens I can't see myself being swayed to someone else. I'm relatively confident there are at least two non-Townies in the foursome of GnRLiars, arnold layne, KFCBucket, and comedy enthusiast. As I always say, anyone playing in absolutes tends to know something the rest of us don't. For us townies, we're only certain of our own roles (unless someone is a Cop, although I'm worried that isn't the case after magisme died as a Tracker). It stands to reason there's some kind of Doctor left, so hopefully they can strike lucky as well. There aren't any other common Town roles that are guaranteed to appear, but knowing JB's games I wouldn't be surprised to be see another Power Role kicking around.
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    - Slash was 40 in 2005 when VR took off, VR was the true GNR band at that year. At that time, almost everybody on earth laughed at Axl - Don't worry, Ashba also got celebrity wifes and whores and he will continue to do so until he can. It's inevitable Axl probably eating 10-12 burgers today and probably wiped his ass with your money
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    Okay, let's go back on topic CD songs are piss breaks at a reunion tour. DJ actually refused to play Rhiad because he couldn't play the parts he should have been played. that's why you never heard Rhiad after the album release, not even at those 2009 shows Axl and BBF even laughed about DJ playing some terrible shit in the middle of Patience. Ashba fucked up the SCOM intro at Golden Gods That's just top of the shitcake. He is a horrible poser, even worse than Slash ever was or will be in his life As a fan that wants a good GNR show, Slash is the logical choice musically and entertainmentwise, because he wrote the fucking solos and he plays his own solos better than any other replacement over the years (maybe Bucket and his Nightrain solo in 2002 was an exception, but that's all)
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    Do you think GnRLiars is hyped up enough about being Mafia that he's willing to spend the money convincing people he's not?
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    GnRLiars made a wedding donation. Thanks man. I appreciate it.
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    The Conspirators play the GNR stuff much better than Fontus, Ferrer, Dizzy and Melissa.
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    I don't know what to make of JB's messages but I like them.
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    Yeah well, it's a terribly bad song to begin with. Let's say the remix is 1000x less shitty than the original.
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    I think it sucks. in fact all leaks of June sound horrible.
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    The bass player came up with the drum intro to YCBM. Not that ex-additional musician.
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    As a balding man myself, I can tell his hairline looks somewhat manufactured. It looks like your basic Bosley hack job. Also it explains why he opted for wigs for so long. As to why he doesn't wear them now, maybe he had his hair transplant touched up or just stopped being overly insecure about it. I just rewatched the video the cardi posted at the top of this page. I'm not trying to go all miser, but I actually hadn't really been sure about Axl's hair situation. But yeah, in that video, you can see his hairline has been "designed". When I said plugs, I didn't mean the old school plugs, where they literally put a circle(plug) of hairs. But they are still plugging in hairs, so to speak, and it still looks synthetic, mostly because it's too perfect, or too straight. It's very difficult to copy nature. And I hadn't really noticed before, or was on the fence, but that video really shows it. It's not a terrible job, but that's not how his hair would look if he had just let it go naturally over the years and it receded a little. It's too "strong" of a hairline for being that high up.
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    She is being sued. Can't believe my hard earned tax revenue is defending this cunt.
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    Well our cunt governor overruled the medical marijuana vote. I have a dream.
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    I tried watching the pilot and didn't even smirk. Not even once. Borat and Ali G were amazing. Lightning in a bottle. But that was a long time ago and those "prank" type jokes are old and tired. He should have just retired with his Borat money and enjoyed the good life. This new show is so unfunny it makes you just feel sorry for him. It's essentially his version of "The Love Guru"....the movie so fucking bad it killed Mike Myers' career.
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    A watchdog group made up of former US Intel experts said that very thing. Also hilarious the same group started to call out Bush and his bullshit This whole thing smells and I'm usually not one for conspiracy theories.
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    There was no hacking and numerous technical experts have said time and time again that the file transfer rate was only possible by transfer onto a USB drive. It was an internal leak.
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    This dude is always in the news but as far as I can tell his impact on society is tremendously overstated. How many Teslas have you all seen on the road? I have seen two in the past five years. And yes, I counted them. What makes him so special? I just looked. Tesla is operating at a loss. Wish I could be popular by failing in business.
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    And Kyrie Jenner is worth a reported 900 million dollars according to Forbes. Not Kim. Not the model. Bit Kyrie. Her makeup line is apparently so popular that she is almost worth a billion dollars. If she hits a billion dollars this year she will be the youngest “self-made” billionaire in history. What a world we live in. A hot chick leaks a video of her sucking a d-level singer’s huge cock....Ryan Secrest gets involved....and twenty years later her family’s combined net worth is a couple billion dollars. From a reality Tv show. Social media Phone apps about themselves A makeup line A clothes line and modeling gigs. A couple billion dollars
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    You have to live life to the fullest. You could get hit by a crazy texting driver tomorrow and be killed instantly. Gotta live it up while you still can, baby!!!
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    That is certainly 100% your opinion. Most of the remaining population on earth that has functioning ears would disagree with you. But if you prefer DJ's guitar skills to Slash's......more power to ya!!!
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    Actually this thread has a lot of cool posts. If you weren't a complete moron you'd be enjoying it too but you gotta keep your gimmick going. Now go sue a magazine and leave this thread alone.
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    Slash and Duff are too good to be on the same stage as Axl. I wonder how Slash and Duff keep a straight face when they're on-stage and Axl is being shit.
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    Don't you have magazines to sue? Leave this thread alone. It's fun. Go troll somewhere else you psycho. Go, Axl needs you more than us. Go protect the so important imagem dos guns n roses lol.
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    Did it really? But wasn't Slash still pretty much functional? I mean, after the UYIs, Slash quickly released a new album and did a world tour. How exactly did his addiction affect the band? I think he could have even become more than just a singer. He could've got some mainstream attention because of the GNR name and also be cool around the alternative rock circle since he was working with people like BH and Brain. He could've done something truly special.
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    CD would be way more appreciated and receive so much less hate if it hadn't had to carry the entire burden of being Axl's ONLY release during his 25-ish years of carrying on the GnR name by himself. It is a shame that Axl stopped caring about his fans and his music and instead just concentrates on making money. He could have been the best rock singer of all time.
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    With people becoming more narcissitic, music is more a theme tune to their lifestyle. It's not something to get anything from, like a message or enlightenment. The idea of an audience worshiping the artist has gone. Now the audience takes selfies of themselves in the audience at a certain event. Not pics of the artists to spread the word about how good or cool the artists are. So music should be non invasive soundtrack, merely background music to holding a mirror up to yourself.
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    Lance, Arnold and Zoso, the traditional dummies, who wants a partnership? You know the rules and how it works. Lets do it right this time.
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    I think Einstein noted when this would occur, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with Styx and Stones."
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