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    It never ends. The man is a ratings machine. I don't know how America can afford to not elect this guy again? Trump Show fo fo-mo years!
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    "We have to do it gently. because we're in the metoo generation." This didn't sound right to me. A quick google search tells me he's been warning that Soros et al are the ones trying to incite a race war, not that he's trying to incite one himself. I don't follow him so maybe I'm wrong, but you also wrote that libshits won't be violent and I think antifa has already shown that to be false.
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    I have heard it now. It's neat. But it also sounds fake. It's just 15 seconds of an Axl-sounding sustained note. I remain unconvinced.
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    I can only imagine the retardish level of someone paying 500$ to watch Slash playing NITL at fat Axl's side when he/she could have paid 5$ or nothing to watch him playing at Myles (the dying cat) Kennedy's side.
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    Jesus, this place is heading into myvaginer territory of creepy and gay. Just an observatioon
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    The lack of cocaine from 2011 to present are the issue. Dude used to smoke, drink, and do coke, which is why his voice was rough as toast. You take that away, and he sounds like mickey.
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    Couldn't someone with some decent editing equipment cobble something like this together from the thousands of hours of Axl's live vocals that are out there? Or one of those Brazilian mega-fans that devote their entire life to imitating Axl could have done it.
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    I guess you don't read much feminism. According to the feminists, rape is about power, not sex. It doesn't matter that he's gay.
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    "You can hear Axl's vocals so clearly!" Said no one who ever attended a GNR show.
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    Why do you say so? She looks proud and happy. Besides, I dont think the law / Mr. Judge consider it as rape when the slut begs for it and likes it dirty and nasty. Maybe this was the kind of facts that Mr Judge considered as a proof to not condemn Axl. You SJWs make it sound like Axl assaulted a monestary full of nuns or a kindergarden. Wake up you little pussies, this is what happens in whore houses, drugs and rock n roll. Stop ruining our band.
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    I thought one of the rare points of general consensus was that Axl sounded really good in 2010, no?
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    Oh darn, we lost some of the world's best poachers that day. Fuck em. If you ask me, we as a species could do with letting a few more pieces of shit get themselves killed.
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    People talk shit about 2010. But I thought he sounded good for an old ginger bastard. One of his best shows... motionless after being forced to come back on stage after people threw shit. Probably conor and facekicker, irish cunts.
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    You should try to do the same online.
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    Slash just made tens of millions of dollars saving Axl and GnR. Now he is going to go tour an album he wrote/created. A tour where his band will play new material. LMFAO Axl had to take GnR to small venues - including bowling alleys and celebrity parties and Russian weddings - but the mygnr/fags praised those moves. So awesome Axl is bringing GnR to small intimate venues so he can be up close and personal with fan. But now you mygnr/fags are downgrading Slash because of the venue sizes he is playing? I guess you think Justin Bieber is The King because he plays to 50,000 people a night. Smh. Its hilarious how people downgrade everything Slash does. Dude just added 30-40 million dollars to his bank account. Is about to go travel the world to play and support his new album. Lol, yes, I’m sure his ego is hurt and he is extremely unhappy. I’m sure he would gladly trade his life for yours. It is so strange to see adults act like little school girls over anything Axl and Slash do.
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    That's a crock of shit and you know it. And what a corny fucking title. God, Slash is so shit without Axl and Weiland.
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    I expected a thread about DJ Ashba and his awful solos. Good for Slash. Can't think of a better title. The guy is making millions with GNR while making and releasing the music he loves. The riffs are all generic and I probably will pass on this one but the production is crazy good. With probably 1% of CD's budget, it sounds so much better than Axl's turd.
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    Tiger Woods bio. His parents raised him to be the best.
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