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    I saw Steven Adler last night with that douche from American Idol (constantine something). Let me just say this. Before seeing him, I couldn't really give 2 fucks who was drumming in the current lineup of Gn'R, sure I've never liked Frank but really, it's just the drummer right? WRONG Steven was mother fucking on fire last night. From the very first note to the last song, he didn't miss a beat. He had a smile on his face NON FUCKING STOP, he wasn't even looking at what he was playing, it was all instinctual. I actually believe he is too talented for the current reunion line-up. I said to him after the concert "fuck Frank, you deserve to be in GnR) and he goes "no no, don't say that. I like him, we're buddies". The guy is too good for Gn'R. Axl should be grovelling to have him back in the band. He played for 1 hour and a half non stop, did his own drum solo and never missed 1 fucking note. purpose of this thread? no fucking idea. Just wanted to say that I was skeptical of Steven but last night, he made me cuck of his and I'm grateful.
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    Axl being nice and friendly, giving autographs to the fans ... while Slash runs way from the fans, undercovered, not giving a shit about them: Which one of them do you think that have more chances of having killed a man? [ X ] Slash [ ] Axl
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    GUNNER is the hardest working Mexican troll from Portugal posting on the forums today.
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    I don't give a shit whether I am cool or not. I have a family, girl and a group of friends. That's all a man needs.
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    Scarface is being remade. The cocaine will now be gluten free
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    A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection. The judge asks, "first offender?" And the woman replies "No! First a Gibson, then a Fender!"
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    He's practicing his perp walk.
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    For sure you would take a healthy Kawhi over Kyrie. Listen, I would give up Kyrie in a trade for Anthony Davis or Kawhi Leonard, but not because I have Terry Rozier to replace him with.
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    NBA is a team game (unless your name is Lebron James). Also, your question isn't valid because you are leaving out the entire equation. Kryie or Rozier tonight? Kyrie - of course. But the only way that comparison happens - and what we've been talking about - is the Celtics letting Rozier keep the starting job and TRADING Kryie....say for Kawhi Leonard. So here is your actual quest. What scenario would be better in a playoff series? Kryie at point and Rozier off the bench - the two splitting 48 minutes. OR Rozier at point for 38 minutes and Kawhi Leonard at Shooting Guard for 38 minutes. That' a no-brainer. 100 out of 100 NBA coaches and players would choose Rozier and Leonard.
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    I'm calling this: Next year, Brown is an all around better player than Kyrie, and it won't really be close. Kyrie, with Rozier off the bench. But that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about best value moving forward for the Celtics, and that just might be riding Rozier, Brown and Tatum and trading Kyrie for a stud with skills the team is sorely missing, ie someone to stop Embid.
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    Yea, a healthy Kawhi is one of the five best players in the NBA. Lebron....Durant.....Anthony Davis and then probably Leonard. Leonard is one of the top five players in ALL the NBA. Whereas Kryie is what, the 7th or 8th best point guard? There is no comparison at all between the two. The only reason it's a question is because he is coming off an injury (though, Kyrie seems to get hurt a bit too) and Kawhi only has one year left on his contract. Leonard and Kyrie are both 26. Both have won an NBA title. Leonard was the Finals MVP -- Kyrie no Leonard won the Defensive Player of the Year - twice. Lol, Kyrie plays defense? He is average at best. Leonard has been First Team All NBA - twice. Kyrie - I think he made the Third Team once.
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    Don't forget that this all time greatest team had a no-defense PG.
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    I watched almost every Celtics game this season. Kyrie is an awesome scorer. He's not awesome at anything else. He had some great scoring games in the playoffs last year, but he wouldn't have even been in the playoffs without Lebron. With Brown and Tatum developing the way they are and with the Celtics playing 100x better when they play team offense, a score only isolation player isn't the best fit. Also, you underrate Rozier.
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    It was a trick. I think you’re cool because you didn’t try to offer a rebuttal. Youre cool DS
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    Guns N’ Roses Rakes in Millions on Reunion Tour, but It’s Missing ‘Mr. Invisible’ Izzy Stradlin, a founding member of the rock group, mystifies fans with his low profile; ‘he likes to be untethered’ At the height of Guns N’ Roses’ fame, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin cut such an understated figure that lead singer Axl Rose referred to him as “Mr. Invisible.” More than 25 years later, the band is back together for “Not in This Lifetime…,” a multiyear, globe-spanning reunion tour which, according to Billboard, is the highest-grossing in history. But it is missing Mr. Stradlin, whose songwriting contributed to hits like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Patience.” “He wrote half the stuff,” said Rick Nielsen, guitarist for rock band Cheap Trick. “It was Izzy’s f—ing band,” said former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven, who later worked directly for Mr. Stradlin. In his 2011 autobiography, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan wrote that “Izzy was probably the most significant force” in the group. A year after leaving Guns N’ Roses, Mr. Stradlin released ‘Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds,’ an album that blends Rolling Stones-influenced rock, punk and reggae. Mr. Stradlin, now 56 years old and living in Ojai, Calif., resigned from Guns N’ Roses in 1991. By some measures, he has kept much busier than his former band, quietly releasing nine studio albums between 1999 and 2010. (Guns N’ Roses released one over the same period.) His low profile and absence from a reunion tour for a group he helped found, however, mystify his fans and associates. The band he formed after Guns N’ Roses, the Ju Ju Hounds, broke up after one album, and his solo efforts have flown under the radar, in part because he doesn’t tour. “The current GNR tour has been a great success for the guys. My non-participation was simply not being able to reach a happy middle ground through the negotiation process,” Mr. Stradlin said in an email. “That’s life, sometimes things don’t work out.” He didn’t respond to further inquiries. Fernando Lebeis, manager for Guns N’ Roses, declined to comment on the tour negotiations but said “Izzy is a dear friend.” About two minutes into Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Live And Let Die’ video, a milk carton appears showing Mr. Stradlin, who had distanced himself from the band, and the words ‘MISSING.’ Mr. Stradlin, born Jeff Isbell, began his music career in 1980, when he moved from Lafayette, Ind., to Los Angeles, followed by his childhood friend, Mr. Rose. Mr. Stradlin joined punk and metal bands, delivered the L.A. Weekly and used heroin, according to people who worked with him and his own accounts. Guns N’ Roses formed in 1985. The band’s 1987 album, “Appetite for Destruction,” which featured Mr. Stradlin’s songwriting and raw, loose guitar-playing, sold 8 million copies in the U.S. by 1989, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. It is set for reissue in June. Mr. Stradlin’s addiction worsened as the band’s popularity soared, according to former colleagues. After he was arrested for urinating in the galley of a plane, Mr. Stradlin gave up drinking and drugs on Dec. 15, 1989, he said in a 2006 interview with digital-music distributor TuneCore. Guns N’ Roses finished its double album “Use Your Illusion” and went on tour in 1991. Mr. Stradlin, attempting to stay sober, distanced himself from his rowdier bandmates, according to former colleagues. But he continued to be frustrated by their behavior, including Mr. Rose’s late appearances at concerts, the colleagues said. Mr. Stradlin quit on or around Sept. 9, 1991, a week before the release of “Use Your Illusion,” according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. His departure was announced Nov. 7. “It was such a major change,” Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash wrote in his memoir. “But to the outside world it was a nonevent.” Mr. Stradlin reconnected with old friends in Lafayette. Soon after, he formed a new band, enlisting Los Angeles bassist Jimmy Ashhurst, and signed a two-album deal with Guns N’ Roses’ label, Geffen Records. His vision, according to bandmates: A scaled-back, drama-free group that played rootsy rock in clubs and theaters. Joined by Bob Dylan drummer Charlie Quintana and guitarist Rick Richards of Atlanta’s Georgia Satellites, Mr. Stradlin in 1992 released “Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds,” to warm reviews. “Shuffle It All,” its biggest single, reached No. 6 on Billboard’s rock chart that year. The band enjoyed touring abroad. But in the U.S., journalists dogged Mr. Stradlin with questions about Guns N’ Roses. A tour with Keith Richards didn’t happen; an offer from Bon Jovi was rejected. “Bon Jovi chased him high and low,” said Mr. Niven, who managed Mr. Stradlin at the time. “Izzy’s attitude was, very bluntly, I’d rather play clubs.” Representatives for Bon Jovi and Mr. Richards said they didn’t remember the details of the tours. Touring wasn’t easy for Mr. Stradlin. A well-known addiction specialist, Bob Timmins, was hired to help him, says Steve White, Mr. Stradlin’s former road manager. “He was still fighting off the addiction,” Mr. White said. Mr. Timmins died in 2008. A spokesman for his foundation declined to comment on his work with Mr. Stradlin. Mr. Stradlin’s bandmates tried to respect his sobriety. When Mr. Quintana drank during a 1992 recording session with Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, for example, he put his red wine in a coffee cup, Mr. Quintana said in a 2016 interview. “He wanted a healthy band.” (Mr. Quintana died in March.) Mr. Ashhurst remembered inadvertently upsetting Mr. Stradlin by smoking a joint on a tour bus. “I wish I could take that back, but I can’t,” he said. The Ju Ju Hounds broke up in 1994 while recording its second album. The band members were working at the Caribbean Sound Basin studio in Trinidad, taking breaks to travel, surf and scuba-dive. Early that year, Mr. Ashhurst called in after a diving trip and was told Mr. Stradlin had left the country. Confused, he eventually found Mr. Stradlin in a coffee shop in Copenhagen. “I don’t think he appreciated being tracked down,” Mr. Ashhurst said. Mr. Stradlin wanted to get away from the pressures of the music business, current and former colleagues said, but they also cited friction between Mr. Stradlin and Mr. Ashhurst over drugs. Mr. Ashhurst said he later became addicted to heroin, but not during his time with the Ju Ju Hounds. In his email, Mr. Stradlin said “the Ju Ju Hounds was a great band.” He released his second Geffen album, “117˚,” in 1998, with Rick Richards, his Guns N’ Roses colleague Mr. McKagan and former Reverend Horton Heat drummer Taz Bentley. For later albums, instead of working with a label or management, Mr. Stradlin released them independently through digital distributors like TuneCore. He has little interest in promotional activities, bandmates say. “It’s just basically 11 records that nobody knows about,” Mr. Bentley said. These days, Mr. Stradlin wakes up early, mountain-bikes, surfs and travels with his longtime girlfriend, Rick Richards said. “He likes to be untethered.” According to a 1992 interview in Musician magazine, Mr. Stradlin said getting a dog helped to “keep my perspective, see life through a dog’s eyes. You’re doing all right if you’ve got food, a place to sleep and someone to pet you.”
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    So much this. I have way more important things to do than worry about if a population I can't stand finds me cool or not.
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    While you`re at it, Steven`s cowbell > > > Duff`s entire career.
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    Yes. And Megatron being a giant gun again, instead of whatever metal cockroach shit he was in the michael bay shit films.
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    Thank you! This what I've been trying to tell these fucking people. All they can do is make jokes about his addiction troubles, not realizing that drummers are supposed to be fucked up crazy motherfuckers. Steven's cowbell > Duff's entire GnR existence
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    I saw him live in 2011 and I felt the same.
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    He-Man was whacked. Adam, a medieval gay guy in the future, picks up a sword, invokes the "power of Grayskull," and turns into He-Man: a semi-naked, alternate version of himself, with a deep masculine voice, a totally shredded body, and a glistening tan. After that he jumps on Battle Cat (a green tiger with orange stripes), and heads off to wage battle with a skeleton man whom goes by the name of Skeletor, at a place called Snake Mountain.
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    Nah. I have the 1986 movie on bluray. It's in my top ten of all time. I saw that shit in the theater with my brothers when I was eight. It had graphic brutality like I'd never seen before. Beloved characters were murdered to shit before my eyes. It was a shitty 90 minute toy commercial but it's beloved to me cause it seemed so "adult" and dangerous at the time. I can still watch it and remember how it felt to see it as a little kid. I've spent thousands of dollars on G1 Masterpiece toys in the last few years. I love the toys. It's an instant blast of nostalgia dopamine right to my brain whenever I look at my toy shelf. Having said all that....I have zero use for any more TF cartoons, movies, comic books or anything. It's like Star Wars...I like the shit from my childhood and the new stuff is just soft, hot turd. There's a G1-esque CGI animated TF show online right now. It's called Power of the Primes by Machinima. It's similar to what you described. I haven't watched it cause I have no use for rehashes of old childhood cartoons, but you should check it out.
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    Someone writes lyrics for Axl. It was probably 'Chances' and he miss-read it.
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    DizzyReedSexMachine is the greatest username in GNR forum history.
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    Can't believe Disney had to make Lando black in the latest film. And Chewbacca is Portuguese now
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    I'm certainly addicted to not exercising
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    Makes sense, the neck on the Gibson would snap before she could finish him.
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    I've had this song since about 1992 or so. And all these years, I've never understood the first line. "Took my changes carelessly." What the fuck does that even mean? Changes? Like puberty?
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    “The Boy Scouts of America agreed this week to allow girls into their organization – cause, somebody’s got to sew those badges on.”
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    Listening this old song with the best AxlDC new vocals is somehow refreshing.
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    Right now the Sox have 3 pitchers who have fewer innings pitched than appearances, it's absolutely insane. Mike Meyers pitched for the Sox too. ? Sooooo .... how 'bout that Didi? The April Player of the Month is now 1-for-45, nobody saw that coming.
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    I recently picked up a copy of this on vinyl so I plugged in my headphones, put the needle to the wax and decided to listen to this album its good its actually quite good Duff plays bass on it His bass is turned down low I the mix. That’s ok. the 2 guitars are forefront. Put it whatever shit you think you may have on Izzy and aside This album is solid An Elvis cover of Memphis a song about drugs a song about your feelings i very much enjoyed this if it isn’t for you or if you hate Izzy because of whatever he did to you, the don’t listen fuck you
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    What percentage of GNFNR posters have more legit insider information than Dizzy?
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    I can confirm that yes, Dizzy actually knows nothing.
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    As long as Izzy was in the band and you had all the core songwriters, it was GN'R. You still had Axl, Slash, Izzy, and Duff when Matt and Dizzy had joined. Steven may be well-liked by the fans, but he never wrote a song. Izzy was the real heart and soul of GN'R and he was still there for a year and a half after both guys joined. Are you claiming that the UYI records were fakeGNR records? Nu-GN'R for me begins in spirit when Izzy leaves, Gilby joins and you have the 12 piece circus lineup with the background singers and dancing girls. But the 91 tour before all of that, before Izzy quit - that's still war horse raw GN'R.
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