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    I think the custom is to have "prayer hour", when you're supposed to go and do all that. But because everyone is already there, it only took about ten fifteen minutes. There's a really long gap after the US Title match, they went back to the preshow panel, did some interviews and some Network adverts, that was when they were doing prayers. What else did he mean?
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    good job @meatpuppet it was an ok week i need to pick it up next week
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    @Sauerkraut I finally talked to some buyer side real estate agents via e-mail. I read some of them but no serious intention of buying. I'll get prequalified so at least going through the motions. In bigger news. I'm cutting some dead weight out of my life drastically tonight at 2am.
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    Watched an episode of this last night. Wasnt bad. Gonna keep watching... And it was great to hear Tony Schiavone calling wrestling again
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    Did you just imply there are only 3 pronouns? You fascist fuck.
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    I actually liked it. Had some house show finishes, but the card was stacked. Probably better than WrestleMania. Weird seeing so many muslims in the crowd though.
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    What are the chances of CD 2 and ABBA 35 sounding alike?
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    Hopefully jello brings back pudding pops. They were so good and good for you, which parents really loved.
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