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    I live in a suburb of Philly. Last year, Tommy was comes into my corner bar with his buddy and some other chick. Already pretty tanked. I was wearing my GNR hat. He sat right next to me and we talked for about a half hour. Said not one word about GNR, even despite me fishing...twice.
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    We got drunk together. It was a lot of fun.
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    If you let go of your standards, you can increase it to 50/50. Anyways, I'd rather shoot for the hoop and catch the net, than dribble my own balls all day.
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    Rev. Al Sharpton’s half-brother was charged with murder in a Sunday shooting death in Alabama after participating in Saturday’s anti-gun “March For Our Lives,” according to a report. Kenneth Glasgow, 52, was arrested along with another man after Breunia Jennings, 23, was shot in the head in Dothan, Ala. Authorities said Glasgow, an ex-convict, was the driver of the car linked to Jennings death. The passenger of the car Jamie Townes, 26, was also arrested and is reportedly the alleged shooter, the Dothan Eagle reported.
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    They are making absolute bank. $20 for elephant rides. They had three of them. Seven people per ride. On about a two minute cycle. They made approx $25,000 on that. Then $10 for the bouncy house, face painting, pony ride and pictures with Spider Man or Wonder Woman. Another $50,000 for that. 2,500 people at $15 - 37,500 And every toy/souvenir was $10-30. The tiger I bought my daughter was $30. So let’s say $5,000 Thats approx $115,000. They did two shows on Saturday and one on Sunday. $350,000 for a weekend. Do that 50 weekends a year - 17.5 million bucks.
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    I discovered them back in the MySpace era. Unfortunately, they are not around as a band anymore though but I highly recommend both of their albums Great White Whale and Teenage Fantasy.
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    I'm pretty sure my neighbors are having a supreme. You can smell the roasted peppers. It must be delicious.
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    I would guess 60% of relationships are fucking terrible, 40% are wonderful. Watching awesome shows, reading books, and avoiding getting sucked into the 60%, worth the 40% missed opportunity.
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    I love the song. Second favorite song on that album after 'There Was A Time'. I know most people think it's about some broad that done him wrong. I don't know I agree. I think its about the old band breaking breaking up. But I could see both arguments. It's one of the only straightforward songs on that damn album. It should have been the lead promo single. Wouldn't have been the culture shock some of the other were.
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    What about this one? lol When I learned the word "queer" you guys made me believe it was an european thing xD
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    The best solution is that we make it illegal for the Selfie Generation to reproduce. And yes. This is a big reason why Trump won and Hillary lost. This lady and her buddies were all huge Hilary supporters.
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    Ultimate breakfast all fucking day. Same price as a bullshit egg McMuffin, but with like 2 eggs, bacon, sausage. I don't remember the exact layout but fuck McDonald's.
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    Also amazing how good Jack in the Box tastes after not having it for a while.
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    Loved it when it came out. Havent seen it since then though
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    Just listen to the intro of Scraped over and over.
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    also, Natalie Portman is fucking hot.
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    I really liked Annihilation, I'm a sucker for alien movies. It was like Contact meets Ghostbusters. Ex Machina was better, but this was also very good. Beautiful scenery and soundtrack.