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    Brazilian media is reporting the story along the lines of "NEW GNR ALBUM APPARENTLY IMMINENT."
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    I knew it was Van Halen. They've been spreading those rumors for a year now. I'll take a brand new Van Halen album with Roth over Silkworms, Checkmate or any of the remixes, recordings that have been rumored for more than 20 years now, to be honest. DLR and Eddie are Gods in this industry!
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    Smoke and mirrors. What if Axl signs an "agreement" to "give power" to the "producer" and unbeknown to the rest of the band, he's already made the producer sign a contract which states that Axl has final say over everything and therefore basically negates anything stipulated in the latter contract. Producer keeps his mouth shut because he gets to produce one of the most anticipated albums of all time (a gnr '"reunion" album) and gets paid handsomly for it, it luls slash/duff into thinking everything is "fair" and Axl wins again.
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    Axl lays down the final vocal track on what he thinks is AC/DC's upcoming album "Obese Women Weather Report". He then turns to Angus for approval only to see Angus chuckling. Angus strips off his school boy outfit to reveal he's actually Slash. "IT'S ME AXL. IT'S ME AXL. IT WAS ME ALL ALONG" That's the story of how GNR finally record a new album.
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    I don't believe people would criticize his tweets as much if Axl were still a functional musician. Old has been who can't release new music ranting about giraffes and politics. What a bore Axl has become. That is how I think most people view his twittering.
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    listen Jonathan we live in millennial time now that was practically an epoch ago
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    Some people don't realize that asking someone not to talk politics, is talking politics.
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    I don’t see why he isn’t allowed to give his opinion? We all can give our opinion and he can’t cause he is famous? Stupid stuff, let him do it. People don’t have to follow his twitter or anything. And why do people even get upset by this. He is just a singer of a band. Here people and artists give their opinion all the time and most of the time nobody gives a shit what their opinion is. Anyway I totally agree with the last part of what you said. Most Trump supporters are no worse than lots on the other side. Seems the US is a snowflake country.
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    I would not put it past Axl .
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    The riff to Stray Cat Blues sounds like fucking grunge in its early iteration.
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    Started watching a series I haven't come across before called 'milf hunter'. I don't entirely know what the premise is, but basically the leading actor drives around the streets of the u.s (looks like the setting is in Miami and L.A) and picks up these beautiful women where he takes back to somewhat unsanitry places to fuck (sometimes even in the car). Unfortunately, the character depth isn't that strong in this series as there's a new co-star in every episode and there's not that much talking going on. GNS rating 4.5/5. The series has great replay value.
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    gravy on pizza disgusting
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    haha this is really funny. i never thought of it, but now every time i see him im gonna laugh
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    Axl should stick to music but it is also hilarious how Trump`s supporters lose their shit and lash out at anyone who dares say anything about their emperor. Looks like they are the biggest snowflakes after all. Fucking sheep mentality
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    I still call bullshit. No way in hell Axl will hand over total control to any producer. It just will not happen. But if somehow it turns out to be true then Rubin is the most likely candidate for "famous producer" and I say fuck it Axl and Caram will produce ten times better album than fucking Rubin. He is an overpaid and overrated hack. Fuck him with his loudness bullshit.
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    He heard Brasky left GNFNR and he put his hand through a glass window. @Damn_Smooth
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    Brilliant series. Wonderful acting. Impressed.
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    I have been in the workforce for 20 years. All the companies I've worked for have sexual harassment policies and professional etiquette standards. Has this eliminated the behavior entirely? No, of course not, but there are procedures in place to deal with it. "Hollywood" wants you to think they are progressive in this issue, when really they are far behind us regular working folk.
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