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    I really can’t believe there can be so much drama on web forums for bands that are 25 years past their heyday.
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    GNR Fan myth #455678989 Axl forced the rest of the band to release UYIs as two separate albums
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    In the end of the day we are worse than biebers fan. Think about it, at least they arent more than 14.
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    That's been widely known by anybody able to process a thought from the start. It's just fun to see him keep proving it.
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    I like you DS. Youre a throwback i fuckin hate nerds
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    Close the forum to new users registration, dont let unregistered people watch any content, kick all the suspect users and bring Lance back (upload a recent backup). Lets make this our private playground.
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    Three Billboards was fantastic
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    We are like those babies whose mothers stop giving them their breasts too much early. They become adults crazy for tits, because they live all their lives feeling like theres always something missing. The problem with GnR is they blown up too early, it hadnt a happy ending, so the thing was never solved like it was meant to be. I blame junkie Slash for taking GnR's tit out of my mouth when I was just a kid using my illusions.
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    Some people are so chosen they get mentioned twice.
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    Commissionermayne, you will take charge of tonight's booking. An extravagant opening to proceedings is required, therefore we would like you to book FOUR MATCHES. Three of which will be 1 v 1, and a final 2 v 2 tag team match playa. You are in no rush to produce this card, but excessive pandering and dilly-dallying will be noted and warned against. Please consult the locker room and discuss possibilities for the match card. Once again, using the ten superstars available to you (including yourself), make three singles matches, and one tag team match. Thank you. Troy McClure has been given the night off due to personal reasons, and is not eligible to compete. I will address this on Smackdown in the coming week. @bacardimayne @arnold layne @Major Mayhem @Ragnar @magisme @altered beast @John Bonham @hotdogman @KFCBucket @GnRLiars
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    hollywood is going full on cultural marxism mode embarassing don't visit sjw hives you wont get stung 10x worse than old site
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    Why did he delete? Cease and desist from TB?
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    Now Gunner is Trump?
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    2 parts mayo, 1 part ketchup, 1 part mustard, diced pickle. Those ratios are eyeballed, I don't really measure recipes.
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    It seems to be a guest spot to his son project
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    Axl real hairline at monitor?
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    Had a nice seafood weekend. Last night the wife made a halibut dish. It’s really simple but delicious. Halibut in chunks. Mixed with sour cream, butter, cheddar cheese, baby shrimp and rice. And she deep fried some bacon-wrapped prawns. Tonight I did lobster slow poached in butter. It takes forever but is delicious. I used six sticks of butter. You cut them in one tablespoon slices. Then slowly melt the butter one at a time - while stirring continuously. It takes about 45 minutes to melt the butter before you can even start cooking the lobster. Plus a homemade shrimp scampi. And then our favorite vegetable dish - I bake asparagus coated with basil-infused olive oil and chopped up garlic. At the end of cooking you top it with chopped up bacon and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top. Not a healthy dish - but it has asparagus! It’s still an odd feeling to have to buy seafood from a store. Use to catch it all. Now I have to pay for it.
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    Caught Caesar and Cleopatra on Turner Classic yesterday. Old films have 100x the depth of current films.
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    glengarry glen ross so many good performances
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    That was the moment, that made me a fan for sure. I fell in love with GNR instantly (also my mother was asking me to turn it down and that it was horrible). So everything was perfect.
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    If we`re talking about stealing then this is outright stealing Same chord progression, same rhythm, same melody, feels like one big song.
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