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    Fact: Brasky and Bacardimayne didn't have GERD until online interactions with MSL !!!!!!!!!!!
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    I had lots of fun yesterday in Werchter. Axl was struggling with his voice only on the first songs. You could hear his voice is tired and he had to find it. Better really sucked though, that song he shouldn't play live. After the first songs his voice got better and better, like an engine starting to run. Loved every minute of the concert. Seeing Slash and Axl together is just so special and gave me goosebumps. Besides I loved being with friends and being among fellow fans. It was great.
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    That word... I do not think it means what you think it means.
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    @GnRLiars I'm clean. You say you are. How about a little wager for fun then? If one of us is lying and really is a SJW then they will change their screen name to Dumb Cocksucker. If I am SJW then I give you my word that I will change my screen name. You in? Or are you lying to us?
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    All 5 of the OG band mashed up with pork meat to makw the ultimate rock n roll hot dog meal Id liquify Darren Jay with mustard seeds for sauce
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    Axl having a moment of clarity and sending Beta packing.
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    This topic is sad. Axl literally has a vault full of "stuff" that his fans would kill for. Demos, unreleased music, video footage, concert footage - this dude could put out a box set for Christmas....and then put out another box set next Christmas with completely different material. And what does he do? Just sits on it all. Fuck Axl and fuck Team Brazil. You guys suck. Without the fans Axl wouldn't have 100 million dollars and TB would still be doing housework for stars. Why in the hell won't they give something back to the fans? One album in 25 years and $350 ticket prices for a semi-reunion is not being fan friendly. Fucking people couldn't even do a reunion properly.
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    Better has the best solo no the album. TWAT is a mess with a hilarious choir intro, dated hip hop beats, layers of Axl bullshit. Better is the only truly good song Axl has made as a solo artist.
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    There was a time has the best solo on the whole bloody fucking album. Better is candy store rock full of Axls self indulgence
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    I would prefer if they kept the core four AFD songs you mentioned, and rotate other AFD songs, UYI deep cuts, and TSI songs on a night to night basis. Basically, make the core of the setlist the "safe" songs - The AFD-TSI singles, plus fan favorites like NR, Don't Cry and Estranged - And then fill the rest of the set with rotating deep cuts from each album.
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    I like how this dumb cocksucker is trying to spin it that I had choices to go on all these missions when neither him or Mags would pick me. Until after Bacardi informed us he was scum, anyway. Now he'll take anybody he thinks he can blame for his actions.
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    The memory stick MSL said he had....and unreleased CD2 songs
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    Glad you had a good time. Seeing Slash on that big stage blasting out solo after solo of GNR material is sublime.
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    It appears it's only @Haters Gonna Hate ill lll bring him in my mission
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    ?? So if either of us is SJW then we will change our screen name on here to Dumb Cocksucker and leave it like that until 2018.
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    umm, not to take off Miser's credit, but these are pretty famous demos/raw mixes Honestly, how come you've never searched for any GNR material and written "demo" or "outtake" after the song's title? Btw i've posted these tracks (esp. the Yesterdays one) before Miser even started to listening them AGAIN and spamming them again
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    Man, the NBA and sports in general today are ran and played by a bunch of pussies. Im watching the 30 for 30 about the Celtics-Lakers rivalry in the 80s. You could literally throw punches and not even get a technical. Thats why there isnt isn't any real rivalries in today's sports. Back then a lot of the players actually disliked each other. Kevin McHale closed lined a Laker on a fast break - no tech. No ejection. Not a hard foul. But he literally just closed lined him. Dr J and Larry Bird threw multiple punches at each other in a playoff game. Squared up and let fists fly. No tech. No ejection. Danny Ainge tackled Tree Rollins. Punches thrown. No tech. No ejection. When Cleveland turned up the intensity in game four this year, Golden State fans lost their minds calling Cavs dirty players. But what the Cavs did wasn't 25% as physical as what teams did in the 80s. In today's game you get a technical for staring at an opponent. In the 80s you could get in an actual fist fight and not get a tech.
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    Hear me now, quote me later. The same thing will happen with Guns N' Roses after the tour.
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    Anyone remember Smash Mouth? They were in town tonight so we said, 'Fuck it. Let's go!' We saw a few Shrek heads. Tickets were only thirty bucks. The main guy was half phoning it in, drinking a Red Solo Cup on stage while singing, brought chicks from the crowd to dance, he was fat and shit, but it was a great show all the same. The crowd pretty much sang All Star for him. They probably hate that song.
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    No problem - and I AM a shit Mafia player, it's all good. I only had one good play in my entire history of playing Mafia.
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    stuff like this is why i come to this forum. thanks @Miser you're a fucking shit Mafia player, but i love what you contribute to the site..... Haha. just kidding you fucker, i love ya
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    Because Gunner is smart, that's why. Also I pretty much telegraphed it. And despite my reputation as a decent liar, in this game, I'm straight vanilla.
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    Steal My Sunshine by Len and Barbie Girl from Aqua both come to mind.
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    Well, this looks like the end of the road for "Madagascar." We'll always remember the good times.
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    Going on a mission with you is an automatic fail. I'll gladly go with someone who isn't scum.
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    On episode 7 of the new season. Made the mistake of typing "I want a sexer with Kim Wexler" into google.
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    I actually wanted a fanny pack for riding my bike - hold my keys and phone. Which I think is objectionably defensible. But the reaction has been so negative I am absolutely going to wear this motherfucker in every day life. Fuck all ya'll.
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    That seems a bit harsh considering I was only away for three days, told you to play on, and got Mission 3 up around 12 hours after Magisme posted his team. If there was inactivity, that's on all of you.
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    "I don't want to live my life through that one album" Ironically, that's exactly what he's doing. Looking at a recent setlist, 8 of the 21 GNR recorded songs they played were AFD. How many great bands perform in one concert that many songs from just one single album?
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    Any unreleased material. (That doesn't mean the remix album). I would love to buy Cd2 and Cd3 and all the B-sides.
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    Axl's auto-bio A trustable documentary about the wasted years and the way to chd
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    At this point, TIL would sound better without Axl.
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    N.M.E said he was "as big as a house" during the 2002 UK tour. There were also comments about his weight in the general media and online during that time. He wasn't really fat in 2002, the dumbass just wore Jerseys that were several sizes too big, which made him look like a balloon. Snapped by paparazzi on a regular day out shopping in September 2002, wearing regular clothes, he looked much slimmer: And out and about without makeup on, his face looked more normal:
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    Just watched Logan with the wife. Amazing film. Shocking how good its is.
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    I voted for those that I wouldn't trust if I left them in a room with my salami
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    Just 6 more days and I will see GNR for myself. I already know, I will have a great time, mainly cause I see some dear friends again. Counting days now
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    Ah shit! I don't want to be too sensitive and all, but you all are all truly the best. Every one of you. This place really means a lot to me and I have you all to thank. In all truthfulness I don't know what I would be like without this place. I actually tell my best friend about you all, about mafia, how Homan passed away, our Skype calls a few years ago, and really...this place bleeds into my personal life...a lot. You are all the real winners here. I wouldnt be arnold layne without the support of everyone here. Special shout out to Homan (rest in peace). He was one hell of a guy. I really think he lived every day like his last and I don't want him to be forgotten. Thanks everyone.
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    Um late 80's hands down most talented. Jordon,Bird,Magic,Ewing,Wilkins,Malone ,Robinson,Hakeem,Thomas,McHale ,Pippen ,Worthy.
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