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    To have a backyard cookout party at my house, with all the forum members attending, and Adler's Appetite performing live on the patio.
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    Fact: Brasky and Bacardimayne didn't have GERD until online interactions with MSL !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Either that, or front row seats at Ribfest 2018 and a selfie with Gilby Clarke.
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    I had lots of fun yesterday in Werchter. Axl was struggling with his voice only on the first songs. You could hear his voice is tired and he had to find it. Better really sucked though, that song he shouldn't play live. After the first songs his voice got better and better, like an engine starting to run. Loved every minute of the concert. Seeing Slash and Axl together is just so special and gave me goosebumps. Besides I loved being with friends and being among fellow fans. It was great.
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    That word... I do not think it means what you think it means.
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    how the fuck did madagascar make it further than IRS? Can anyone tell me with a straight face, that they would rather sit through 10 minutes of boring copy & paste MLK/Movie quotes on repeat, than IRS on repeat? Because this is what this poll should be about. Not only which song you like more, but which song can you listen to for hours on repeat. Because that's basically what a good song is, one that you can listen to for an extended period of time. You guys are fucked
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    @GnRLiars I'm clean. You say you are. How about a little wager for fun then? If one of us is lying and really is a SJW then they will change their screen name to Dumb Cocksucker. If I am SJW then I give you my word that I will change my screen name. You in? Or are you lying to us?
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    Also, while not studio, 1988 live version of Yesterdays which is totally different from final version: Back Off Bitch 1986-1987 studio demo (w/ Steven)
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    All songs are pre-final mix with rawer guitars, less reverb on drums, and less effects (IE no "DA PEARLS OF ROCK N' ROLL DECADENCE" on PTU, no "No I Won't" on The Garden; no slurp sounds on Garden of Eden; no bitches or doctors on Coma etc). These are what Slash talked about. Surprised you never heard them. Izzy's guitar is higher in the mix. Pretty Tied Up also is longer (longer solo/outro) and has more of Izzy's sitar and rhythm guitar.
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    All 5 of the OG band mashed up with pork meat to makw the ultimate rock n roll hot dog meal Id liquify Darren Jay with mustard seeds for sauce
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    Miser, if I wanted a wall to read, I would buy a plane ticket to Washington DC and check out the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.
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    Here are some of the UYI songs in pre-final mix form before Axl dicked with them more. All guitars are mixed rawer, and Izzy is mixed higher on every song; Axl's vocals don't have as much effects on them; drums have little to no reverb. Some significant changes are: -No "bitches" or "doctors" on Coma. There is a brief "clear" part, but it is performed by Axl. -Different vocal track and some different lyrics on Don't Damn Me, as well as a different outro to the song. Izzy actually plays on this version, and you can hear his choppy rhythm parts. -The "Dontcha Think that You Need Somebody" part starts early on NR, and is mixed differently than final version, with an overall rougher mix on the piano and less compression. -Different mix of Civil War. Same instrumentals, but the mix is clearly different. Dizzy's piano is a bit lower in the mix for example. -No "No I won't" at the start of The Garden -No slurpy sounds/sound effects on Garden of Eden -Pretty Tied Up has no "Perils of Rock N' Roll Decadence" and is about a minute longer, with a longer Slash solo, and Izzy's sitar/rhythm guitar is more prominent in the mix. -Dizzy is a bit lower in the mix on Bad Obsession -Get in the Ring is mostly an instrumental, and much rawer mixed. Only has "Ya get your bitches with the silicone injections..." bit, no other lyrics. -14 Years has a rawer mix (just compare Matt's drum intro to the final version alone - no reverb making the drums sound fake), different lyrics, different vocal track, and totally different solo, longer solo by Slash.
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    Axl having a moment of clarity and sending Beta packing.
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    This topic is sad. Axl literally has a vault full of "stuff" that his fans would kill for. Demos, unreleased music, video footage, concert footage - this dude could put out a box set for Christmas....and then put out another box set next Christmas with completely different material. And what does he do? Just sits on it all. Fuck Axl and fuck Team Brazil. You guys suck. Without the fans Axl wouldn't have 100 million dollars and TB would still be doing housework for stars. Why in the hell won't they give something back to the fans? One album in 25 years and $350 ticket prices for a semi-reunion is not being fan friendly. Fucking people couldn't even do a reunion properly.
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    its a worthy faceoff...both are good. First heard Better leak in 05 or 06. I was blown away. When. I first heard Twat, I wasn't impressed but grew to love it. Better takes it!
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    Better has the best solo no the album. TWAT is a mess with a hilarious choir intro, dated hip hop beats, layers of Axl bullshit. Better is the only truly good song Axl has made as a solo artist.
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    There was a time has the best solo on the whole bloody fucking album. Better is candy store rock full of Axls self indulgence
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    I would prefer if they kept the core four AFD songs you mentioned, and rotate other AFD songs, UYI deep cuts, and TSI songs on a night to night basis. Basically, make the core of the setlist the "safe" songs - The AFD-TSI singles, plus fan favorites like NR, Don't Cry and Estranged - And then fill the rest of the set with rotating deep cuts from each album.
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    Perfect Crime snippet 10-31-1986 (with Steven)
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    - Demo with Steven Adler playing "You Could Be Mine" - Use Your Illusion tapes without the Axl Rose fuckery (Slash talks about in his book) - 08/03/91 PRO Shot video (The 4 hour show!) - Demos from the 1996 recording sessions - 2000 Intentions (1999 IRS, 1999 TWAT, Oh My God, Catcher w/ Brian May, Checkmate, ect.)
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    I like how this dumb cocksucker is trying to spin it that I had choices to go on all these missions when neither him or Mags would pick me. Until after Bacardi informed us he was scum, anyway. Now he'll take anybody he thinks he can blame for his actions.
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    The memory stick MSL said he had....and unreleased CD2 songs
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    We are going to have to sign you up for one of Bill Cosby's "dealing with rape accusations" town hall meetings if you insist on wearing that thing in public.
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    For fans to acknowledge in writing that Ole Beich was the original bass player for Guns N' Roses.
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    The 99/00 2000 intentions album. it's Axl truest self and angry.
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    The original 17 minute Manny Charlton produced November Rain / Estranged song where Slash played the end solo for the first time.
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    True Story. I had this landlady who I got close with. She used to buy weed off me, etc. She was Mr. Magoo's (Jim Backus) grand-daughter. Jim Backus was a member of "The Academy" aka "The Academy Awards/The Oscars." Anyway, turns out membership in The Academy is forever, and gets passed down to your heirs when you die, so my landaldy was now a member of The Academy, and was supposed to Vote in The Academy Awards. Every year she would get a box of VHS tapes in the mail, of all the films, in case she hadn't seen them. She would bring them downstairs to me and give them to me as gifts. This has been going on for years. Members of The Academy Vote for films they have never seen, or sometimes maybe they watched part or all of them in their living room, but these are not films they went to the theater, or paid to see. Who is going to pay to see crap like Moonlight? No one. But they might watch it at home for free, they might Vote for it out of Liberal guilt even if they haven't seen it. Old news. Besides, is there anything less important than the Oscars? Does a single heterosexual male watch the awards, or go see films like La La Land?
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    Liars, just vote on yourself and you'll have 4 votes. I guess Lance doesn't mind, since he's also voting for you.
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    It will be a success!! Also sorry for being inactive I didn't really know what to say
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    I'd like a farewell tour with the original 5, or the illusions era line up. I'd like Axl to just try and sing like he used to, not caring if he blew his shitty fucking voice out. I'd like Slash to get fucked up on smack and play some fucked up shit and dance like a stripper hooor. Then call it a fucking day and die. Or some pro-shot stuff from 1993.
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    umm, not to take off Miser's credit, but these are pretty famous demos/raw mixes Honestly, how come you've never searched for any GNR material and written "demo" or "outtake" after the song's title? Btw i've posted these tracks (esp. the Yesterdays one) before Miser even started to listening them AGAIN and spamming them again
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    Hear me now, quote me later. The same thing will happen with Guns N' Roses after the tour.
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    I don't want to be leader again, but if I'm forced to I'm going to go the same way I did last time and take votes. A vote for Gunner or Bacardi will be completely ignored though.
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    That seems a bit harsh considering I was only away for three days, told you to play on, and got Mission 3 up around 12 hours after Magisme posted his team. If there was inactivity, that's on all of you.
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    I think AB might be sjw. His contributions (both real and nonexistent) to the thread point in that direction. Maybe people should read posts instead of looking at who was on what mission? Just a suggestion. It's pretty easy to see that Bacardi wasn't lying when you pay attention to posts, too. Gunner is obviously panicking because he was caught. He threw me on his mission after promising he would never do that, ffs. I can't wait until this is over. GOD of TWOT is going to be my new member title.
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    Axl's auto-bio A trustable documentary about the wasted years and the way to chd
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    At this point, TIL would sound better without Axl.
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    You know, i can't help but wonder where are her(per) parents now Where are their parents, for fuck's sake? it's not like they grown up in an SJW jungle since 1998 Sometimes i really, really feel, these "humans" are actually capable of breathing and walking at the same time
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    Fat (fake)Axl time travelled from the future to visit the real Axl's grave
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    Perry Farrell sounds like the singer of some South American gay folk band. I hate his voice.
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    Every time this guy appears I can only think of one thing... Le Vodka Juice
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