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    To have a backyard cookout party at my house, with all the forum members attending, and Adler's Appetite performing live on the patio.
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    Fact: Brasky and Bacardimayne didn't have GERD until online interactions with MSL !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Either that, or front row seats at Ribfest 2018 and a selfie with Gilby Clarke.
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    Miser, if I wanted a wall to read, I would buy a plane ticket to Washington DC and check out the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.
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    All 5 of the OG band mashed up with pork meat to makw the ultimate rock n roll hot dog meal Id liquify Darren Jay with mustard seeds for sauce
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    I like how this dumb cocksucker is trying to spin it that I had choices to go on all these missions when neither him or Mags would pick me. Until after Bacardi informed us he was scum, anyway. Now he'll take anybody he thinks he can blame for his actions.
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    The memory stick MSL said he had....and unreleased CD2 songs
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    We are going to have to sign you up for one of Bill Cosby's "dealing with rape accusations" town hall meetings if you insist on wearing that thing in public.
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    For fans to acknowledge in writing that Ole Beich was the original bass player for Guns N' Roses.
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    The 99/00 2000 intentions album. it's Axl truest self and angry.
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    The original 17 minute Manny Charlton produced November Rain / Estranged song where Slash played the end solo for the first time.
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    True Story. I had this landlady who I got close with. She used to buy weed off me, etc. She was Mr. Magoo's (Jim Backus) grand-daughter. Jim Backus was a member of "The Academy" aka "The Academy Awards/The Oscars." Anyway, turns out membership in The Academy is forever, and gets passed down to your heirs when you die, so my landaldy was now a member of The Academy, and was supposed to Vote in The Academy Awards. Every year she would get a box of VHS tapes in the mail, of all the films, in case she hadn't seen them. She would bring them downstairs to me and give them to me as gifts. This has been going on for years. Members of The Academy Vote for films they have never seen, or sometimes maybe they watched part or all of them in their living room, but these are not films they went to the theater, or paid to see. Who is going to pay to see crap like Moonlight? No one. But they might watch it at home for free, they might Vote for it out of Liberal guilt even if they haven't seen it. Old news. Besides, is there anything less important than the Oscars? Does a single heterosexual male watch the awards, or go see films like La La Land?
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    That seems a bit harsh considering I was only away for three days, told you to play on, and got Mission 3 up around 12 hours after Magisme posted his team. If there was inactivity, that's on all of you.
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    Cool! Now you just need to sign the sex offender's register and you're all set!
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    Black or white still gets played a lot. U can Touch this is a Rick James cover which gets played a lot too.
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    At this point, TIL would sound better without Axl.
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    I thought John Byrne's original, 6-issue Man of Steel series was another disappointment (at the time), but as the regular Superman series progressed, with Byrne at the helm, he proved me wrong. One by One, by adding back in all the classic Superman elements with a Byrne twist.
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    For the better. This modern Axl was what made gnr a worldwide band. The gringo/cowboy/country side/retarded Axl wouldnt take them anywhere. Of course, gringos love the cowboy version.
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    Just watched Logan with the wife. Amazing film. Shocking how good its is.
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