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    Great time last night. So much fun, now I am dead. It was SO HOT. Jesus. We were roasting on the metlife stadium parking lot at our tailgate. It was brutal. Unfortunately the heat did not let up even when the sun went down. Oh well. Lenny was pretty good but turning every song into a ten minute jam definitely killed the vibe. I went to take a piss and my brother told me he was getting angry that the crowd wasn't singing along. I came back in time for his last song. Timing is everything, kids. GNR came on just after 10, maybe half an hour or so after Lenny. They sounded great. Really great. I was really happy to go with my brother and two college friends who also were big into GNR, I knew they were the few people who'd appreciate seeing them with me. I knew the setlist but my brother did not, he was blown away that we got Coma, DTTJ, etc. Had I not known what was coming it would have blown my mind too. He, and the rest of the stadium, hated TIL though. I'm sure video will prove me wrong, because video is never wrong, but I thought Axl sounded really great. I went into the show with lowered expectations and he blew me away. He definitely struggled on Coma, Civil War, YCBM, Paradise City, and others, but to my ears he sounded really amazing. I was listening for Mickey and I didn't hear too much except on the above songs, which he definitely struggled on. Seeing Slash play the CD intro is such a surreal experience. Any of the CD songs really, but I thought the whole band did a great job. I was screaming along to CD, Better, every song. TIL actually sounded good. I saw GNR in 06 and 13, and both times TIL and Better were BRUTAL. Much better this time. Definitely some lulls in the show where the crowd wasn't into it, Coma, TIL being the most obvious points. But the set was really good and the stadium was rocking, the crowd and band had great energy. Hardly any banter/interaction, most times Axl would mumble a sentence or two but I couldn't understand it at all. He did say though, smiling "It's only July but it feels like the dog days of summer. It's really hot up here! But we're doing the best we can." About five minutes later I realized he was wearing a leather jacket, not helping himself at all lol. It was nice that Axl gave Slash a birthday shoutout, but I was really hoping for a surprise like Adler or something. Well, the best surprise of all was we didn't get Sorry or Catcher. Nightrain is a great way to close a set, and Paradise City, despite obvious flaws, was fantastic. Loved the fireworks at the end. All in all it was a really great time! The band and Axl sounded great! I can put to bed my GNR fanaticism now and I'm happy with how it ended.
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    More thoughts: Melissa is way less cute in person, great backing vocals though. Estranged has never been one of my favorites, but they killed it. Even though I knew it would be early, it was still strange to hear it so early in the set. But Slash rocked all of those solos. I counted at least five Axl wardrobe changes. I thought Axl's screaming on LALD was phenomenal. On the contrary, his Mickey laugh in PC was so bad I burst out laughing. Hard to choose a favorite song but Estranged, CD, Nightrain, and Civil War were probably at the top. Coma was good but man that ten minutes is long, my friend said they should have cut parts of it and I agreed. Slash was wearing a muscle shirt that said "New York Fucking City." I had no idea what Axl would say in OTTGM, it sounded something like "Take that one to your New York and New Jersey fucking heart!" But that sounds so clunky, although whatever he actually said was also really clunky. Duff and Richard were a great rhythm section.
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    The worst part of the whole thing is Axl's ridiculous hair
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    Imagine they played it twice for added effect
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    http://www.salon.com/2016/07/23/tommy_stinson_is_the_most_positive_man_in_rock_n_roll_all_of_the_bad_thoughts_died_with_my_brother/ The other band you were in for almost two decades, Guns N’ Roses, is currently on tour. You’re not with them anymore, but you were in that band as long, if not longer, than you were with The Replacements. It seems like The Replacements have faded out since the reunion, but Guns N’ Roses are now fading in. Do you have any thoughts on the Guns N’ Roses reunion? [laughs] I’m actually going to see them again tomorrow! I just went and saw them with a buddy of mine. I think, for all practical purposes, he wanted to go and wanted a comrade to go with. And I told him, “You know what? Let’s go.” He got me a ticket and we had a fantastic time. All of those people are my friends — the band guys, the crew guys. The only one I don’t know is Slash. I don’t think I’ve ever really met him. But I’m friends with all of them — Axl included. Even Izzy! So, I’m going to see them in Philadelphia with some friends because I had such a good time. It was fantastic. It was great to see it on the other side and not having to be in it. And I mean that as no disrespect. But, when you’re in it — when you’re in the cacophony with the ear monitors — you can’t really appreciate what the fans see on the other side. I want to watch it as a show and hang out with the people and go, “Fuck! This is goddamn fun.” It’s been fun for me. I’m not an ambassador of goodwill because I need to be. They’re my friends and I’m glad for them. They’re having fun, so I’m going to go see them and say “Hi” to my buddies. I saw you with Guns N’ Roses a few years ago and it was really great. I have to admit that I was skeptical, but I had a really great time and was happy to see you on stage with them. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you for that. It was a great gig for me. I was in that band almost seventeen years. It was fun for me. It was good for me. I’m just happy they’re all out there. They had the same stigma that The Replacements went through, but they’re doing great. It’s not all the band members, but people should love it. If you’re a fan, you’re going to love it.
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    this show is fucking dope, yo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stranger_Things_(TV_series)
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    i'd say slash's solos on chinese democracy songs are simultaneously the highlights and lowlights for me. there were bunches of factors contributing to their epic break-up, but working on chinese democracy was one of the biggest. so now after all these years, slash is finally playing more stephanie seymour ballads. that's pretty funny and amusing to me. but i'm also genuinely interested to see what slash could bring to those mediocre songs. truth is... not much. but it seems like it has more to do with him not caring than not being able to. as terrible as i think this i love is, i always thought he could kill a solo for that song. it seems perfectly suited to his slow, melodic style. but all he does is shred and noodle, so it sucks. considering how well he's playing on other solos like coma or godfather, i can't help but feel he's intentionally sucking. that's amusing and makes it fun to watch. but also just because he's clearly improvising, it makes it more fun for me to watch than the other songs in the set. i know what jungle is going to sound like. i have no fucking clue what catcher in the rye is going to sound like. there are little moments in the cd solos that sound good and show how awesome it could be if slash ever nails one. so that's pretty fun to tune in and see if he ever actually does. i also really like seeing the improv jam solos from double talking jive and godfather. and slash is killing coma. i'm not naive enough to think that gnr is anything but a corporate rock nostalgia act -- something i'm totally fine with -- but i do like those moments when it seems like they're genuinely having fun and feeling it. lowlights... dizzy cuz he's dizzy. and the nugunners because they're distracting when i'm trying to have a nostalgic experience.
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    I am the token Izzy supporter, Where's Izzy?
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    If that were true, Chris Christie should be president.
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    What is there to argue about? I think the general consensus is that Axl is indeed, fat. Which makes bacardi's new coined 'fat shit' a valid addition to our inside list of terms.
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    “Often, I will tell friends whose wives are constantly nagging them about this or that that they’re better off leaving and cutting their losses.” “For a man to be successful he needs support at home, just like my father had from my mother, not someone who is always griping and bitching.” “When a man has to endure a woman who is not supportive and complains constantly about his not being home enough or not being attentive enough, he will not be very successful unless he is able to cut the cord.” Later in the chapter, Trump discusses telling a friend who said his wife said he was “working too hard and too long and wasn’t devoting enough time or energy to her” to divorce his wife. “If he doesn’t lose the ballbreaker, his career will go nowhere,” Trump wrote.
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    Slither tonight? #NotInThisLifetime MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, Saturday Night Opener: Lenny Kravitz It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Estranged Live and Let Die Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/Attitude This I Love Civil War Coma Slash's Solo/Godfather Theme Sweet Child O' Mine Better Out Ta Get Me Wish You Were Here (jam) Axl Rose piano solo/Layla (jam) November Rain Knockin' on Heaven's Door Nightrain Angie {jam) Patience The Seeker Paradise City Fun fact: This is the same locale ("Giants Stadium") where I saw my first 2 GN'R shows, and one of the locations for the "Paradise City" video. Venue info / Time / Weather
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    Debbie Wasserman Schultz steps down.
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    a syrian refugee went on a stabbing spree with a machete in germany. a pregnant woman was killed in the attack. i hope people start to realize you cannot just let in every single person who wants to come to your country. we need much more stringent guidelines and much better background checks.
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    The DNC emails show just how much the media outlets and social media platforms are bought by Clinton. Dems love to mock Fox News but CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook are just as bad. Americans are living in a bubble of propaganda lies.
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    the sad thing about creationism: We clearly live in magic. Whatever this is, it's fucking magic. The truth of reality and existence is far more amazing and wonderful than any religion could hope to be. we, humanity, are wasting life and being fighting over stupid bullshit. put down the bible, Quran, etc. look at the stars. preferably while smoking a copious amount of weed. We don't know what it is. We may never know. Can't we just live with that? Religion is grasping at straws we probably cannot possibly reach.
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    Had to a get fucking ticket That's nice of him though, good for him.
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    I like Slash on Chinese Democracy. He makes it palatable.
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    DNC Leak hashtag on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hashtag/DNCLeak?src=hash
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    twitter censoring any hashtag with the dnc leaks.
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    Leaked e-mails of DNC show plans to destroy Bernie Sanders. Mock his heritage and much more. On-line from Wikileakes, really vicious. RIGGED -Donald Trump
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    I like how Ashba completely ignored the prompt to remove his hat.
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    ghostbusters down 65% from last friday. the estimates for friday have it making just over 6 mil(6.2) which is good enough for #5 at the box office http://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/ smells.....smells like a bomb.
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    What do Pokémon Go and Tinder have in common? Both give you a chance at catching something.
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    I was just reminded that I saw not only the fucking Big Show this year, but Triple H too. That's pretty cool. Oh also MMA is fun
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    I believe in god. I do not judge those who do not or have a different version of belief than I do. modern religion has perverted the the true ideology of love and respect for mankind.
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    I predict the next president by who is the better dancer. It is a flawless system. BUSH OBAMA TRUMP
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    yknow what we should do heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep I am for some more wrestling chit chat on here.
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    The Good I really like watching Duff stomp around the stage. It's great to have the Godfather Theme and Double-Talkin' Jive back in the set. That old GNR logo just looks so good. No Dj ASHBA. The Bad Lack of interviews. Lack of interaction. Frowny faces. Music played too fast. Music played too fat. No new album or even a single. No Dj ASHBA to make fun of.
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    Look at all these fools pretending that they have tears when I'm using them all to cry over GN'R. You kids don't even know the meaning of the word butthurt unless you've walked a mile in my GN'R loving shoes.
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    guns n roses has been fucking stale since the 2001-2002 tour went ass up. how many times can you hear the same fucking songs over and over and over again before it becomes monotonous? how many times can you argue about how fat and out of shape axl is? or how come his voice seemingly comes and goes? or if his hair is real or if he has extensions? many of us said that the reunion would be cool, but the novelty would wear thin after the first few shoes, which it has, since there is literally nothing else going on after this. if there was an EP, an album, or even a fucking single that would be different. Gnr doesn't have that large of a discography, you can only talk about the same handful of albums so much, and some of us have found a way to do it for a decade(fuck).
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    God I hate this fucking election. I'm staying drunk til November. Judging by our choices, I may stay drunk til 2020.
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    they typically suggest the investment lineup based on their own ends - higher fees and thus higher upside on their end. They will not include index funds unless you insist. Because i'm not an idiot, I insisted on index funds, and i could see them cringe. 2% vs 1% management fees means tens of thousands of dollars for them over time. of course they don't want to serve it up on a silver platter. Most people take their suggestions and say 'lol, okay!' it's up to the plan sponsor (the company) to fight them for better options (index funds) or lower fees. It really depends on your group at start up... if you have 30 people, you'll be quoted higher fees. if you have 100 people, you'll get lower fees, because you have more money flowing into the plan. like the video said, 2% is high, we were quoted 2.05 - 2.14 % at start uip, i could not get that lowered at the onset, they said we could revisit after 3 years, ala the John Oliver Last Week Tonight plan. the one thing i could do was get index funds added to give our staff a low fee, low risk option. Basically, the only person in it for you is you. Don't trust the broker or plan provider. They'll want to give you presentations... you're better off listening to the internet. I'm fighting for our people because I am one of our people. I'm in this plan and i don't want to absorb all the risk while giving away the majority of my growth to our broker / plan provider, If our people are stuck in 2% funds, so am I. I insisted on index funds because I wanted index funds. But of course it's obviously best for our people. I'm on their side because i care, and i don't get a cut of fucking them, but also, as stated, i am them. we are in this together. I wont let the provider / brokers fuck them.
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    Hold on while I pull out the world's smallest violin. NuGNR fans got the "mocked because of their contribution" treatment for 15 years, at much bigger, more prominent forums. I doubt you stood on a soapbox on their behalf. I will continue to make fun of this shit reunion and the hypocrites who defend its shitness and if people don't like it they can fuck off to HTGTH. There are literally DOZENS OF OTHER SITES they can go to if they don't like the vibe of this one. So they "can't say what you should post" or they can't express different viewpoints, but you can say that they can fuck themselves and should post elsewhere? Is this your forum or something? To be completely honest: I already jumped on the fat shit cuck bandwagon, because it was funny to some extent
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    With all due respect mags, this could have been said about you You (and a few others) been doing exactly the same: mock other posters in nearly all of your posts You are the first one who bring up this "haterzzz" bullshit Nobody said that here as far as i'm concerned For the record, i'm not trying to say what you should say, before you totally misunderstood again I rarely mock other posters. I always mock GNR. I can't help you if you don't see that.
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    Don't tell Kanye West, he won't get it.
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    China has this weird cultural thing about depicting ghosts and anything undead it seems.
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    + Back Off Bitch could get a place on that setlist, too.
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