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    This official, signed drumhead is being auctioned by GN'R for a Flint, Michigan benefit. Note the only signatures are by Axl, Slash, Duff, Dizzy, Fortus and Frank
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    I don't know I totally disbelieve this. As I've been saying over at Here Today Gone North Korea (where, you'll never believe this...no mention of this subject) there is a world's full of difference between patching up a friendship, patching up a working relationship, and just willing to be civil enough to work together for the sake of a big payday. As time has gone by and we are not hearing much of a peep of anything, the more I'm thinking this thread's topic is closer to the truth than not. I now pretty much believe Axl is doing with 100% rolling eyes, and being pissed with himself its even come to this.
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    I passed a school today and the kids were dancing outside. They must have heard Pitomsn is out.
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    GNR reunion is so shit that we hope for a guest appearance by one of the original members and main songwriters while we read a drum skin like fucking tea leaves. Worst band ever.
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    Please don't take up a DJ set and start not taking heroin.
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    There are, at the very least, way more signs pointing to him being out than in. Agreed. This reminds me of all the people claiming Ron wasn't gone either. How did that work out?
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    There are, at the very least, way more signs pointing to him being out than in.Why would two hanger ons (and the rest of the band for that matter) sign a drum head only to exclude one member if he was in? What, he didn't have the spare 7 seconds between all the nothing he does to sign a fucking drum head ? And if they bothered with Fortus and Frank, Pitman would have gotten an invite too. Fortus and Dizzy had to clear their dockets to make room for these shows. Pitman's still doing...whatever the hell his side projects called ... A reunion would be easy, effortless money for Pitman. The literal easiest and effortless of his career. If he was in, no way would he have jeopardized it having a hissy fit over essentially nothing. Or really, anything pertaining to guns. So sure, maybe not "100% confirmed", but I'd have no problem taking these bets to Vegas. We're more likely to see Axl and Adler slow dancing to Soul Train than having Shitman there at this point. The writing's all over the fucking wall.
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    LOL, how can you have a band with only 6 members?
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    So hang a second, you guys are losing me a bit here. Would I be better off just posting random shit of no substance instead of trying to work how this game is gonna go and making a calculated guess given the odds? 'cause I can do that, I just need to get something from my car.
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    Did you see me? I've been going around dancing with school children ever since I found out. It's okay because I don't have any candy.
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    Nope. Just a complete fucking idiot that has to learn his lessons the extremely hard way.
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    Do you wonder if the lack of announced dates are because they want to see how these first few go? Because I do. aka see whether Axl freaks out and tries to climb inside Beta's cooter Well...yeah. From the Slash and Duff perspective : - is Axl not even in the building yet by 10PM the night of the show? - are his vocals up to snuff? - is there any real interaction with him and the others? From the Axl perspective : - I thought I could do this, but I can't
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    I think you need to ask yourself this. On April 8th, what are the chances during a break between one of the first few songs, Axl mentions Slash and how great it is to be back with him. The place would EXPLODE. The cheers would be deafening. And I don't think there is even a 1% chance that would happen.
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    I'm glad the 3 guitarist concept has been ditched. It was never needed in the first place. People like to say it was always Axl's "vision". Horse shit. When Finck bailed...he hired Bucket. It was supposed to be Bucket and Tobias. Finck came back right before HOB so Axl just ran with it...probably didn't want to fire one of the three. Thus....a "vision" is born. Once Bucket bailed it should have immediately went back to 2 guitarists. Ron fucked up the Bucket material during the 06 shows so why not just let Finck or Fortus fuck it up? Or just don't perform key tracks that are difficult for a non Bucket lineup to play....just like how no post Bucket lineup could perform Riad. Still cant believe Ashba admitted he couldn't handle Finck's parts in the song so it was never performed. If this reunion lineup wants to play any Chinese songs that may be difficult, they can simply be reworked and Slash can handle most of it anyways. Only a few songs he couldn't dare replicate and no one in the crowd will want to hear those anyways. No huge surprise Pitman was ditched. I wanted him around in case he might be necessary for any new songs that might be on the horizon. I guess that isn't the case....
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    Do you wonder if the lack of announced dates are because they want to see how these first few go? Because I do. aka see whether Axl freaks out and tries to climb inside Beta's cooter
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    I bet this regrouping gets canned after two and a half shows.
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    Knowing our luck, Axl will show up looking lean and mean and sounding better than ever...and Slash and Duff turn up fat, wasted and have turned Frank into a heroin addict
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    Hope the whole thing is one big dig at Slash and Axl calls stops the first song to call him a cunt.
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    Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shephard was dope.
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