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    Axl really does like Taco Bell. WTTJ appeared as the theme music in a star-studded Taco Bell commercial during the Super Bowl. Monumental promotion must be starting. Note the "this is gonna be bigger than" theme of the commercial. It's symbolic. GnR's regroupening is going to kick ass and take names. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGZbHYSrR60
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    I think you will be the next nu Borki after me Why am i a dumbass? I wasn't even online when the pre sale passwords was posted, i just mentioned it for future occasions Btw i'm not living in the USA so i was not interested anyway It went over my head? I'm not the one who spew the same insult for 10 years on various GNR forums Yes, completely over your head. I was mocking you for running over here every time someone gives you a hard-on at another forum, yet completely missing your one shot at bringing over something that could be of use to anybody here. Not whining over something I had no intention of using myself. I've called a dumbass a dumbass every time I've seen one for far longer than 10 years on various GNR forums. Dumbass. beause i'm the only one here who talk about mygnr, yeah sure... I don't really give a shit to what could be useful for you or anybody here, i'm not your NGOG Yes, you had no intention to use it, yet you make a post about it just to mock me, right... Keep up with the insults, it seems this is the only joy in your life to call people dumbass, retarded etc. on GNR forums... To Steven Adler's snare So you think that autistic people could not be more smarter than you? I also rest my case You're the only one that runs here every single time you develope a new crush on somebody over there. Not anybody else. Now you're finally getting it. Have you read one single post from me that implied that I had any interest in going? Was there an invisible internet block preventing me from going to another site to get them myself? As soon as you answer that you'll see quite clearly that I did indeed make that post simply to mock you. Just because I do enjoy calling you a retarded dumbass doesn't mean it's the only thing I enjoy.
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    Playing shit songs no one wants to hear just for the sake of staying in denial. And to show who's Alpha Wolf. I wanted to see a reunion. Not just Slash and Duff being Axl's whipping sailors on a sinking ship.There's no commercial purpose to playing nu songs, even when nu guns was around. Zilch, nada, none. Just Axl being a relentless cunt and Slash and Duff being desperate. Sad state of affairs if true.
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    This I Love was even demoed by the UYI lineup. So, wouldn't it make sense they play it?
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    Skip to :28: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFfl74N0DAU
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