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  1. Because some people's post counts are a little too high relative to their join dates.
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  3. His limitations are highlighted even more by how the lead solos have been divided up in New GNR. He plays the first half of SCOM solo and hands over to Ron as soon as that really fast run begins on the second half. The SCOM solo was never divided in two when Finck was in the band. Ron does the shredding at the end of Nightrain. Ron does the outro to NR. Ron does the outro to Civil War. Ron does all the fast runs on the Chinese songs. DJ is never seen improvising alongside Richard and Ron. It's pretty obvious why. I just wonder if it's ever referred to in the band. Or is it like when your gr
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  4. Maybe it's true? I have to assume that many who are still obsessively reading about and arguing over gnr in the year 2014 have some real emotional and psychological issues they're working through.
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