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    now i'm imagining a scene with fat axl telling skinny axl to fire slash and stop releasing new songs, like old biff in back to the future 2
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    Axl Rose is: a) a mordbidly obese, creatively-bankrupt hasbeen who can't sing b) a woman beater c) both Resign. GNR fans deserve better.
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    He should stick to using his mouth for what it does best. Eating.
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    Thanks Dave. Of course I was entirely serious and not posting this as an excuse to poke fun at fatty. You are a real hoot. Anyway. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, 2020. This over $2 trillion economic relief package delivers on the Trump Administration’s commitment to protecting the American people from the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19. So yes, fatty owes Trump a debt of gratitude.
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    Fernando said the album was done Fernando said the album was coming out in March 2020 Fernando said covid-19 delayed the album Slash just said he's working on demos and guitar riffs for the new album Fernando lied, people died
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    If GNR is claiming lost revenue, then they should be forced to release an album
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    How much of this Trump money is Beta doling out to Downzy to pay the Mygina bills?
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    This is exactly why you don’t want Axl Rose writing new songs with Slash. He’s bound to use “lamestream” in a song. Stick to having Slash record guitar parts for 20 year old unreleased songs and we will all be better off.
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    He's either 4tus or against us.
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    If Axl Rose really wants to capture the zeitgeist of Minneapolis/BLM and the Trump Covid era, how about releasing a song? He's a big, fucking fat pussy, and most likely, a pedophile.
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    The Eagles took out a million dollar loan? What does that cover? Four tickets?
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    Axl Rose is now a stupid fat liberal cunt If he is so woke why don't he renounce his fortune and his Malibu mansion to BLM for reparations
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    Hopefully this will continue to spiral and escalate. Like how actors always try to get Oscars for playing retards. Well....no more playing retards. No more playing anything you're not. In the end, that means "no more acting." All characters will be assembled and voiced by computer and AI. Fuck off actors. Hollywood libshit assholes. I hope they reap what they sow, every last one of them.
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    Alert the woke snowflakes to the song and let them run themselves in circles. At this stage, with Muff McKagan's sex change almost complete and Axl content to cash in, maximum profit, minimum effort, year after year, maybe it's time the people who know GNR's catalogue the best throw them to the wolves??? How Axl Rose has survived this long without #MeToo or the Black Lives Matter movement serving him some karma fuck knows. Would be so satisfying to see if we could cause some serious damage to the GNR brand. Something really gay like #RockFansAgainstRacism If we mobilise, we might be able to get it to go viral.
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    Fat Axl and his shit band are looking for ideas of what should be included in a UYI Box Set. Is this Flebeis asking the fans to do his job for him ... again. And what the fuck happened to the New Album they have been teasing for the last couple years? I guess there is more money in another $1,000 box set, so fuck the fans that have waited over 12 years for a new album. So ... no new music. But you will get a reprints of old tickets, flyers, posters, and backstage passes from 30 years ago. If you run out of stimulus money you can burn these to keep your house warm this winter.
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    I don't view it as a threat, I'm just too old for it.
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    Big surprise. Axl Rose insulting one of the black people in Trump’s administration. R is for Rose A is for Axl C is for crazy I is for ignorant S is for salty T is for Trump
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    Imagine being half black and you're white in the wrong places...
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    A L E X R O S E b y F R A N K M I L L E R T H E F A T N I G H T R E T U R N S
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    The change in Democrats in since 2000 has been nothing short of frightening, especially in the past 6-7 years. The last 4 years has been insane in terms of what they have done. I'd never support them again. Ever. And I say that as someone that despised Bush, supported Kerry and was genuinely delighted to see Obama get elected.
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    The replies are pure aids lol. Where was this Axl when Obama was drone striking US citizens without due process or using the government to spy on US citizens and journalists. The most "badass band" in the world have turned into a bunch of establishment loving pussies.
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    I have no idea what's true anymore. Fuck everyone.
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    beach road chicken dinner menu
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    the real shitposts were the friends we made along the way
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    Axl is so fat that he can't fit into a recording studio
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    Is it me or does this read like a wasted post?
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    Duff will be shining Ferrererer's shoes toot sweet
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