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    In honor of the man @Bill Brasky I have granted GNFNR members unlimited likes. Don't thank me, thank Bill.
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    I'm happy with what we got. I prefer a few of these leaked early versions to a few of the finished studio versions that made the album. I dig both 'Atlas Shrugged' and 'Perhaps'. This whole operation has been a win, far as I'm concerned.
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    I assume most of you know that Billionaire is the general right ? because it is
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    I only want songs with vocals. Why anybody cares about the vma rehearsals is beyond me.
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    I thought this had all stopped being funny a few years ago, but then this latest tour happened, and it's fucking hilarious. A list of Gn'R related things that are shit. - Axl - Looks like Warwick Davis. His hair looks like Boris Cunt Johnson. He sounds like he's been throat fucked by a Horse. - The stage show - The cheap images and video that Fernando has clearly put together himself. - The band - They look and sound bored as fuck. - The fans - Fat, ugly, neck-bearded, annoying screaming Woman who need to just shut up. - The merch - Shit. - Frank - Frank.
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    You cynical cunts. This is Loco Fucking Motive. One of GNR's top ten all time songs, only played what...5 or 6 times EVER? Brought back from the dead and resurrected......this was never, ever supposed to happen. I'm literally watching it like this right now: And the cherry on top is that faggot haircut cuck didn't get to see it in person.
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    i wouldn't give a single fuck about the rehearsals if maskless buckethead was playing the general no axl = no buys
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    I feel like the EP is punishment for the leaks
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    I'll laugh so hard if the "book" is 12,000 words of gibberish new-age mumbo jumbo Axl-legalese tough guy speak. I'll laugh harder when there is a 200 page thread on myginaforum declaring it to be literally greater than Ulysses.
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    Axl and beta have fucked 100 percent. There is no way that they have lived together all this time and haven't. She's clearly in love with him and he's a broken down too sensitive recluse who probably sits in front of a computer all day. I bet it started with him at his computer staring at her ass as she would leave the room after bringing him his grilled cheese sandwiches. After entertaining the thought in his head for a bit he probably told her he thinks she's hot during one of they're heart to hearts. Soon after that they fucked. She's fell even more in love with him and he just wanted a quick doggy fuck everyday. So for the last 15 to 20 years she's madly in love and he gets his daily doggy. I'm not certain Fernando knows. That is 50/50 P.s. the begining of scrapped is multiple vocal takes of Axl unloading in her vag/mouth and butthole
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    I can't believe we're just one disc away from having the complete Zutaut's Locker. I thought after Atlas and Hardschool we weren't gonna get shit. How awesome that someone who got their hands on this shared it with everyone, for free, no strings. Very cool. Once we have them all, I'm gonna make two folders....one for the best versions of new songs with Axl vocals, and another for the best versions of new instrumentals. Once I've done that, I'm unlikely to ever listen to all the alternate drum take versions. But it's cool to have, just for completeness' sake.
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    I mean, we didn't hate him because he wasn't slash, we hated him because he sucked.
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    You put yourself out there, insert yourself into a pre-established, much loved rock band and can't back it up with the chops, you bet ya ass people are gonna roast you for it.
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    This is the earliest ever version of CD 2000 Intentions
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    I guess I'm just too old and jaded, cause when I first saw Rey, my thoughts weren't "how'd this bitch get so strong with the Force?" it was "ain't no way a decent skinny looking broad like this would ever have to scavenge parts for food. This bitch would be blowing space aliens, get off planet, and be living the good life in five minutes." I know, I know...it's supposed to be in a fantasy world for kids, but from the minute they introduced her, I couldn't take her seriously. She should have leathery skin like sandpaper and no teeth if she was really living alone in the desert her whole life. Of course, it only got worse once she started talking and fighting and using the Force and flying the Falcon and all that horseshit.
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    Don't be ridiculous, there's no women on the internet except for that Canadian retard Downzy.
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    The guy seemed generally enthusiastic to be in GNR, which was almost problematic. The guys who really couldn't give a fuck less like Finck and Bucket worked a bit better. This isn't Rock Star, and you're not Mark Wahlberg. Chill the fuck out and act like a lead guitarist.
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    I wonder if he cupped axl's c cups like that
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    Axl should make Slash attempt Soul Monster for his solo spot.
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    greta thumberg is coming to a climate strike in my city a few blocks away from where i live this is my chance to get on CNN
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    I'm glad we're back to the GNFNR that doesn't care about the fake reunion tour.
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    She has a striking resemblance to that Geraldine Bailey lady.
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    Only Gaynar would justify being a pedophile. Gross. But let’s break that down for fun. Saying you want to have sex with a seven year old is not “shitting” on that child’s parent. It just makes you seem creepy and gross. Faggot? “I’m gonna come fuck your wife...you faggot.” I thought gunner was low IQ, but holy cow. Finally. Being gay isn’t a bad thing, Mr Homophobe. PS What kind of sicko wants to have sex with toddlers. Gross.
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    We are so close to Fatcon 1 I can almost taste it.
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    Your math isn't too shabby but Stinson's math is even better. He said no matter how many times the band reworked the material, it was always the same songs over and over. It's 22 songs left. Period. He considered many vocal takes final in 99-00. That is insane although in all fairness, some of them were ready. I was on board the 'Axl is a perfectionist' train for awhile until I noticed many moons ago everything in a song gets painted over and over the same vocal takes recorded in my early 20s.
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    Oh God! He's been hacked again!!! Damn you to hell, Malibu!!!
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    I'd start drinking too if I had to watch faxl try and sing 30 year old songs every night with a wig on.
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    Yes I’ve hear rumors of Da Beta wanting to speak with me it hasn’t not happened. to be clear I refuse to burn my sources and my friends my hands are clean so.........
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    for the past 10 years the line has been "the vault is objectively empty, none of the songs left are good, atlas is a meme" and in the past two weeks we've gotten proof that at least another 7 good songs existed in 2000 alone one non existent, unfinished album that didnt even come out is better than everything slash and/or duff have ever done without axl truly remarkable
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    Yeah this thread was definitely damn good entertainment. I liked the way you delivered the information, didn't take it so seriously, and had fun with it. You also know your audience. Someone else doing this could've easily turned it into a buzz kill in three shakes of a lamb's tail, everyone loses interest, and simply tunes it out while focusing on the already leaked tracks. For a day or two there even I was on a roll posting memes and I've never been much of a meme guy.
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    And there will be links to Clinton too, count on it. That cunt is going to run again. Wait for it. Personally I hope she does and loses a third time. The meltdowns will be delicious.
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    Beginning to suspect that the myginers have never actually heard how the song is supposed to sound.
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    I feel like the actual time between leaks is just the chairman writing the limericks.
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    I rhymed "see" and "me" in my song, didn't I?
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    Hard to feel bad for a guy who was a lead guitarist as one of the biggest bands in the world, just because a few people on the internet said mean things about him. It had to have been in the job description by the time Ashba joined the band. I've been around people shitting on Robin, Bucket, Richard and BBF, and they're all better guitarists. Didn't help matters that he stunk. Yeah, part of you does sympathize for the situation, but it's your fucking job. You can't expect to replace a beloved figure like Slash, suck at your job, and expect people to take to you as if you're an adequate replacement.
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    He's almost at a level of fatness where hiding is probably pretty difficult, too.
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    I 100% agree with this assessment. But to be honest, it's a fucked thing. Axl Rose was known as this bad ass dude, always ready to fight, who gave zero fucks about what anybody thought and he loved to fight/battle against authority. Now he's turned into a guy who won't release a rock song because he is afraid of the public reaction to it. One of the greatest things that ever happened to me in life was when I stopped giving a fuck what other people thought about my actions. Totally changed my life. Axl has a couple hundred million dollars, a huge mansion, fancy cars, servants, has millions of people who worship him, and he has banged thousands of 9s and 10s. He can spend a million dollars today on something and have it not effect his bank account at all (akin to you or I spending $100), he can basically buy ANYTHING he wants, he can go to any "celebrity" party and just walk right in and be treated like a VIP......and within five minutes, he can be balls deep in a pair of perfect 10 twin sisters. He can get front row seats for any sporting event, plus get to chill in the locker room after the game and hang with Tom Brady or Clayton Kershaw or Lebron James. That dude should have ZERO fear of anything he does. "Oh, fans don't like the new song I released? Dang. I guess I'll take my Lambo to the airport where I'll hop on a private jet and fly to Italy for the week. While there, I want to bang a a couple models and movie stars. And eat a bunch of gourmet food." Axl should release music that he enjoys without a care in the world if some dickhead from idaho likes it or not. Musicians/bands are remembered for their successful albums/songs, not their failures. No fan is going to say "Well, because of If The World I know hate Estranged."
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