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    rick has an interview with the ny post tomorrow i'm trying to convince him to slip in a fat axl reference
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    The idea that they (GNR) are "building momentum" or in any way gearing up for anything other than more stale touring and embarrassing tatty merchandise that is based off of AFD is ridiculous. What was that word JB posted the definition of?
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    Attention! Biased detective strikes again. @matir98 the finger points at you: Re-read 59 pages looking for your activity: YAAAWN, until this point. Trying to put a heat on Brasky for 'likes'.... No bandwagon, so a quick withdrawal. Stating some obvious shit just to remain the illusion of an active town. Ha! Inquisitive, are you? x2 Trying again by 'remembering SoA's testimony' These two don't need comment, do they? And it is the first time matir does some 'protection' on uruguns. Still Brasky... Likes voting strikes again Trying out popcorn. For admitting to play differently... Ah, the famous magisme defence. While I was attacking with different votes and arguing to save mags, matir DEFENDED him by asking valid questions. The true town hero. Back to obvious posting. We need to think, we need to see more pages... But you do not vote on anyone who is in heat. You have uruguns to do that. Bullshit. This is matir defending mags Also, please notice almost every matirs post is liked by uruguns, apart from the voting/accusations. You know, so we won't know the pattern.... Time for you shithead to finally give us something more. Fuck you once again.
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    Trillion dollar wars, trillion dollar defense budget... "Hey, let's create and fund an entirely new branch of the military!" "OK. Let's make them uniforms!" "Slow down, little guy. We're trying to save money here."
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    Someone is going to have to explain the benefit of camo in space to me.
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    Just to update, wiping this one has been a nightmare, it spread like butter all over my lower back.
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    Trump will win the electoral college and popular vote. The Dems will cheerlead a recession in a last desperate bid to thwart Trump. The Media and Social Media tech companies will resort to 1984 levels of propaganda and censorship in an effort to aid the Democrat candidate. Elon Musk will have another huge public embarrassment Britain will finally leave the EU. Poland will start making similar moves to leave the EU and Hungary, Greece, Italy and Spain will be more vocal about doing likewise. Ghislain Maxwell will vanish or be killed. Prince Phillip will die in the UK. Greta Thunberg will be shoved down our throats 24/7 A major earthquake will hit the West coast
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    Sorry for the long post but this cracked me up.
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    Fortus is watching someone else’s show during his own show, and Slash is playing Stairway To Heaven during Estranged. I can’t imagine how bored they are Axl you fat lazy cunt
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    Apophenia (/æpoʊˈfiːniə/) is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. Defined it as "unmotivated seeing of connections accompanied by a specific feeling of abnormal meaningfulness"
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    Yeah, yeah you don't stop We got rich boomers ...in the house We got fat Slash ...in the house We got Snoop Dogg ...in the house We got Alex Ross ...in the house ...and it's like this!! Just an urchin livin' under the street...
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    Sometimes I need to impersonate those auad belly dancer ladies to get rid of the shit stuck on my butthole. It's humiliating. Shits don't lie.
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    Those moments where you do the “shit sideways rock” where that brown log is suspended between your asshole and midair and you need the help of motion and gravity to free it from the abyss from which it’s descending from.
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    I always have soft, sticky shit that refuses to slide outta my colon. I haven't had a decent hard shit since the 80s.
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    Why? America's aggressive imperialistic bullshit has consequences on innocent people. Why can't world leaders point that out without neocons getting swamp ass and screaming about TDS? He didn't even partially blame the US, he pretty much gave a non-answer when directly asked about it. What's he supposed to say? "We fully support our retarded American allies and their quest to drill oil and traffic children. This is entirely Iran's fault and the US had absolutely nothing to do with it despite directly instigating a needless conflict in the region less than a week ago."? Christ.
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    perform hard school at lollapalooza, release an EP in march, do a stadium tour with brand new songs, and release the album in november
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    You are the only one defending a player that either 1) lied about being a newbie or 2) somehow knows Dr. Strangelove as bacardi but has no idea who Conor could be (I find improbable) ...and also edits posts despite being against game rules. I am not saying you are wrong or right, but I do have my opinions.
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    we could start by talking about Immigrants and fagots or about Police and niggers...
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    Pizza guy slinging foods high in saturated fat to kids. Hardly innocent.
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    You haven’t lived until you do a shit in your workplace toilet and it spends 15 seconds in slow-motion doing a slide down the side of the bowl before coming to rest in it’s final resting place in the water below.
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    After. Like 15 years after. They'll clean up "Just Another Sunday" and pretend it's a new song.
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    shitmath strikes again
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    This is such a dangerous mindset. Not everything is black and white, good guys vs bad guys. Unfortunatly, it's easy to see why people in that region hate us. Its majorly warranted. We are a huge reason the middle east is fucked up. Thats before Iraq, too. That being said, someone admitting that isnt automatically supporting their government Nobody should ever get their hot dog hard when there is potential for inmocent people to die either
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    Gypsy times my brother! Opioid overdose. Really a waste! Yurizan Beltran.
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    Can we drop Hilary on Iran? That would cause more damage than any bomb
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    From what I’ve heard they are friendly with each and have small chit chat during shows however they differ on philosophy and do not trust each other. Meghan hates Beta and the feeling is mutual. That is all I’ve heard.
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    GNR fan myth #4: Axl wrote One In A Million in character He got called out on the lyrics and like the pussy he's always been and always will be, he backtracked and tried to come up with an excuse
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    they kissed ?wow,i watched the first 2 movies and i thought the idea is that the black guy will fuck Rey,SJW bulshitt fuck this movie but i may watch it when its online just to finish Star wars.....the prequels and the sequels are worse than Chinese democracy honestly
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    So. Just to remind everyone what a disgusting sell out whore I am... Here's the GNR stuff I bought since I started this thread over two years ago. I'm writing this in the evening on Dec 23rd, and on Christmas Eve I'm flying back to Ohio for the holidays. There's a PILE of GNR shit I bought for myself waiting for me at my parent's house. First of all, here in Japan I have a mint condition still shrinkwrapped Estranged US promo CD in cardboard sleeve. I also have the Shadow of Your Love 7 inch on red vinyl: Then there's the stuff waiting for me at home. Such as this flier for the Japanese shows with the cool swords-instead-of-guns designs, that I couldn't find here in Japan so I actually ended up having to buy one off Troccoli: Also bought the Estranged CD single cardboard promo from Australia off of Troccoli...notice this one doesn't have the titties censored cause Aussies aren't fucking prudes like Americans. This, along with the French CD single I've had for decades concludes my Estranged CD collection.....unless I wanna track down the Korean version, but those prudes censor the tits too, so I dunno.....my OCD will win out in the end and I'll buy it I'm sure... Despite being a whore, I'm proud to say I never even considered buying Locked n' Loaded.....HOWEVER.....when the AFD super deluxe was on sale for $32?? I just couldn't resist....that one's waiting for me too: Then there was the aforementioned "Three Days in Tokyo" 3 disc bootleg I used to stare at lovingly in record shops in high school, knowing I'd never be able to afford it. Well....it took about 25 years, but in 48 hours or so, I'm finally gonna get to open this motherfucker! And finally.........the big one.......the one I never thought I'd own, but I've wanted it for almost 20 years now. One of my favorite t-shirt designs of all time, despite the fact that the soldier is Japanese and not Chinese...... The Vegas 01-01-01 t-shirt.....not a fake, not a reprint.....the real deal from a reputable source. I'm not saying how much I spent cause I'm embarrassed, but it's gonna be so cool to finally own this holy grail. I'll never wear it....maybe I'll frame it.... (notice the "Chinese" soldier the design is based on...way to research there, dudes!) It's gonna be a GNFNR Christmas for me!! What can I say? I love this stuff....I'm a sell out piece of shit. I admit it. But fuck it, it brings a brief moment of happiness to my otherwise bleak and meaningless existence. Now I wonder if I'll ever be able to afford the GOOD lithos someday.....Cincinnati is my most desired. But in the meantime, I'm just gonna enjoy all this cool shit I bought myself! (Still can't bring myself to spend money on Appetite for Democracy though.....)
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    [International REEEing intensifies]
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    This sounds scummy. Is arnold a patsy? unvote: arnold @arnold layne Get in here and say your piece.
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    🎶 the best part of waking up , is shiting out my butt 🎼
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    Official Corrected and Updated Vote Count McDaddy/Salsh Borski - 1 magisme - 7 popcorn's snare - 2 uruguns - 2 8 Votes to Lynch Apologies, I had Bill Brasky's previous Vote on Deadstar still recorded on the last vote count
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    once mags turns up mafia, all doubt regarding my alignment will be cleared
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    It's funny seeing people screeeching over any of this shit, considering what a meaningless and retarded waste of time "awards" are. If women want more awards, they should make stuff as well as men do. But they can't, so they won't get any fucking awards. Also, who the fuck wants to watch a movie about strippers where none of the stars actually show their tits? At least Demi Moore got her rock-hard fake tits out for Striptease back in the 90s. I was so pissed that they cast Jessica Alba as Nancy in Sin City cause I knew that bitch would never show her nipples, and it ruined the whole point of her character being a fucking STRIPPER. If Jennifer Lopez wanted a damn Oscar so bad, she should have let us see her 50 year old nips. And isn't Lizzo that big fucking gross fat ass whale bitch? Why the fuck would anyone even pretend that they'd want to see that thing dance around naked? Jesus.
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    Good theory...I heard about Iran supporting the new record...in the shadows...
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    No one's blaming Trump for the plane going down. They're blaming him for the retardedly aggressive escalation that lead to Iran freaking out so hard they shot down a commercial jet. But keep going to bat for and sucking the cock of a world leader who thinks you and your nation are completely disposable but is willing to start a war for globohomo bankers in Israel.
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    Sleaze and politicians. Name a more iconic duo.
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    I heard Cars 3 is another example of rampant feminism/men are fucking pigs bullshit. It's a dumbass kids' movie so I never watched it though. Back in 1999 (still the best year ever on record for awesome movies) I went to the multiplex and paid for one movie, but saw a bunch. I believe on one Saturday, I saw "The Iron Giant," "Sixth Sense," "American Pie," and "Detroit Rock City." And I also snuck in to the credits for "Big Daddy" whenever I could between movies, to hear Sweet Child O' Mine 1999. Since I was alone, and just looked casual, I didn't get caught. That was an awesome day of movies. Shannon Elizabeth's tits are the stuff of legend. Let's look at them together, shall we? I had another marathon movie day a few months ago, but I paid for all the movies like a responsible adult. First I saw the 20th anniversary release of "The Matrix," then I caught "Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood," and ended with the Final Cut of "Blade Runner" on the Imax screen. That was a good day too. No Shannon Elizabeth titties though. Goddamn she was so fucking hot in that movie.
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    School of Athens, you claim that you do not know who Conor is but you referred to Dr. Strangelove as barcardi. Can you explain how this is remotely possible?
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    When I first started reading it I thought it was a copy and paste of MIA's post.
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    I'm pretty sure when Discord people say they're "here to annoy the shit out of us" they're referring to the fact that the boomer userbase of GNFNR gets unilaterally triggered whenever one of them gets past the registration filter, not that they're here with the actual goal of disrupting/subverting our forum culture. Makes for an easy Day 1 scapegoat though.
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