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    Guns are not playing at halftime, the game is on Feb 2. GNR are playing something called the Super Bowl Music Fest šŸ˜„ on Jan 31at with Maroon 5 and DJ Khaled. This looks like a cheeseball corporate gig that the formerly most dangerous band in world would never be involved with.
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    I have the complete Star Wars collection on my hard drive. It's 3 movies.
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    Deadstar is more GNFNR than most chicks. She'll require a salami pic first.
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    Because she's a fucking megalomaniac who thinks it is her divine right to be crowned Queen of America. Biden hasn't a hope. Trump will pulverise him. Also, Biden is still sniffing young girls hair and behaving like a pedo on the campaign trail. Caught on camera again during the week. What the fuck. Why hasn't one of his staff pulled him aside and told him to cut that shit out? Notice the media giving this zero coverage. If Trump did this they'd be having a melt down. Biden literally cannot meet a woman or child without grabbing them inappropriately and/or sniffing their hair. It's gross.
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    This is the honest truth, from that first concert with Ashba (Taipei?) and on until Slash and Duff came back I found no enjoyment in Axel's GNR other than taking the rightfully deserved piss out of it. I bought tickets to the 06/07 tour and still sort of bought into the idea of a nugnr but once Ashba was in GUNS N ROSES I was out. Fuck that shit.
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    330 inactive shitters purged from the discord in the first annual deshittening just following in the footsteps of the only gnr forum admin who knows what he's doing
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    http://thedonald.win/ Reddit finally chased The_Donald away. Now the lefties are trying to get this site taken down. Their goal is to control the entire internet.
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    Fuck off. No it's not. Clean that shit up for the good of your kid.
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    Come out of hiding Miser.....this thread is practically a Bat-signal for you.
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    They have to explain No Malarkey, because the only people old enough to have that in their vernacular are already dead set on old reliable pedophile Joe. "Hey, people probably voting for Bernie, I won't give no Malarkey!"
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    Had to laugh at parts of the latest episode of The Mandalorian The female bounty hunter kicking his ass was ridiculous. The episode before he took on a whole army of bounty hunters and held out pretty damn well until the very end. Yet this episode in a hand to hand fight he got overpowered by a woman. Never mind the fact that he is in full armour and she wasn't. She threw him around like a rag doll. So dumb. And the fight in the tent was stupid too. So much hand to hand nonsense when he is armed to the teeth. Bullshit really.
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    Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best. You guys are not.
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    imo better than State of Grace
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    He meant that linked site. The only people trying to take this site down are DJ TDR, the severely mentally handicapped strip club DJ and wet wipe addict and Tyler Drama, the Glee reject and boyfriend of Axl Rose stalker Black Sabbath.
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    Jabba the Hutt - A Star Wars Story Jabba the Hutt's rise from petty criminal to vile gangster and the most dangerous spice lord on Tatooine. Jabba arrives in Tatooine in exodus from Coruscant following his assassination of a powerful guild leader. Together with his close friend, Ephant Mon, they quickly integrate themselves into the Spice trade on Tatooine. Jabba's cunning and ruthless streak brings a new level of violence to the desert planet, with the Hutt quickly making enemies at the very top of the criminal underworld. Aided by a motley crew of renegade bounty hunters, Jabba wrestles control of the Spice trade from the ruling cartel and quickly establishes himself as the most ruthless gangster in the galaxy, renowned for his cruelty and large hareem of young twi'lek exotic dancers. Directed by Quentin Tarantino Starring Steve Buscemi, Jamie Foxx, Lucy Liu, Jared Harris, Crispin Glover, William Fichtner,
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    John Bonham was the guiltiest looking innocent guy ever šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
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    Hey. Who are you and why are you stealing Auad's signature posting style? Gypsy. We got a gypsy on our hands.
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    I swear he says 'held us' in the 2nd line but it's hard to tell. Also pretty sure the words 'the storm' are somewhere in the screaming part but @Dr. Strangelove is the only one who can decipher Axl's mumble-speak. Axl was so ahead of the time with the autotuned mumbling. A truly revolutionary and inspirational musician. Thank you by take care of modern music, Ax'.
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    Once i threw up and shit my pants simultaneously
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    Well, of course you do man! You're white trash!! (I'm kidding!! Hey....we're all white trash for loving this stupid hillbilly junkie band as long as we have. Well....except for those of us that aren't white. But even those members are honorary white trash!)
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    I loved that slogan as a kid and i didn't even really knew what it meant
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    You already know the answer to that question. Honk honk.
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    I don't think they have a candidate capable of beating Trump because they've spent the past 4 years pouring all their energy into baseless conspiracy theories to deflect from Clinton's defeat. They've also ignored their own party and the glaring fractures within. Sanders is going to get shafted again. It will reopen those wounds and divide the party. The woke AOC crowd won't back the likes of Biden or Warren as enthusiastically. If Clinton parachutes in it will cause a different shitstorm. In short, they have too many candidates and by the time they have selected one that person will be already damaged goods with a party divided with infighting. Trump will annihilate them
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    Add Avengers: Fatgame to the schedule, whenever fits best
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    I'm low key Damn_Smooth about presidential candidates. I haven't liked one since I was young and dumb and liked Nader. Bernie is kinda like a whiny, pandering Nader. I don't know much about Gabbard because I've given up on it all.
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    I was doing this chick named roanne. She was 21 and I was 19. Barebacked her like 50 times. Once I was done my buddy started seeing her. He fucked her once and she got pregnant. Me and her are still friends, her kid is now 19 and looks just like her. I still laugh he got stuck with that shit. Y2k haha, nothing happened lol. All that hype
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    In the studio? next year? Soo album out in best case scenario 2025
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    I second this. If Auad was in my class at school Iā€™d have voted him as class president.
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    And in this corner, weighing in at 850 Pounds!!
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    Impeachment is dead already. The first Democrat has come out against it, having previously backed it. Watch the rats jump ship as this fiasco becomes more and more disliked.
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    one of my favorite youtubers dropped this recently the actual song begins around 4:30 there's also this
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    This is the biggest open conspiracy in my lifetime. The fact that the majority of people paying attention to this story know it is BS, and the fact that the government doesn't care makes it even more terrible. Just another day of the super powerful screwing over the little guys.
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    All will be well and good when Lars Sullivan returns. šŸ¤“
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    Never mind. It was already on him.
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    lol...."hate" speech.....what in the fuck is hate speech anyway? anyone that actually believes that there's a thing called "hate speech" can go fuck themselves in their faggot nigger paki ass.
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    The Borskis can and will offer you a better deal
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    "Heresay is better than direct evidence"
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