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    Tonight we celebrate the 9th anniversary of this web forum gunsnfnroses.com It is hard to believe we are still around 9 years later Personally, I am fatter, but not shittier, and my hairline is the same as in 2010 Thank you to everyone that is a part of this community, and of course, a big shout-out to our founder who put together this site 9 years ago today Next year is the big one
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    GNFNR is my internet home. If I am on my computer, which I often am, a GNFNR tab is open--non-negotiable. When Fernando, the magisme slayer, orchestrated my mygina downfall, I turned to GNFNR, but, to be honest, I'd didn't think it would fill the gina sized hole in my heart. There were so few posters and so few threads, and people didn't use smileys much, and if you were bullshit people would call you out, and there were no female posters, and there was no Len (inb4 bacardi). How in the absolute fuck was I going to get my likes with a crowd like this? I kept a somewhat low profile at first, believe it or not, unsure of how I fit in. Over time it came to me that no one really fit in, and that's how everyone fit in. The common thread was that everyone posted exactly what they wanted to post and fuck you if you didn't like it, and no mod was going to swoop in to delete posts or tell people to behave. If you wanted to go unfiltered, something possible literally nowhere else in life, this was your place, and everyone understood it, cherished it even. I don't lie low anymore, in case you hadn't noticed. I crack jokes here, I have debates here, I chat about sports here, and I release demons here. And I read every single post. I don't skip anyone. Not even Miser. I know some of you better than I know others, but I value all of you, and regardless of shit talking, I wish every one of you the absolute best in life, even theresnologicheretoday (and I hope at least 75% of you think I'm a faggot for saying it). So thank you to all of you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for everything you post. And thank you most of all to JB. What an absolute fucking champ in every way imaginable. I will never delete GNFNR from my favorites bar.
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    Too funny. Nate, act like you've been there before. Is this the first time you've ever won a bet? Making a topic about it less than 12 hours after the game is over? And your threat is you are going to share screen shots of PMs? Seriously? It's 40 bucks dude. The sad thing is that either way it turned out (whomever won) I was going to send you Cowboys tickets for a game this upcoming season. Oh well. Simmer down. I'll mail you your huge winnings.
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    Funny thing is that if you ask any sane fat person they'll tell you how horrible being fat is. They don't want inclusivity, they want to fucking lose weight.
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    "we totally toured for like two whole punkin' years after izzy left, so this lineup is totally legitimate even though we can't shit out one song with all of our combined might"
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    >broskirose and gunner confirmed dead >black sabbath still walks the earth there is no god
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    It's a story of a man who works as hard as he can just to be a man who stands on his own
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    You can log out anytime you want but you can never leave.
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    TY to all of yous. And welcome back to all the people... who came back Also, the missing apostrophes in Guns N'F'N Roses were provided by @Ragnar. Thanks Dude.
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    I wear my GnFnR badge proudly.. thanks @John Bonham
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    Get the skip the queue everywhere and free entry to Disneyland.
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    It was this past Saturday night. They made the strippers dance to Death Grips too.
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    How the fuck did he close the sunroof on his own head?
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    Imagine coming into someone's death thread and spreading unsubstantiated rumors that they're alive. This isn't Stranger Things. Broskirose is fucking dead. Show some respect.
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    The whole site is my thread bitch. No, i just get tired hopping around from one thread to nother. I think fast, i post fast, im wasted. I solve problems. Vintage wasted. I post the posts the make the ads go no 1.
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    I think my dealer is cutting my blow with butter. World's fattest cokehead...
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    Duff, we all want to be men of understanding, thought, and a men of action. It's called growing up. However, We can do all that without being a complete faggot. I bet him and Justin Trudeau would have the gayest conversations.
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    Alex literally beat women and likely raped them, Slop married a literal prostitute, Diff's shining moment during GNR shows was a song where he threatened to knock a woman to the ground. Any one of us could go on and on from there, but at least none of their friends said the exact words "grab her by the pussy." We have no instruments capable of determining these heights of faggotry.
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    I like his hair in this rare pic:
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    i dont need pornhub,i have 11 porn channels on my tv
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    I had just gotten off work yesterday, and was at the grocery store. I had gone through the check-out line, and I made eye contact with a woman who was just finishing checking out herself, so I said "hi" and went over to the bulletin board area and waited for her. This woman was very pretty—blonde, with bangs and pert titties. She had a killer body, and a Russian accent, and, get this—she had white face cream all over her face. As I am standing there, she comes up to me and we talk. Keep in mind her voice sounds very nervous and anxious. She solicits me for sex outside, and of course, I am thinking that she is a prostitute. However, my 9-inch penis is fully engorged and rigid at this point, so I put my hand on her shoulder and lead her out towards my minivan. What ensued was 15 minutes of the most mind-blowing, powerful sex I have had in months. I fucked her doggy-style in the van until I came in several powerful spasms, emptying my load into her. We both napped briefly before I finally pulled out, still semi-rigid. She had a quick suck of my cock to clean me up and then she waddled out into the grocery store parking lot.
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    You might fuck it up and end up a conscious vegetable, trapped in a useless, wheelchair-bound body. And your neckbearded carer might take to sexually abusing you, just to top it off.
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    I assume everyone here is at their local bar having a drink for our fallen DJ. What did you say when the bartender popped the question? Me: Give me a beer from the tap. Barkeep: Do you want the list? Me: You decide. Literally too heartbroken to choose.
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    I shit on him from a height from day 1. Let it be known and recorded and told to your grandchildren
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    These days, shouldn't it be Everyone Knows I'm a Lesbian?
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    Wait a second. Miser died?
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    Yep, singing is by far the worst. The horrible noises he makes only accentuate the disaster that is the rest of him. Wouldn't even notice it at all if he could sing.
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    Today, a legend was born and a hero died. For anybody that doesn't know the story: June 4th, 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of the Killdozer's rampage through Granby, Colorado. Sit down kids, and let me tell you a tale. A tale about a reasonable man driven to do unreasonable things. Marvin Heemeyer was a man who owned a muffler shop in Granby, Colorado. The city council ordained to approve the construction of a concrete factory in the lot across from Marvin's shop. In the process, this blocked the only access road to the muffler shop. Marvin petitioned to stop the construction to no avail. He petitioned to construct a new access road, and even bought the heavy machinery to do so himself. Denied. The concrete factory went up in disregard to the ramifications on Marvin's business. To add insult to injury, the factory construction disconnected the muffler shop from the city sewage lines. An indifferent city government then chose to fine Marvin for this. His business and livelihood were in ruin. Rather than lie down and die, Marvin chose to fight back. Over the course of a year and a half, Marvin secretly outfitted the bulldozer he bought to save his business with 3-foot thick steel and concrete armor, camera systems, and enclosed bulletproof glass. On June 4th, 2004 Marvin Heemeyer lowered the armored shell over top of himself, entombing himself inside the Killdozer to make his last stand. He burst forth from the walls of his muffler shop and straight into the concrete factory that ruined his business. Over the course of the next several hours, Marvin drove his Killdozer through 13 buildings owned by those officials that had wronged him, including the city council building itself. SWAT teams swarmed the dozer, but it proved immune to small arms fire and even explosives. Another piece of heavy machinery was even brought out to fight the Killdozer, but it too fell to the dozers righteous fury. In the end, Marvin's Killdozer became trapped in one of the buildings it was built to destroy. Marvin chose to take his life, the only life he took that day. Today, we celebrate Killdozer Day and Marvin Heemeyer, the last great American folk hero. A man driven to the brink who chose to fight back against an indifferent system. From notes left behind after his passing: "I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things." HAPPY KILLDOZER DAY!
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    holy fuck i can't stop laughing http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-48535199/helicopter-rescue-spins-out-of-control-with-woman-in-stretcher just watch the first few seconds of the video
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    5/5 for thread title
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    Trump just flew over my house in Marine One. I raised my beer and shouted lock her up
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    Happy Marriage.... The Ballads of Max and Geraldine Bailey
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    I remember it well because originally he said that he had a story to tell but that he'd have to wait a calendar year to tell it. I smelled the winds of shit in the air, so I put his post in the magisme mind-vault. Exactly one year later I quoted him and requested the story. Faggotry ensued.
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    How can anyone enjoy GNR nowadays? Their songs are all overplayed. Their live show is a nostalgia act and they are far from their top form and the members of the band are a bunch of sissies/hypocrites. Seriously, there's literally zero things I like about GNR. I am ashamed of once being a fan of them.
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    Guns N' Roses now is a crossover between NuGNR and Velvet Revolver, and it's shit.
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    Was Gunner just Skeeter’s alt account ?
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    Should a white sissygender bassist really be writing songs about domestic violence in 2019? Duff hasn't even had titties since his fat alcoholic period in the early 90's.
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    Came here for the leaks, stayed here for the MAFIA. Also, my life would have been far more empty if I haven't learned about Brasky, auad and GUNNER. For real though, I am happy I found this place. I do not post much, but I read everyday. All the best to all of you :) Official vote: @John Bonham
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    Let’s not get crazy, youtube isn’t that important.
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    I love this fuckin place! Thanks JB and everybody from here! We are the best GNR’s forum!
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