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    Just to bring everyone up to speed: http://lasvegas.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/the-list-of-clinton-associates-whove-died-mysteriously-check-it-out/ make of that what you will
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    I was more thinking that I want to keep you both alive for an epic game-long feud.
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    it'll still get more bids than adler's drum set
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    If the game is really GN'R the mafia guys are like the setlists. THE SAME as usual. Maybe with one shitty cover.
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    Imagine being such a dingus that you sign your name after each response. /arnold
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    This blood is on your hands, Rick http://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5229110
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    I will be at the next shows just to smear my poop on these fuckers. Fat Axl, Gay Puff, and Shit Salsh will be getting bags of piss to the face.
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    I'm in wirh Team Brazil now πŸ‘³β€β™‚οΈ
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    Hong Kong democracy will not lead to war,but Taiwan democracy defintly will.US and Japan navies and air forces will kick Chinas ass,the ohio submarines are ready to fire A single Ohio sumbarine can destroy the 24 biggest chinese cities AMAZING and the US has 14 of themChina
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    they're just rubbing it in our faces at this point complete fucking horseshit
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    The Ashba hate is fully justified.
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    Man, Doctor Doom really was an asshole, wasn't he? He was so freaked out over a little scar that he decided to hide his "hideous" face forever. And so he puts a scalding hot METAL mask on to his face and instantly burns the flesh off, making him a million times uglier than he was. All cause of a small scar. What a fucking retard. No wonder. He's of gypsy blood.
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    I don't care if someone spent twenty thousand dollars on a fifteen disc CD set. Until I hear otherwise, for myself, I stand by my assertion that there's just a handful of songs with complete vocals on them. Yeah I'm aware that there have been a couple of leaks, and I heard them, but that doesn't do anything to disprove my thoughts on the matter. Christ, one of the leaks was just another part to something that's been around for a decade. Seeing this list of new titles does nothing to dissuade the notion either, because most of them sound like something a highschooler with rockstar ambitions would write down, not because he has an actual idea for a song, but because it just sounded cool to him while he was daydreaming in science class. It'd be a kickass title that would have some drawing power, you know? Who wouldn't wanna listen to "The Rebel," or "Billionaire," or "Nothing," just so they can find out what it's about, right? There are not forty to fifty other songs with actual vocals. Maybe there are ten to fifteen, and I'll even be generous and exclude the ones we've heard (Atlas, School, General, Silkworms, Going Down). I would genuinely be surprised if there were more than that. If the day ever comes that I'm proven wrong about this, I will happily admit to it. But that day won't come for a lot of reasons, the biggest one being I'm probably right. Axl Rose probably tinkered with the same thirty or so songs for about ten years, maybe adding a few in the early or mid two thousands, released some of them because he was practically forced to, and hasn't touched the rest since, nor has he made anymore (except Rock the Rock, and it wouldn't surprise me if that turns out to just be something someone else wrote). His band has probably continued to mess with them off and on and maybe collaborated on a few things, largely so they can have something to do, but that's more than likely it. Two hundred and forty two tracks on fifteen CDs. Big whoop. That proves Axl worked with a group of musicians who wanted to make music and had a lot of studio time. Never would have guessed. Call me cynical, but I haven't exactly been given a lot of reason to believe otherwise.
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    As someone or other pointed out, we seem to be in a situation now where TB may try to suppress interest in the CD era in favour of the old band. Amazing.
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    Hi. I believe I formally introduced myself, rather embarrassingly it seems, in the wrong section/thread. I am Salsh Borski, Salami King of Long Island..... Everyone loves my length of sausage...
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    I'm just gonna chill and watch everyone freak out. At the end of the day I'll either have a shit NuGNR demo to listen to or I won't. Whatever.
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    This is stupid as hell
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    Would you take $15,000 for all of them?
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    Imagine waking up every day, and saying, I am going to be murdered today. Then you get raped...and live. That's basically what you're describing.
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    this will be a good episode of storage wars
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    I heard a story about Super-Fan, Rick Dunsford, who thinks he is friends with the band. The band got tired of Rick pestering them, so Fernando told Axl to sign Rick's arm real goofy, and watch Rick get the tattoo anyway. Del James had a big laugh as he drove the bus away.
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    just saw a commercial for a family feud live show in canada on CBC mafia is real life
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    Rick Dunsford next on Killary's list?
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    Play mafia. You are missing a lot of gnfnr context if u miss these games
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    we ain’t getting them
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    I haven't seen any Avengers films, actually i don't remember ever watching a superhero type film, does that matter?? I'm in Doing it for the boomers
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    I've never played mafia, and i'm not around as much as you guys, if you are really really totally desperate i'll have a go...what's the pay like?
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    Attention Team Brazil: FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!
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    And I'd be remiss if I weren't to take this opportunity to once again point out the severe fagginess of the gentleman's haircut. It's as gay as John Waters felching the cum outta Joel Schumacher's ass. That's how faggy that haircut is. It's so faggy that even a Korean pop boy band told him to butch it up a bit. It's so faggy that Kevin Spacey punched him right in the face and said "get the fuck away from me you fucking homo cum-guzzling faggot."
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    I'm an old fuck and I've never heard anyone ever say hard school
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    @Damn_Smooth rate this police formation
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    Good fucking question !
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    A haha poster is one who proposes a distasteful hypothetical scenario and follows it with "haha". The appropriate response to such a poster is to tell him that he is based.
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    Msl stopped this , now I’m just waiting for cholesterol to finally stop him.
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    I hear GNR is getting ready for a 32nd Anniversary of AFD tour in Brazil this Fall.
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