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  2. cute, he thinks i should give a fuck if some expat pedophile in thailand drops dead. people die every second. while you were making that post, hundreds of people died. do you give a fuck? didn't think so. i don't like you. you don't like me. go ahead and call me insane, retard, faggot, whatever you want. just don't cry when i do the same. it's all just harmless text afterall.
  3. And if you were to die, I'd feel bad that a young man with so much potential was cut short in his prime. Death is not a trivial thing. If you've experienced the death of a loved one, or anyone that died young, the very idea of celebrating it with a dancing crab would repulse you. If you go back and read everything you've ever said to me, it's some ridiculously vile shit that only a very troubled person would even think, let alone say out loud. You and Miser are the only people I've encountered on this site that actually think like that. And for what? You said you "got mad" cause I called you a "retard?" I call everyone a retard. I've called my own mother a retard. It's just something people say; it's a joke. It's harmless. Oh wait. I forgot. Only "boomers" use words like that. "Hate speech." That's a crime punishable by death. Calling someone a fag or retard or dummy. But wishing actual death on someone, that's totally OK, cause you're "on the right side of history." Or something. So go ahead. Call me a fat old man again. Tell me I'm gonna die. Tell me you WISH I die. Tell me how painful you want my death to be. The more details the better. And than any sane person is going to read it and think to themselves "Jesus fucking christ, what the hell is wrong with this person? Did this fat guy rape and murder this guy's sister or something? Oh....wait....he jokingly called him a 'retard' a year or two ago. What a fucking unhinged maniac. I hope I never ever meet this guy in real life." Perspective.
  4. the two attack points i've seen against her are the fact that she sat down with assad and some homophobia scandal from a decade ago
  5. Doesn't a not insignificant portion of the progressive base consider her a warmonger, or is that in the past now? Haven't been paying much attention to her candidacy since I didn't expect her to get far, especially with the two "leaders" of the progressives in the race. Name recognition might also a problem for her, but, well, that's kinda how most candidates start out when they run for this office, now that I think of it. Sort of what the debates are for. Might have to look a little more into her candidacy.
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  7. so you write a big autistic attack post that's wrong on every count and somehow that's taking the high road because you ended it with "i respect jb and stuff man.." do you even think about the thoughtvomit you post and don't fucking kid yourself, you'll be dead of some coronary disease within 5 years and i'll be posting the crab rave video in the thread
  8. I took the high road. In time, you'll just find some other target to sperg out on. I'll be around long after your gone. Hey man.....I hope you have a wonderful day full of happiness and sunshine and Jeopardy.
  9. Not how I describe it, it's how they would describe it if they had the self awareness to call their jobbers “scrawny flipping faggots”. And American Ninja Warrior is a real competition. This is the equivelant of giving stats to a less talented cirque du soleil.
  10. I liked Dredd, seem similar to Raid.
  11. gives me a reason to care about wrestling again and worst case scenario i'm out a big mac meal next may/when they get cancelled shit like american ninja warrior is popular with the boomers right now so i can see the approach working if it really is how you describe it
  12. You do realise these morons are going to try treating their scrawny flipping faggots like real athletes and give them stats that nobody has ever given a shit about, while ignoring good storylines; which has been the only thing to ever draw in wrestling, right? I'll give you one last chance to back out. That's information taken from different interviews with all 900 vice presidents and the money mark himself, not just something I pulled out of my ass. Just to be clear.
  13. nope, they've fucked up too many times franchise is irreparably dead The Raid was ok. Great performances from the protagonist and the main henchman but the lighting and the weak plot hurt it. The Raid 2 on the other hand was fantastic. At 2h30m it could have been a bit shorter but I didn't mind. The last ~40 minutes or so is glorious.
  14. hey can you get rid of the edited by line, it's annoying vvvv this thing
  15. a million on a network like TNT sounds doable i look forward to my shamrock shake
  16. Raw is falling under 2 million and TNA I have no fucking clue. Not even close to a million on the shit network they're on though. Since AEW is going to kill the Attitude Era, which consistently drew 6 million; 1 million should be a fart in the wind.
  17. >manlet and you're the fattest person on the forums, what of it >miser 2.0 says miser's best friend who enables his garbage threads >indian joke XDD >I never had a problem until.. yeah that's when i realized you were a hypocritical fat cunt who doesn't deserve any form of happiness i also had no intention of starting anything with you on this account until you called me a retard >Canada joke did you know we just got named the #1 country in the world, quality of life wise? how's your 50 hour work week? >zits nope >never kissed a girl got all of those benchmarks out of the way a few years ago >you prefer Ashba to Slash no? >Spam the forum again didn't see anyone complaining when i got rid of BBA >get banned despite his "1 year" posturing, i was invited back by JB himself within three days my old account was deleted by my own request which i stand by >I'm not a fucking cunt lol >See, "Boomers" have this thing called a sense of humor, along with a sense of perspective, which you obviously lack. >job had one of those, got sick of it, much happier now >Anyway, even though I certainly did nothing to start it your sheer existence repulses me >I respect JB way too fucking much haven't heard that one before >quit being a cunt no tl;dr - you're fat, you lost, stop replying
  18. What’s Tulsi Gabbard’s flaw? She seems stronger than Bernie or Biden. She has some kind of point of view. It seems like she’s half Trump, half Bernie. End the wars, here’s some free stuff.
  19. Unless you're super confident, you might wanna say, "in a night" unless you think they won't get a mil in an entire year.
  20. I was thinking this is how the new GNR album could sound. Maybe more like Sol Invictus but still some of King has a hard rock sound and the scope of Illusions. You can hear all the instruments and vocals clearly on all this varied material. There’s less keyboard maybe because Roddy was f’d up? I can’t remember.
  21. Pic doesn’t load for me. I guess anything is rock n roll but I never think of Jimi or Jim in gym getting jacked. They got a bottle of jack or jim and tried not to fall down the stair master.
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