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  2. There are 12 characters in bacardi's post. The question mark is not a character. Where am I wrong about that?
  3. Why did you say you had mafia information and then tell us you weren't going to give us anything?
  4. I never said I wasnt Rick or that I was Indy. Not once. Hot dog is a vanilla, plain Jane, lame townie
  5. I'm gonna take a step back and go over the thread again. I don't like hotdog and I don't like @uruguns I'll be back later
  6. But given the structure of the game, it makes absolutely zero sense that he's Rick. It's a smoke screen.
  7. Now we really need to think about what happens if FAT kills Rick and if we want to find out. Discuss.
  8. @hotdogman You're contradicting yourself. You say your Rick, then no. Imply you're Indy then no. If I still believed you were Rick I'd still say keep you for the reason s I stated earlier. But you've bounced all over the place. I think you're purposely trying to confuse things.
  9. I quote people all the time and yet you're the only who reacts like this. I think you're obssessed with me. But hey, at least you replied to me without any sexual reference so kudos!
  10. I meant in our conversation. Why were you claiming the Bacardi's post was innacurate if you already knew it wasn't?
  11. Today
  12. Where did I say that the question mark or Rick were Indy? You brought that up all on your own. Why?
  13. Why would I basically admit I was Rick if I was Indy? GnRLiars hit the nail on the head earlier. I'll go look
  14. *broken promises* Meaning earlier in the game @hotdogman said he was going for a drive and would have "vital' info about Mafia. We never got any info...
  15. He's basically saying he's an independent. Independents serve little to no purpose to the town. They benifit the Mafia and the town teams equally. Why are we keeping him around to potentially help the Mafia team win this game? Why would anyone practically admit to being Indy? This is a terrible strategy IMO. I understand that 12 characters are in the above quoted posts and it would make sense that those 12 are the players. So another question arises involving @hotdogman That's Why try to disassociate from the 12 characters? Broken promises in regards to Mafia info Playing the Indy card when it really doesn't make any sense with all that we've learned. Everything about his story is sketchy. unvote/vote: hotdogman
  16. Bacardi didn't confirm those were the team's. He put a question mark. My role hasn't changed and I dont fit the theme of any of those characters I also have zero abilities
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