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  2. I think it's partly based on population. If the population never went up then would the value go up? Massachusetts has a circle of prestigious universities so companies like Boston Dyn4m1cs and some other health science tech companies remain here despite mountains of snow. Rhode Island, next door, has a prestigious circle of Farrelly brother movies really suffered during the recession. I'm not sure what happened in the UK. I was surprised at the economic growth over the past 2 decades. RE can be an inefficiently priced asset classes but I'm going to be more careful.
  3. Just Lookin’ - The Charlatans
  4. Up to Our Hips - The Charlatans
  5. Can’t Get Out of Bed - The Charlatans
  6. Crashin’ In - The Charlatans
  7. North Country Boy - The Charlatans
  8. Tellin’ Stories - The Charlatans
  9. Here Comes the Soul Saver - The Charlatans
  10. The Only One I Know - The Charlatans
  11. One to Another - The Charlatans
  12. Just When You’re Thinking Things Over - The Charlatans
  13. I Never Want An Easy Life If Me and He Were Ever To Get There - The Charlatans
  14. I have no idea really. I don’t think anyone really does, maybe there are better times to do it. But it does seem unpredictable. Property has always been somewhat of a solid idea though. But to really become a tycoon probably need some luck.
  15. Always liked this version. I think it could have been a hit.
  16. I was really planning to be a mogul until this thread. Now I'm no so sure.
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  18. if you want some of his chill stuff the whole album electric tears is pretty awesome.
  19. I feel like Christianity is just a way for people to justify their shitty behavior.
  20. I was playing. Probably would have won if you hadn't killed me.
  21. Maybe if you were actually playing , you would have jumped on Gunner’s shit day 1 mafia moves like usual ! The whole cosmic balanced got fucked up ! Poor Gunner is probably posting on some other 80’s rock band forum now. I miss the savage 😢
  22. I have no idea because the e only time I checked the game was to see who died. I blame all of you equally.
  23. @GUNNER knows I love him 😍 i blame @magisme I said no to Gunner playing the last mafia game I hosted and Magisme demanded his inclusion ! What was I supposed to do ? dissapoint Mags , I think not !
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