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  2. A little late, but I just found out Kenny Omega was crying because WWE aired the Evolve PPV on the same night as Faggy Fest. Best thing is, the Evolve event was booked first. What a queef.
  3. Should be getting an announcement in rhe next 3 weeks
  4. Today
  5. New Thor movie will feature Natalie Portman as Thor News unveiled this weekend at san Diego Comic-Con
  6. This is a movie i would go see on opening night
  7. What's the best era of Madonna? I say it's Vogue.
  8. I'd much rather see Adler at a bar for $20 than spend $200 to watch 2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place on a big screen from the back of a half empty stadium. Steven's singer sounded good.
  9. No. I mostly follow him for football pool tips these days.
  10. You're obsessed with OJ or something ?
  11. OJ stumbled upon the medium. Charlie created the blueprint. Donald pushed the button.
  12. You're all deaf or what ? sounds dreadful. Dude sings like a goat.
  13. Exactly. This band is shit because it's not Slash's band anymore, he's a guest. Duff is a guest, too. Even Axl seems to be a guest. There's written "Guns N'Roses" on the tickets but the musicians are not really there. It's a ghost band, it's empty, no soul. There's a lack of incarnation. It's dead, that's why GNR has become so boring.
  14. When is Axl's tequila coming out?
  15. Better question is how many covers of Guns n Roses will The Three Shit Amigos play ?
  16. Was Christian Bale as John Conor the same as Buckethead in Guns N’ Roses ? Both were the perfect choice and yet the end result was failure.
  17. They will put out product this year and will manage to milk the GNR fan base until there is nothing left.
  18. Looks like Team Brazil has found it’s back up plan. Oh wait , Team Brazil would have to be competent first.
  19. I defy anyone to not headbang the shit out of Skin of my Teeth.
  20. Yup you're absolutely right. Lars' kid was into Megadeth and let dad know.
  21. Though that looks shopped, I recall I think one of Lars's kids saying they like Megadeth and he brought it up in an interview I think. Plus who the fuck doesn't like Megadeth?
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