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  2. I suppose the gentrification model is the clearest example. A nowhere the place adds schools shops and your property goes up. That makes sense. But then there’s the situation where there are too many properties but prices still keep rising. It’s almost like a cabal of owners who just keep pushing up prices across the board. Or like that real estate scam, mortagages where being given away so everyone was buying and that pushes up prices. Low interest rates mean you can borrow and spend more. It’s like a snowball. That’s what you want, a giant bubble of makinvestment and somehow you sell right at the peak. Or it all levels out and you are worth X amount and so can therefore borrow more. You feel rich and you rent and the cash just piles up. How do you cash out though. It’s like Amazon, it’s just a stock price, almost fictional money. Amazon supposedly doesn’t yield huge profits because they slways expanding. But maybe lifestyle is more important. Junior Soprano was rich but Heche had the bag of oranges and a jug of wine on his porch.
  3. Gotta say the GNR day is a pretty good line-up.
  4. One more show for our favorite band! Have fun everyone going!
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  6. I think it's partly based on population. If the population never went up then would the value go up? Massachusetts has a circle of prestigious universities so companies like Boston Dyn4m1cs and some other health science tech companies remain here despite mountains of snow. Rhode Island, next door, has a prestigious circle of Farrelly brother movies really suffered during the recession. I'm not sure what happened in the UK. I was surprised at the economic growth over the past 2 decades. RE can be an inefficiently priced asset classes but I'm going to be more careful.
  7. Just Lookin’ - The Charlatans
  8. Up to Our Hips - The Charlatans
  9. Can’t Get Out of Bed - The Charlatans
  10. Crashin’ In - The Charlatans
  11. North Country Boy - The Charlatans
  12. Tellin’ Stories - The Charlatans
  13. Here Comes the Soul Saver - The Charlatans
  14. The Only One I Know - The Charlatans
  15. One to Another - The Charlatans
  16. Just When You’re Thinking Things Over - The Charlatans
  17. I Never Want An Easy Life If Me and He Were Ever To Get There - The Charlatans
  18. I have no idea really. I don’t think anyone really does, maybe there are better times to do it. But it does seem unpredictable. Property has always been somewhat of a solid idea though. But to really become a tycoon probably need some luck.
  19. Always liked this version. I think it could have been a hit.
  20. I was really planning to be a mogul until this thread. Now I'm no so sure.
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  22. if you want some of his chill stuff the whole album electric tears is pretty awesome.
  23. I feel like Christianity is just a way for people to justify their shitty behavior.
  24. I was playing. Probably would have won if you hadn't killed me.
  25. Maybe if you were actually playing , you would have jumped on Gunner’s shit day 1 mafia moves like usual ! The whole cosmic balanced got fucked up ! Poor Gunner is probably posting on some other 80’s rock band forum now. I miss the savage 😢
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