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  2. I mean fantasy has been popular forever, it isn't just this generation. The best selling book of all time (barring the bible) is The Lord of the Rings(1954) and the Hobbit is #6(1937).
  3. Just had a satisfying deposit. Quite a long, single log.
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  5. radicals and racists

  6. 1995 Zakk sessions. Slash and Zakk, a giant snake and T. Rex playing together. We know stuff exists of that cause both Duff and Zakk have both said demos were made 1995 sessions featuring Izzy. Duff and Izzwald demoed ten songs for GNR in a week. Even if the stuff is Slash/Paul/Matt/Dizzy with either Duff or Izzy on vocals it’d be really cool. Could easily be demos of ten songs that sound like Dust N’ Bones. I’ll take it. 1993/1994 acoustic version of Back and Forth again with Axl on scratch vocals which we do know exists (cause we hear it in the making of estranged video) 99% would be instrumental but it’d be really cool to hear
  7. They basically said a lot of what the Space Force Encompasses will involve a lot of on the ground work with the other branches of the military. They said they are basically using Air Force uniforms to save money instead of designing and making completely new uniforms.
  8. Facekicker voted SoA, then voted magisme, now is voting me for... wishing someone a happy birthday You are scum-aligned, aren't you?
  9. Happy birthday @Dr. Strangelove aka Bracali
  10. No. My friend bought the sleeveless one though. Lol, I actually cut my sleaves off on all my shirts. Im a white trash a piece of shit like that. (Even though i wear a hoodie 99% of the time). Btw i just seen the other shirt from 01/01/01 sell on ebay for like 20 bucks.
  11. protecting nate is worth consideration, as the mafia obviously anticipate mags being protected and go for plan b, nate just protect one of the two power roles and we have a 50/50 shot of keeping both
  12. So resetting now back to Deadstar vote deadstar
  13. It would be the perfect time to play a new song, release the single, buy some advertising time to announce the album, etc. It all makes perfect sense, but this is GN'R and nothing ever makes sense, so there is that.
  14. Bacardi is not the droid you are looking for.
  15. For what it's worth I tracked bacardi and he had no action. Remember.
  16. Official Vote Count popcorn's snare - 1 uruguns - 2 Deadstar - 1 Damn_Smooth - 2 arnold layne - 3 GnRLiars - 1 8 Votes to Lynch
  17. role revealing is allowed, you just can't quote/screenshot the role pm
  18. Shit. I broke the rules with the role reveal?
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