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  2. Let’s define “free”. It would most likely be free, as in you wouldn’t have to pay for it out of your own pocket right then and there. It would be the government paying for it with money that came out of your pocket before. So it would be “free”.
  3. If they produce a vaccine to Covid-19 and its not free to the masses, then does this pandemic become a whole different thing?
  4. Anybody expect the remaining tour dates of this year to be completed with this virus shit. Maybe the entertainment business will make some rulings on concerts.
  5. Remember these are the guys that always tell us the truth, looking out for our best interests.
  6. Axl is so fat that when he farts, beta stands up and starts her thank you speech because she hears the sound of clapping
  7. Today
  8. Jesus I forgot how bad the outpatience record was......... from a sheer sound/production standpoint, go listen to Antichrist Superstar, released in 1996. One album sounds like 1980's simpleton crotch rock recorded in an aquarium for four dollars, the other is Manson's best album. My question for Bill......... what's your insurance #?
  9. I don’t think that’s how it works. If a big lab develops a vaccine for covid-19, they will own the patent. They will get all the money. After some time, the patent expires (or becomes public) and any lab can use the same recipe to start making the drug (vaccine), making it more affordable for the consumer. Chloroquine must be in the second category by now, so it’s not the big jackpot a new drug could be. I’m not saying this is the reason chloroquine is being ignored, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the case.
  10. Bill, can you get Corona from listening to Axl's voice?
  11. Just wait until we get Malibu Nights: The Ballad of Bill Bailey
  12. CBS did that, showing an Italian hospital and claiming it was NYC. Let's face it, the liberals and the media (I know, one and the same) are rooting for the virus. They are trying to use it to bring Trump down. Cuomo lying about the number of respirators he needed is just another example.
  13. Trump just got up and went to work one day and he walked into a room and they said “Sit down, we have a plan that I think you will like.”
  14. Welcome to the Riot Show. Should I go buy steaks or should I leave that to people who know everything? It was a question. Any time, anywhere.
  15. Star Wars is better than Indiana Jones. God, we are really reaching for dumb shit to argue about, huh?
  16. Axl is so fat, it’s actually sad.
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