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  2. If you truly a boomer you’ll land in a truck full of money and naked ladies. Some people even get a “I’m Gen X I’m cool” sign. It’s a pretty good deal.
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  4. Breakfast at Tiffany's Finally got around to seeing it. Not much has changed in 50 years.
  5. imagine being such a boomer that you still don't understand the boomer meme JB gets it
  6. You could just live your life and not blame everything on Boomers. Skeeter by the way, is Gen X.
  7. You might fuck it up and end up a conscious vegetable, trapped in a useless, wheelchair-bound body. And your neckbearded carer might take to sexually abusing you, just to top it off.
  8. strongly considering jumping off a bridge on my 30th birthday to avoid becoming a boomer
  9. Somail’s cd sounds very good. I like and download it.
  10. The jokes write themselves..........stopping for a fucking taco. Was there no opportunity for butter and lard as well?
  11. I’m pro quitting. But only because relapsing is the elixir of life.
  12. They still the rest of time to ruin whatever Toy Story has going for it.
  13. Getting prepared for 2 for 1 Saturday.  The best Salami day of the week.

  14. Herbert is an annoying, obnoxious, geriatric, cocksucking mullet turd. Good fucking riddance.
  15. Its sounds like shit cuz the Butcher CC, didnt check the mix in mono and forgot cartoons still mono so all the guitars and drums got buried by tha Butcher.
  16. You shouldn't have said those nasty wasty things to him. He's a sensitive cunt soul.
  17. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/slash-featuring-myles-kennedy-and-the-conspirators/2012/northern-alberta-jubilee-auditorium-edmonton-ab-canada-2bdcacf6.html this remains the best rock concert i've been to
  18. The show in 2010 was considerably better. It was certainly serviceable, but a bit uninteresting. They didn’t even play many of the better Slash songs. Todd Kerns was fun. Slash himself was good fun. But overall at the lower end of any Guns related shows I’ve been to.
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