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  2. Is there a studio version of his Crazy Train cover?
  3. 14 Years is a remake of Sweet Home Alabama. Back before internet piracy there was Mr. Izzy Stradlin.
  4. Not In This Lifetime might be the elephant solo in the room.
  5. Instead of fantasy football the only game I play on my phone is mafia.
  6. My condolences to you and your family Nate. I know how you loved your cat by your posts expressing your love for Kitten over the years. May you crack open a cold one for your feline buddy tonight.
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  8. That might be true, in terms of property losing value. I think what I was saying was it might not yield huge profits like it has in some cases. Worst case scenario is you have property to live in if you can’t rent. I read once about landlords in university areas doing well for a bit then university made a rule students have to live on campus. Also health safety rules change. Every property might cost 5-10k a year to maintain. I know this from renting. Leaks, air con system busts its on the landlord. Fitting bathrooms and kitchens so attract rents. It’s sonetimes better to hire an agency to look after because renters can just not pay or do damage. Having the legal team and maintenance services cuts into profits but can save a ton of hassle and wasted time.
  9. Damn. I was thinking more 50 million. 50k is hardly anything. I’d want to buy a house or retire or something.
  10. I was planning to do this actually. Need a good CPA though. Perpetually poor but gaining market share. Regentrification ain't happening where I live. I hear what you are saying but I'm going to delude myself that into believing I could never lose money in real estate.
  11. Thanks boys. I would be a liar if I said I wasn't a little spiritual. She's in a better place.
  12. How much money would you need to cut one of your little fingers off? 50k? You can have soneone else do it for you if you want. Maybe even be put out for it. Painkillers, meds, go crazy.
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  14. Sorry, Nate. I hate pets because they don't know how to live long enough.
  15. I got Netflix Sling Kong Amazon and Toon Blast lol
  16. Today we remember Kitten who peacefully passed away from complications due to diabetes. She had a trying six years. She is in a better place and she will be missed.
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