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  2. God ol' Rick at today's festival, buying GNR merch......... http://twitter.com/rickdunsford/status/1183432565799174144
  3. Damn Bill. You could've used the legendary Scott Hall "You want a war" promo and didn't. For that, fuck you. Other than that, too vague. If this means by March those discs will be public then you just made me the happiest little boy on earth. If you think they'll be worthless because GnR releases something I strongly disagree.
  4. Mama Fratelli was just a ruse. See below for more info...
  5. @Bill Brasky very cool to hear there are completed discs out there, even if they are in the hands of hoarders. Fingers crossed one or both of these completed albums makes their way to us prior to March.
  6. I'm a Mets fan. It's a division thing. I'm not sure why I don't have the same animosity towards the Braves. I hated them in the 90s, but this new crew hasn't bothered me yet.
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  8. When? I'm guessing 2000, 2003, and early 2007 for CD1? 2010 and when for CD2? This is probably the one time I would agree with the label. The remixes were generally... not great. At best they should have been digital-only releases. I like Going Down but it's too good to be lumped in with that Shackler's remix and anything with Ashba on it.
  9. You all want seats at the table. Well I guess I did promise you a war when I returned whats really out there 03 completed cd with Buckethead final mix 06 Izzy sessions demo 2010 ish Completed cd2 final mix hoarders are faggots and faggots are hoarders better trade sell now by March there will be no more orders Speaking of orders activating activate order 66
  10. Damn shame that all we got is one album and some 20 year old rough mixes demos. There is so much more that could have been, and yet even now getting music from this band is like pulling teeth.
  11. To a degree it kind of is. Now is Axl also to blame for his ridiculous demands , lack of work ethic and overall poor business acumen ? Yes Remember he is a uneducated farm boy with metal health issues. But facts are facts Chinese Democracy was handed in at least 3 confirmed times from 99 to 2008 not including it’s release which was because of the Best Buy deal. CD2 was handed in twice from 09 to 13 now onto my own speculation and opinion that are none facts The Remixes and Better were released by the same person to leak however they pulled the rip cord on the remixes for a reason lets say this I’ve been working on something since 2016 regarding what I mentioned above once again lol Downzy lol B Team lol Fernando lol Troothers
  12. I believe it’s all strategic. Greta’s parents are clearly coaching her. She isn’t coming up with this stuff on her own. Greta’s dad says Trump is the devil - nobody cares. 12-year old girl goes on TV and says “climate control is real, Trump is the devil” and she is a hero that we all must worship. You can call her parents radicals and nobody cares. But if you say anything remotely negative about Greta’s “cause”....you are immediately labeled as a hateful, bigot, backwoods, republican piece of shit. It’s a pretty effective and smart strategy by the radical left. Use kids as their spokesmen for all controversial issues.....then attack if people criticize. “Imagine being an adult who makes fun of a child.” The hypocrite aspect, of course, is those same people have no problem making fun of a little kid going to church. I’m not taking the side of the right or the left. My point is be outraged by the ACT and not base your outrage on a political party or what side of the argument you agree with. Funny example. I was watching a dumb reality show and this happened. Girl: you shut the fuck up Guy: no, you shut the fuck up Girl: HOW DARE YOU TELL ME TO SHUT UP!!!!! There are so many people like that girl.
  13. All those years wasted, it wasnt until his looks are gone, and he turned into Mama Fratelli that he finally okays the reunion. 2006 reunion would have been hundreds of times better. Does anyone know what the lineup was gonna be in 2006
  14. Axl has continually wanted to release music but the evil label (illegally) suppressed him and wouldn’t release the music until he brought Slash back. There are still people who quote that as fact.
  15. Why the Nats-hate? They've never made it to the World Series, and fuck Harper for chasing a few extra bucks with his team's arch-rival.
  16. you may know baseball but not inside baseball
  17. New album?? Lol. If this unicorn happens, there is no way in hell Finck or Buckt are on it.
  18. So was I right about El Camino? Just two hours of moody, silent, driving around? I can't be bothered to actually watch it.
  19. Axl Rose is so fat that his belly button gets to the show on time, but the rest of him is 15 minutes late.
  20. Interesting that the instrumental is already titled as "I'm Sorry" and Axl made a point to say he doesnt like to write lyrics until after the music is created to challenge himself. Would be cool to know if at least in this instance, if the working title for the track informed the lyrical subject matter.
  21. @Bill Brasky and @MIA If we're talking about fun rumors that could have been true but just didn't have enough confirmation to report on, are there any specifically juicy ones over the years that stick out to you guys that may have flown under the radar?
  22. Leakshit starts doxxing people. Leakshit Hate was ahead of its time.
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