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    Scarface is being remade. The cocaine will now be gluten free
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    A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection. The judge asks, "first offender?" And the woman replies "No! First a Gibson, then a Fender!"
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    He-Man was whacked. Adam, a medieval gay guy in the future, picks up a sword, invokes the "power of Grayskull," and turns into He-Man: a semi-naked, alternate version of himself, with a deep masculine voice, a totally shredded body, and a glistening tan. After that he jumps on Battle Cat (a green tiger with orange stripes), and heads off to wage battle with a skeleton man whom goes by the name of Skeletor, at a place called Snake Mountain.
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    DizzyReedSexMachine is the greatest username in GNR forum history.
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    Can't believe Disney had to make Lando black in the latest film. And Chewbacca is Portuguese now
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    Nah. I have the 1986 movie on bluray. It's in my top ten of all time. I saw that shit in the theater with my brothers when I was eight. It had graphic brutality like I'd never seen before. Beloved characters were murdered to shit before my eyes. It was a shitty 90 minute toy commercial but it's beloved to me cause it seemed so "adult" and dangerous at the time. I can still watch it and remember how it felt to see it as a little kid. I've spent thousands of dollars on G1 Masterpiece toys in the last few years. I love the toys. It's an instant blast of nostalgia dopamine right to my brain whenever I look at my toy shelf. Having said all that....I have zero use for any more TF cartoons, movies, comic books or anything. It's like Star Wars...I like the shit from my childhood and the new stuff is just soft, hot turd. There's a G1-esque CGI animated TF show online right now. It's called Power of the Primes by Machinima. It's similar to what you described. I haven't watched it cause I have no use for rehashes of old childhood cartoons, but you should check it out.
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    It was a great time. The community seems pretty active. I am sort of cautious joining mafia communities because most of them end up drying out pretty fast. Pretty good crew of players. The town actually murdered the mafia somehow. We only lynched one town and ended up killing all the mafia by D5. I had tunnel vision as always. Turns out the guy was just fucking with me.
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    Someone writes lyrics for Axl. It was probably 'Chances' and he miss-read it.
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    White Shaft cumming to theaters in 2019
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    Can you give us a general idea of where you live
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    I'm certainly addicted to not exercising
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    Makes sense, the neck on the Gibson would snap before she could finish him.
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    I've had this song since about 1992 or so. And all these years, I've never understood the first line. "Took my changes carelessly." What the fuck does that even mean? Changes? Like puberty?
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    “The Boy Scouts of America agreed this week to allow girls into their organization – cause, somebody’s got to sew those badges on.”
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    Listening this old song with the best AxlDC new vocals is somehow refreshing.
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    Right now the Sox have 3 pitchers who have fewer innings pitched than appearances, it's absolutely insane. Mike Meyers pitched for the Sox too. ? Sooooo .... how 'bout that Didi? The April Player of the Month is now 1-for-45, nobody saw that coming.
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    If somebody tells you to fuck yourself today Take them up on it Twat
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    I recently picked up a copy of this on vinyl so I plugged in my headphones, put the needle to the wax and decided to listen to this album its good its actually quite good Duff plays bass on it His bass is turned down low I the mix. That’s ok. the 2 guitars are forefront. Put it whatever shit you think you may have on Izzy and aside This album is solid An Elvis cover of Memphis a song about drugs a song about your feelings i very much enjoyed this if it isn’t for you or if you hate Izzy because of whatever he did to you, the don’t listen fuck you
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    What percentage of GNFNR posters have more legit insider information than Dizzy?
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    I can confirm that yes, Dizzy actually knows nothing.
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    As long as Izzy was in the band and you had all the core songwriters, it was GN'R. You still had Axl, Slash, Izzy, and Duff when Matt and Dizzy had joined. Steven may be well-liked by the fans, but he never wrote a song. Izzy was the real heart and soul of GN'R and he was still there for a year and a half after both guys joined. Are you claiming that the UYI records were fakeGNR records? Nu-GN'R for me begins in spirit when Izzy leaves, Gilby joins and you have the 12 piece circus lineup with the background singers and dancing girls. But the 91 tour before all of that, before Izzy quit - that's still war horse raw GN'R.