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  2. I think Stephen Pearcy of Ratt is the worst of all 80's singers still trying to go today.
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  4. Bon jovi has been brutal for a while now. I watched a video from 2011 and it is also terrible. At least Axl was pretty good with ACDC
  5. Adlerโ€™s Appetite is opening for Vince Neil next year. Should be the show of the year
  6. I have to admit, you make some extremely valid points. Maybe Adler could do a thing where for $20, he'll suck your cock for thirty seconds while he's playing GnR songs on the drums?
  7. fat axl >>> fat bret michaels >>> fat bon jovi/fat vince neil
  8. but adler is a drug addicted hair drummer with no talent and dave is a great songwriter with his life together
  9. Bon Jovi are a take em or leave em band for me, JBJ without Sambora is as bad as Axl without Slash. They don't seem to catch nearly as much shit for it though.
  10. Very true. I bet it's part of the reason (amongst many) on why Axl hasn't brought Adler back. "Mom, look up and see what Steven is doing." "He is playing in a band called Adler's Appetite, doing GnR songs, with a singer who sounds like you." "OK, let's not call him for a guest spot on the next tour." Everybody on this forum hates Dave Grohl. But at least he didn't start a new band called "Teen Spirit", hired a Cobain clone, and then play nothing but old Nirvana songs. Dude started a completely new band, with a new sound, and became extremely popular for a second time. I think Axl would have a lot more respect if Adler had started a brand new rock band with a non-Axl clone singer. And they played their own music, with maybe a 3-song GnR set in the middle of the show.
  11. it's adler, what else is he going to do 30 years after he was semi-relevant, release new music?
  12. That singer is actually pretty good. Sounds way better than current day Axl. But what a trip this is. The lead singer doesn't need to do Axl's stage moves/tics. That just makes it seem like a total tribute band instead of Adler picking up a singer who sounds like Axl so he can do GnR songs. Why does the 2nd guitar player have a stocking cap on? Is it cold in there? For me, and just my own opinion, it seems strange that Adler would form a band and get an axl-clone and try and sound like old GnR. It's like if your hot wife divorces you, do you go out and marry a little heavier, less prettier and not as cool version of her? Do you go marry your ex-wife's less hot sister?
  13. So everybody sings in bon jovi now except the lead singer. Makes sense
  14. Think we can all just agree these guys should all be retired if they cared for anything other than money. They literally embarass themselves every night. Despite their yesmen and fans denying it, deep inside they know they are done.
  15. no, but it makes you appreciate that GNR still put on an enjoyable rock show while many other "legendary" rock bands from the day sound like complete and total shit
  16. This is like comparing the smell of one turd to another. It doesn't mask the fact that Axl stinks.
  17. In Bed of Roses (1:00:35 of my video) he brings a random brazilian woman on stage, molests her, dances with her, sings out of key in her face and kisses her what a creep
  18. Axl is still worse because Bon Jovi always fucking sucked. Going from sucking to sucking worse is less of a decent than going from amazing to sucking.
  19. 1:30:20 of the video i posted is the same song in proshot from a few weeks ago unbelievably shit
  20. makes you appreciate that axl isn't tone deaf
  21. Yeah, but what caught my attention especially in this song is that there's their own Frank Ferrer singing a part of the song for him cause he can't do it anymore. I have no words to describe how lame this is.
  22. just skim through this, there's not a single part where he sounds good even when he talks
  23. No, this is not an Axl/GNR apologist thread and JB feel free to move it to another section if you deem necessary. But I want you guys to see this. I don't even know what to say, just lol. Worst part is that if they had scheduled 10 more shows in Brazil, idiotic Brazilians would still fill the arenas.
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