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  2. Can't believe you two fought over the Discord thing. Come on, guys.
  3. Before anymore derogatory remarks are made, let's get this outta the way.... Estrangedfx, you are pathetic. You are the epitome of a typical, greasy, no good Italian/Mexican hybrid. Goddamn, Monkey. I thought I told you to FUCK OFF. Bitch, Boi! I want to kick you. Predictable... Annnnyways..... I'm with ya StrangeLove, regardless of whatever the fuck happened. You are a cool dude. To the "Racist", we get it. You don't like Monkeys, Hispanics, Italians, Brazilians, Third World Countries and most of all, you just HATE proper grammar. Got any good updates, The Most Caucasian/The Most Handsome Guy Around?? USA.... USA.....USA! Keep it classy.
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  5. Luke Harper was so much better than Rowan though, wtf is Vince smoking with that one Ascension was utter shit from day 1, glad they're gone the original Sin Cara (the one that botched all the time) was better
  6. they're both fine at what they do bruce brings the ufc bro-hype and michael brings that touch of sophistication that boxing requires i wouldn't want to hear bruce announce a boxing match and i wouldnt want to hear michael do a ufc fight
  7. magisme


    Still triggered enough to screech about how he can't see our posts.
  8. My wife and I are going to the Trans-gender I mean Trans-siberian Orchestra tonight
  9. WWE let a bunch of jobbers go. Should be exciting times for gAyEW fans.
  10. Yesterday
  11. that's an interesting sportsnet stat there, here's another and one more:
  12. This is what happens when you all do the Discord. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  13. Go away you weird combination of monkey man and rat πŸ€
  14. lol someone is butthurt im caucasian fyi go make a good use of your time and try to get back your only friend, strangelove who humiliated you last month.
  15. πŸ˜‚ good luck with that ape boy.
  16. He’s some one more important then your monkey ass
  17. Nuke proof you fake first world ignorant gringo.
  18. I have full hairline you third world savage. Enjoy Cardi nuking your discord !
  19. Repo Man


    On oh look at the corsi numbers this season. Looks like auston and nylander are much better at generating offense and suppressing offence. Could it be? Could it? Could it be the leafs have the best duo in the nhl? oh no narratives are being destroyed!!!bwhahahahahaha If these two were on any other team aside from mtl They would be praised as the best duo in the nhl .. Still can't see fagisme and Dr (I bite the Kubrick style li!e the fag hipster I am ) faglove's posts!!! Bwhahahaha winning!!! On ice 5v5McD/Drai47.03CF% 57.69GF% 49.20xGF% 1.050PDOMatty/Willie58.05CF% 57.89GF% 56.57xGF% 0.996PDO
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