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  3. I ate too many beans with barbecue and tobasco sauce. You'd think I would learn a lesson at twenty seven but here I am shitting my brains out.
  4. I honestly thought GN'R were bigger than that.
  5. So that's the song I hear at work...
  6. GnRLiars


    To the Boston Bruins: On behalf of Canada, thank you for eliminating the fucking Maple Leafs again
  7. Guns N' Roses have just announced their performance at the inaugural Exit 111 Festival, the brand butt rock festival held October 11-13 in Manchester, TN GN'R will be performing on Sunday night, October 13
  8. Sunflower - Post Malone @arnold layne
  9. Seven? Guns N' Roses? Michigan Earthquake? Chinese Democracy II?
  10. Today (4/23) I finished hiking the Holyoke and Mt. Tom range in Western Mass. The Holyoke Range is a traprock mountain range known for its anomalous east-west orientation, high ledges and its scenic character. This Spring I hiked: Long Mountain Rattlesnake Knob Mount Norwottuck Bare Mountain Mount Hitchcock The Seven Sisters Taylor's Notch Mount Holyoke Mount Nonotuck, and Mount Tom And I basically hiked the whole thing twice, because I made each Summit as a there-and-back-again hike Mount Tom is the craziest one. I can't believe they even still let people hike it because the ledges are so steep and narrow.
  11. I’m conflicted, on one hand western civilisation is built on Judeo Christian culture/values. Much of our work ethic is from the idea of sacrifice. Maybe it is a chicken or the chocolate egg scenario. Was sacrifice necessary for the caveman to make fire way before the bible was a bestseller? Maybe but ensuring sacrifice is at the heart of a culture paid off so far. I guess we take a lot of stuff for granted. I refuse to use those hole in the ground squatting toilets but really this is alien technology compared to the middle ages. Now I walk into McDs show them a QR code on my handheld phone and they give me coffee and a sausage sandwich for under a dollar. On the other hand, people do use religion to excuse themselves of their behaviour or lack of thoughtfulness. Having a code is kind of relaxing though but there is nothing dumber than fighting over religion. I guess that leads to how religion is used to manipulate/sedate the masses. Maybe that’s a good thing sometimes but you can definitely see how it is used to control the political narrative. You can almost say elections are decided on the abortion issue. People fall into being “voluntarily” brainwashed before they vote. It does make me question why I think certain things. Is any thought I have not preordained? Maybe you don’t choose life you just get used to it.
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  13. I wouldn’t mind seeing Skynyrd, Leppard and Guns. It’s just a 16 hour flight to get there in Oct seems unlikely.
  14. Did you listen to the two songs? sounds like GNR will never sound again..better than anything on the CD.
  15. Vocals are not my style but all the rest sounds cool. Really cool riff. Much more listenable than the Constipators.
  16. Man, please, listen to this...sounds good. sounds more GNR than actual GNR!
  17. I'm a beer guy too bro. Wine is cool, but here where I live is very hot. Cold beers is always a good idea...eventually I drink, I do gym everyday, so I drink eventually... I'm inexperienced in vodka. Cheese is cool and I like, but is very caloric...so...I take care.
  18. Yeah, I'm glad for everyone who can attend it. I don't like cheese that much, I think it's way overrated. I like wine once in a while but I'm a beer and vodka guy myself. What about you auad?
  19. It's cool for anyone who's around and can go ... it's not our case. Soon we'll talk about wines and cheeses here in the forum .... talk about GNR shows ...
  20. Friday is a bunch of old farts. Sunday with Deftones, Co & Ca, Thrice and Lamb of God is just an amazing night. Ministry, Alter Bridge, Skillet and GNR are cool too.
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