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  2. Post Maloneโ€™s Nirvana vs GNR?
  3. I want to say 10% but I may be wrong. It is quite a bit. PayPal also takes their cut. It is bullshit. Have the buyer pay for shipping and get some of that money back.
  4. What about side 2??????????
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  6. Kanye says his party banner is โ€œThe Birthday Partyโ€ and he even chose Elon Musk as his running mate. He said when he wins heโ€™s going to redecorate the White House to mirror Wakanda ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  7. Civil War November Rain Yesterdays Aint it Fun Patience Estranged Coma
  8. Because our night clerk tested positive, our manager stepped down, our assistant went on leave, three went on quarantine, and one quit. The whole store got cleared the fuck out. I would hate to manage convenience stores. What a shitshow.
  9. Anyone looking forward to Tenet? It's the only bastard thing I've got to look forward to now almost all my gigs are postponed.
  10. God forbid if you watch Hamilton!
  11. http://old.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/hnlgb2/its_been_discovered_that_ghislaine_maxwell_likely/
  12. I've made a killing buying really valuable stuff on eBay from people that had no idea what it was worth. Have never sold though. How much does eBay take from a sale?
  13. The Jive shit is the best scene in the movie, and it's not fucking racist. FUCK. Also, I have never seen Hamilton, never subjected myself to a single "song" from Hamilton, and as GNFNR is my witness, I plan to keep it that way to the grave.
  14. Hey hey The storm is comin' Hey heeeeeeeeeey The weight on my shoulders Hey hey It's not my fault Heeeeyyyyaaaaaayyyy Stephanie baybaaaaaaay
  15. I like to eat McDonald's I love that man Ronald He's my one true friend Cause all my relationships end Cept with these Brazilians Who love me for my millions
  16. nami's tits have the best character development in the series but yeah, it's almost at 1000 chapters now and showing no signs of stopping any time soon i love the humor more than anything. Oda is a master of funny reaction faces.
  17. I never got into One Piece cause it's another one that's been running 20 plus years with no sign of ever stopping. But I DO dig how he draws Nami with enormous tittays.....
  18. For comics, lots are pretty good. You'll never get what they're "worth" in the price guides and shit. And if they're "ungraded" by the CGC, they're worth less. So if you have some issues that are key issues, featuring first appearances of popular characters, death of a main character, part of a hot storyline....if they weren't overprinted (all the 90s books were over printed) maybe pull the key ones and try to sell those alone or maybe in a bundle of about 4 or so. The rest....the filler? Throw it all up there for a price you can live with and have a "make an offer" and some collector might snatch them up. A few summers back I sold all the Infinity Gauntlets/Infinity War individual issues. I should have waited for the movie....I could have made more. But also note, if a hundred other people are selling the same shit, you'll have a harder time. EARLY Deadpool and Harley Quinn stuff is still hot...if you've got any of those, sell those individually.
  19. Sometimes I wish I was a seagull Flying high like an American eagle Circling above all the shit Pooping on everyone who's stuck in it
  20. Since we've had three months of Biden being the presumptive nominee, nearly half of his general election campaign, we can safely answer this question. The answer as of July 2020 is yes, but a more accurate answer would be "what campaign," because you have to have a campaign for it to be horrible. Joe is going to be the nominee of one of this country's two major parties, but so far he's been running like he's some random no name guy who had some money and time to waste and decided, for a laugh, "Hey, I'll get my name on the ballot!" Except at least most of them hand out flyers or try to solicit a few votes from friends and colleagues if nothing else. Joe hasn't even really tried to do that, so yeah, his is the worst, even including the people who had precisely zero chance of getting the presidency.
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