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  2. KFCBucket

    Untitled Game sign up

    And we have Gunner shitposting in the thread. Damn this game fullfilled it's destiny before it even started!
  3. Bill Brasky

    30 Day Rehab

    Alcohol stays in your system only for a matter of hours not days
  4. Bill Brasky

    Don’t get Donnie Brasco’d

    Watch out for 🐺 in 🐑 class clothing. Remember kids only 1 Terry tell you to say your prayers and eat your vitamins. We got a 🎣 expedition sanctioned by 🇧🇷 🐵
  5. Give me 06 - 07 Axl vocals and I’ll be happy
  6. wasted

    30 Day Rehab

    Piss test 25 days and countin”
  7. Bill Brasky

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

  8. Bill Brasky

    30 Day Rehab

    0.5 but does taste like real 🍺
  9. I haven’t heard Rock the Rock yet. I forgot when I left the Interzone.
  10. I'd take Rock The Rock vocals over anything recorded on or for CD all day every day. Twice on all of them.
  11. All I ask for, all I pray, CD II-vocals gonna be recorded in 1999
  12. Boomers really are accountants on acid.
  13. I don't know, but I've been told, a fat and shit Axl ain't got no soul.
  14. magisme

    Duff about his new solo album: isn't ROCK

    Let Papa Duff put his wisdom in you.
  15. Today
  16. They should thank him. Shitlibs are their own worst enemy, especially Hollywood shitlibs.
  17. John Bonham

    Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    Will MAGA nation sue Smollett?
  18. "Blackened days, we`ve lost our way, so gather round". so deep, profound and meaningful
  19. This does sort of point to GNR never going back to street rock n roll. They aren’t sleazebags anymore and don’t pretend to be like other bands. They seem more comfortable with grunge bands than Motely Crue. It will be very hard to capture the wildness of AFD again or even the mania of UYI. Axl was less unhinged on CD. Even if Izzy came back he’s not writing lyrics like Mr Brownstone anymore. Most of his solo record stuff was either about going his own way or riding his bike or Axl advice like Bleedin’. I guess maybe people want a Different Kind of Truth. Pump meets Razor’s Edge type album. Guns never made hard rock product really. This track is acoustic.
  20. I just realized that the soul of a record is the lyrics and vocals. Which means unless Izzy comes back the next record will be CD II with Slash on guitar. Axl isn’t going to suddenly start writing Izzy lyrics about heroin and riding motorbikes through tumbleweed. Maybe Duff will bring some punk lyrics or sing a couple but really the future is written.
  21. wasted

    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    I can’t remember the 90s so I focus on my posts today.
  22. Damn_Smooth

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

    Shit guys, I know I'm good; but you don't need to cheer.
  23. Damn_Smooth

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

  24. Damn_Smooth

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

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