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  2. She’s killed more Americans than anybody from Iran.
  3. Mother Nature is just figuring out the right mixture of shit to wipe out the human race.
  4. I think it is too early to declare it the new aids. Probably just another sars or bird flu.
  5. Would anybody miss Hillary if President Trump took her out with a drone strike? I am sure Bill would be happy.
  6. Is this virus a new business by some lab who will make billions out of panic?
  7. China has got too many people as it is. Hopefully this spreads to India and the Middle East.
  8. You can find cold coffee in a can anywhere. The thc capsules come separately.
  9. Sounds to me as if Mayor McCheese is waiting for somebody to cut him a cheque before he releases CD II. Maybe they should resurrect that old idea for CD about promoting it with a special pirate pack at Burger King.
  10. Hey Ted Williams Fuck You ice man , 400 average ain’t nuttin compared to Deadstar’s claim of a 500 average guaranteed by her except math skillz lets not forget by encourage her being a brave strong woman who gets numbers.
  11. Today
  12. That's bullshit. It's more likely than not that at least one mafia voted to lynch SoA and almost lynch me. If votes count for nothing, then nothing counts for anything. The votes are all we have. Deadlinegate looks like nonsense to me. If I'm wrong, I'll own it. But Deadstar makes the mistake about a deadline, asks JB, thinks it's Monday, gets corrected, and admits her mistake all before popcorn says anything about a deadline. I just don't see that as collusion. Go look at JB's post. If you're shitscanning the game, you could make the mistake that he's declaring a deadline.
  13. Yesterday
  14. As someone or other pointed out, Rey being a Palpatine and being the last one standing means the Skywalker line is dead but the Palpatine line - stupid name appropriation aside - survives. Also when Rey was reflecting Sheev's lighting back at him, why didn't he just... Stop sending it? Or aim it at her knees. But listing every illogical thing about this would fill up a second Internet, so I'll stop here.
  15. Our impeachment is the best, better than anyones. I know about impeachments, more than anyone, says Trump
  16. Meh. Where's Ebola these days? Hasn't put out a hit record in years.
  17. Our impeachment is a bigger shitshow than the real one fucking lol
  18. Calm down, we're only on page 69!
  19. In the limbo, welcome to the limbo Watch it make you fucking Yayayayayayay yawn, yawn Aren't there legions of people employed at labels to take care of the releasing side? Just paste your shit over cd2 and hand it over to them. They can chuck together music videos made from NITL clips and you've got a reason to make bajillions more for the next few years playing like 3 'new' songs in the set. Don't even worry about not being able to write anything, just paste over the album that was rumoured to be ready to go ffs
  20. Thats bullshit, I question both Popcorns Snare, and Deadstar when they each claimed we had a tine limit. I went back and dug up JB's post asking if we wanted to end day 2 without a lynch to show what he said exactly. Everytime I try to contribute I get called mafia, so I tried to kick back and let the more experienced players come up with leads, and that also ended with allegations about me. I don't have any role or power, all I can do is try and vote out mafia. And if someone comes up reasons that may prove that person is not mafia I change my vote and still get put on Mags stupid list even though the votes don't count for nothing. After 70 pages I don't give a fuck if I get voted of anymore, this game is fucked.
  21. Why do you keep having persecution tantrums. My vote isn't on you. I'm not actively campaigning to lynch you. What the fuck do you want? You ask for us to work together, so I ask for you to give me something better than what I'm doing, and then you freak out again, as if you weren't paying attention to the conversation you're a part of. I'm pretty sure that JB had an official vote count where I was at 7 votes. How in the fuck is revealing with one vote to go "too early"?
  22. @arnold laynelayne Who did you track night one. I'm not going to sift through 70 pages of horseshit to find out
  23. Honesty, I love this game. But I'm losing interest. I PMd Bonham saying I would be away for 4-5 days. I offered to have me replaced for fear of missing something or holding the game up. Nothing happened during that time. Nothing
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