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  2. I cant imagine how Izzy could be involved with this band at all these days. I was listening to some Izzy solo stuff last night, then I watched that video Matt uploaded on social media of him playing Patience and man, Izzy doesnt really fit this shitshow at all, I can understand why he havent joined NITL, its such a embarassement, it doesnt fell like a real band and Izzy is still legit to what he does and believes. GNR should just break up. Its over, Alex should just get back to his mansion and keep eating takos and feeling sorry for himself until he explodes.
  3. You get a feel for it if you play GTA for 10 hours. When you go outside you hear and feel the same as in the game. They have been preparing us to live underground. All this entertainment and underground malls. I often spend days in the subway system that connects the malls and offices. The virtual office is coming which will save a lot of energy and maximize profits. It’s not practical for everyone to be moving around. Just fire up the PS6 and drive to work.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NASA-SPACE-RAINBOW-SHORT-SLEEVE-T-SHIRT-BY-PALMER-CASH-APPAREL-LARGE-N1/383384114433?hash=item5943795501:g:G3QAAOSwEhdeKHEq
  5. Alex is the kind of guy who is always talking to himself out loud. Yesterday he was ranting about the globalists and the coronavirus when out of nowhere he throws in a few unrelated shots at the Muslims before going right back to ranting about the corona. It is the little things like that that make Alex the Vince McMahon of news entertainment. If you put Alex in the same room as Glenn Beck he's going to pick Glenn up and pile drive his fuckin' head through the Info Wars news desk.
  6. I can't wait for the If The World remix on the next album.
  7. It won't be long now before virtual reality takes over for the internet and we are all shacked up in our own White Houses with foreign trophy wives, eating fast food, fucking fast women, tweeting insults, and lobbing grenades at the fake news media who have been out ta get us from day one.
  8. I dig both Hard School & Atlas Shrugged. I can't say I really remember the other tracks that leaked, I'm sure there were other good tracks. A triple album release on the same day trilogy style will be ideal, kinda payback to the fans who have aged like a Sunmaid Raisin waiting for new music.
  9. Internet is free, we became the product. I feel like a tin of spaghetti hoops. They managed to monetize social lives. We thought we would be free, but have to give it to them they got us. We might as well let the robots take over. We can just shop online until it’s time to pick where to get incinerated. Or we see a nuke go off in real time. Seeing that mushroom cloud live is on my bucket list.
  10. I was lost standing in the wilderness downtown
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  12. TV brought everyone together whereas the internet tore them apart and left them alone online to discuss unreleased Guns N' Roses albums live and direct from their own little virtual desert islands.
  13. He sounds like he eats Marlboros and Whisky for breakfast then drinks a glass of steroids. Im going to say this virus will be a bio weapon. Then US will just go ape shit on someone. WW3.
  14. I want the NASA shirt Alex wore on Rogan last year. There's tons of knock-offs on ebay and etsy and stuff but I haven't found one that matched his completely:
  15. I think TV was under control but internet is the Wild West. Most stuff on tv is safe. The internet is just random idiots giving life advice on bio weapons.
  16. "Some" people might slip in the shower tonight and be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of their lives. IT HAPPENS. You wanna pretend like showers aren't silent killers, then stick your head in the sand. Should we all stop showering? ABOLISH SHOWERS NOW.
  17. There’s always been a lot of writers in GNR. The only thing that makes sense is CD II with Slash and Duff and 3-4 new songs. It will be as chaotic as CD if not more so. Silkworms to Hard School to Soul Monster.
  18. But you’re only talking about content there.
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