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  2. Bowie’s beautiful rendition for "Mother" by John Lennon. Launched to celebrate 74 years that Starman would do on 8th January 2021.
  3. Extremely early Super Bowl bets TB (+3.5) vs. KC, o56 parlay 4u KC win by 1-6pts 6u
  4. He didn’t start any wars, tripled up security on the border, ended the surrender to China. Kind of made better trade deals for the US. There was still bad stuff like 450 billion deal to sell weapons to Saudis and Yemen was still going. I think it was more like setting up the US in the right direction, but to fully realize that is a very long journey. The political establishment doesn’t want that to happen. I do wonder how free of lobbyists or compromise he was. He still bailed out banks and stimulus packages went to military. I’m trying to work out what is good about
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  6. I do believe none of these politicians have the "people" in their mind or their interests You just simply CANNOT be in that high of a position if you want to do something "for the people" (also what and who is "the people", what is "good" or "bad"? ) The only thing that matters to these fucks is power and wealth. Nothing else. They are doing what the cabal wants. Not what their voters want (per se) Even if i'd favor Trump over Pedo Joe, Trump fucked up a shit ton of things while doing something "original" (besides trolling the liberals and wokes) aka. pulling out troops
  7. I do believe Trump wanted to help the country. But, putting America first made him more enemies than friends.
  8. Okay, this is the closest proof that we are living in a simulation based on past movies
  9. Trump was the “fuck you” vote. He brought entertainment and pissed off the PC police.
  10. Since they are not shy about their goal of global domination, some kind of worldwide agreement needs to made between other first world nations. A strike is necessary.
  11. You're fucked man. Going to need a new fridge.
  12. Going to be amazing watching GayEW fans mark out over Ryback after whining about Goldberg. Not sure how they plan on putting him in the ring with their indy twigs though. Fast rate injuries coming up.
  13. My life didn't get any better when Trump was in office man. In fact you could argue worse, but he didn't make the virus so that isn't on him.
  14. I was thinking maybe the cds aren’t selling much anymore and he sees the world going to shit and the 300 mil is more than he’ll make from streaming services?
  15. I liked how those stars toned down their personalities to fit in with the graphic novel cartoon production style. It wasn’t a classic crime movie but it was a fun thriller movie. I would have expected this story to be done more like The Untouchables or The Black Dahlia. It was a fun movie but it’s not Chinatown, it’s more like a crime movie for CGI movie fans.
  16. Maybe. I’m not sure if the energy isn’t for China. There was something in Bidens 30 executive orders about letting China sell the US hardware for energy sector. Overall from insulin to energy the social credit score is going to matter. Bling Empire on Netflix. It’s over.
  17. I am not you. I can see through the my team vs. your team bullshit. If I thought Biden was going to do shit to help regular people I wouldn’t mind him winning. He is President because the media tricked people into believing that Trump was a Russian operative and dictator. Trump winning again would have maybe caused the Democrats to rethink their policies and become more of a party for the average American. The reason Trump won the first time was because people were sick of the Dems doing nothing for them. Now they have no incentive to change and will continue to push wokeness while regular Ame
  18. I predict a broken down solar farm that creates a big chunk of wasted farmland.
  19. Bling Empire. I feel like I should watch it but I had to turn it off. Surreal nausea is hard to take.
  20. China are buying US farmland. To build solar panel energy fields to sell back.
  21. KC will not lose the SB... I imagine the line will be KC -3
  22. Mank It’s great. Fincher’s dads script is terrific, well written and realized. It has zip, humanity, and class. David is having fun with the LUTs and 40s film effects. Good times.
  23. 💩ntifa cunts editing their own story on Wikipedia.
  24. Tampa Bay (+3.5) ✅ Tom Brady u 37.5 pass attempts ✅ Scotty Miller atts ✅ Good weekend. No bets on the KC BUF game. Will blow the remaining balance on my account come Super Bowl weekend and cash out any winnings.
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