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  2. Good man. Louie deserves to get paid after they robbed him of 35 million of his own money.
  3. If Dems had a candidate that wasn’t having a stroke they could actually win the election. But Trump can hand out turkeys like a boss. So what’s the difference.
  4. Only CD II can fuel the resistance. MPC3000 you are our only hope.
  5. Ok, I think I know the one. So so why would you say Shacklers, Sorry, Scraped (ITW maybe) sound so different than the rest? We’re they edited or re-recorded? What new new tracks were they working on if not above? 2004 is off to a busy start at The Village Recording Studios in West Los Angeles, where the synergy of pop, rock, commercial and film music making continues hot. [...] Guns N' Roses camped out cutting new tracks with producer/engineer Caram Costanzo and Pro Tools engineer Eric Caudieux." (The Village Recorder, 02/01/04) Bucket is maybe not there for this but there’s only that many songs finished before 2004. And Costanzo is more involved in some tracks.
  6. Very few vocals were done during that time period besides touch ups. Could have couple of songs have been done then sure, but the majority of the songs we have titles for were all done in 99-02 Axl barely went into the studio after 02 Go find that NYT article that has a lot of good info. Its called something like the most expensive album ever made. IT was written before CD came out. Its from like 04 or 05
  7. I already know that, I was saying that a group of songs received attention in 2004. I noticed the guitar drops in the back ground and a general tightness. Bucket only added a solo. I think Costanzo did a lot of digital editing and that’s what I am hearing. There seems to be a different production on Shacklers, ITW, Sorry, Scraped than the rest of the album. That’s why I wonder about these vocals. but you think the later vocals are just Better? There are no vocals in 2004-2006?
  8. Its not, the If the world version of these lockerroom discs is almost exactly like the album especially the vocals sans one little change. The music is all the same but a few BBF guitar parts that were added. The vocal track is nearly identical, not sure why are even trying to agree this. We all know that the majority of the vocals on CD came from these 99/00 sessions. Just because they did touch ups in 2004 does not mean that is when the vocals for if the world were done. They were done in 99/00 There are tons of other songs from those sessions with vocals that we dont even have. Axl did most of his vocals from 99-02. He already had 36-48 songs done by then, with 20 being pretty much done and on the A list then the rest being on the B list.
  9. I think it’s less than 90%. But I was saying that there was activity in 2004, so maybe that’s when all these tracks were finished with vocals. So maybe that’s when Better was finished.
  10. It’s hard to say because it didn’t happen. But it could’ve.
  11. That’s possible but I think the solo was done in 2004. To me it sounds re-recorded or edited digitally in 2004. There’s also extra guitar parts and vocals sound different in parts. Ron added guitar to everything so that might be part of it.
  12. You are wrong about the music too. 99% of if the world, vocals and music was done in 99/00. So you are wrong on both counts.
  13. The year is 2024. Coronavirus has wiped out 99.6% of the world population. MSL and Martin Shkreli lead a brave resistance against the New World Empire run by Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Walker Alford.
  14. Yeah i just keep getting an automated recording saying all lines are busy. I managed two weeks ago to file but no luck this week and haven't heard back.
  15. Releases "one in a million(alternate "woke" lyrics) as a single
  16. He thinks that i'm Rick Dunsford, that's why he wont sell to me.
  17. What a prick, how much do you think he is looking for, I don't think GNR will give much more than 10 grand.
  18. Sounds great, did you make him an offer
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