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  2. Again? Damn Discord still down for me, guess I'll join later
  3. Well, they were fun while the fun was fun.
  4. Join: http://discord.gg/ZvuEFP Server fully operative by Jan. 1st, 2020.
  5. but discord is a fun place whats up with discord, it was a mess yesterday, and its not working now
  6. Today
  7. It was dadud's idea, to be fair.
  8. You say that like Discord wasn't entirely my idea and you weren't just a passenger on Mr. Strangelove's wild ride The 3rd world room will die before it even begins
  9. Discord will revert the changes anyway. Mentally unstable prick.
  10. Fuck south america and everybody that love em
  11. 1) i havent invited towel 2) i said i was gonna pay you half of that, you cheap shit 3) im studying for a test this wednesday, i cant be online all the time
  12. Discord is down atm I'm rebuilding the server, invite link soon.
  13. Bummer Any other gnr related discords around?
  14. @Dr. Strangelove raided it. He destroyed it for no reason.
  15. It's amazing how sensitive some of you are about the axldc shit. Thats why i say it was by far the most annoying tour this decade. Just let people not enjoy it. Nobody is saying the nitl was better. Calm down ladies.
  16. team Dr. s yes. The war room ect. do u know what happened? Will it be back
  17. Team Brazil ? ....team Dr. S. ? Ready for comeback ? Whatever.... no leaks....no new music.... so....no big deal.
  18. God People pay so much to see this shit show and I am 100% sure Axl will show up totally unprepared and even fatter than last time. I kinda feel sorry for those who are going but also fuck them for giving these greedy fat fucks more money.
  19. I loved The Departed and Wolf of Wall Street. They're just plain FUN.
  20. This song is constantly stuck in my head. All day. All the fucking time. Even worse when there's a full moon. I love this song.
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