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  2. Dizwald on piano did a pretty good job on Nightrain at HOB 2001
  3. Ray Charles got real political in a spiritual way as he got older.
  4. My indifference is like chugging apple vinegar after eating a Filet O Fish. I liked the Case O Basket but know I’ll have the shits when September comes.
  5. True I can’t watch a movie. I did today but it’s rare. I’m going to try to watch more. TV series I can’t do a whole season. I can’t find a show. I’d watch an episode of Sopranos though. But it’s not on Netflix. I lost my dvds in China to the hoax virus so now I can’t watch season 4 of Sopranos any time. I just listen to podcasts and Infowars drinking beer until I pass out. Im done movies and tv like I’m done with. Gin and wine until I’m not. If Tarantino brings out a movie I’m going to see it like when GTA 6 comes out. The Sopranos movie might be aight. ABP. always be posting.
  6. I finally watched a movie. The Highwaymen - Costner and Marty. I really enjoyed it. It’sbasically The two guys hunting Bonnie n Clyde. Its pretty slow like The Irishman, it’s the greatest movie ever, kind of understated. Kind of like True Detective, could see Costner in the next TD. Might watch Gangster Squad next.
  7. Today
  8. I'm currently rewatching all the Batman the Animated Series episodes from 1992.....now THAT'S some good shit.
  9. one of the most overrated bands,i like like 2 songs Basket case and When i come around.....i prefer The Ofspring
  10. Here goes my list: Welcome To Paradise F.O.D When I Come Around Basket Case Time Of Your Life Waiting Longview Warning Minority Dominated Love Slave She American Idiot Jesus Of Suburbia Holiday Letterbomb Homecoming Wake Me Up When September Ends Give Me Novacaine Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Are We The Waiting St. Jimmy 21 Guns 21st Century Breakdown Oh Love Still Breathing Revolution Radio Bang Bang Know Your Enemy Whatsername Troubled Ti
  11. I listened to them a lot back in 2017 and watched numerous live shows/bootlegs. I have kinda estranged from them due to their woke fatshit attitude w BJA basically telling a Trump-supporting fan to "never fucking listen to their songs" when the latter expressed some concerns over the woke shit.
  12. Last time I watched a movie on my own strong will was Johnny Got His Gun back in Oct 2019. It was some good shit.
  13. Here's all the songs in my Green Day folder: All of Dookie J.A.R. One of my lies Going to Pasalacqua 2000 Light Years Away Paper Lanterns Geek Stink Breath Brainstew/Jaded Walking Contradiction Nice Guys Finish Last The Grouch Redundant Prosthetic Head Good Riddance (Time of your life) Warning Minority Church on Sunday Waiting Oh Love Get their cover of The Who's "A Quick One" American Idiot Jesus of Suburbia Homecoming Song of the Century
  14. Do those things all have to be mutually exclusive?
  15. Yeah, they just came outta nowhere and for the entire year of 1994 they were fucking Beatles big. Just super incredibly popular with kids. I loved their sound....to me it's like 60s pop like the Monkees at double speed. "Real" punk fans and bands despised them for being pop and corporate and sell-outs, but the general public ate them up. The hits off of Dookie were inescapable for the entire year. The Woodstock 94 performance cemented them as an instantly legendary band (along with NIN at the same show.) I saw them on that original Dookie tour, back in 94. They sold out the
  16. Da fuq? Black chicks are pretty universally agreed upon to be the least attractive women on the planet. The only hot black chicks are ones with mixed ethnicity wearing wigs. Please show me some of these "MOSTLY" absolutely beautiful Black chicks. Most of them look like Leslie Jones or Precious. Look......I'll just say it since everyone is fucking thinking it....it's just inescapable. Precious straight up looks like an actual gorilla in that picture. Hey, I know I'm going to hell anyway, so I may as well be
  17. Blacks scare me. I see them very rarely here in Japan. 90% of the blacks i see here are harmless African guys that hustled their asses off to get the fuck out of Africa and into a decent country. Another 5% are American enlisted guys, but they have to stay on bases most of the time cause their always getting in trouble with the locals, so I don't see them much. The last 5% are college educated American or British black guys that came here and got a job. Extremely rare, but obviously these are the coolest ones. When I go back to the states I do my best to avoid black areas. N
  18. In terms of prices we will also be encourage to be more frugal, plutocrats have talked about reducing the cost of living. Skyrocketing prices isn’t reslly a thing as grocery prices are priced according to what the population can or will pay. Most of the stuff we buy is garbage anyway, McDonald’s is almost a waste product. There’s a sugar mountain and they selling it to us. In China a Big Mac is priced at 4 times less than in the UK. But like I said UBI is more of a new zero and blanket cover of many other welfare schemes, so it’s not really much different really. Klaus says 80% of jobs are goi
  19. Dazey, as someone from a different country who has had a penis in his rectum, why does Trump offend you so much? Why do you hate Trump?
  20. Haha he’s fat Cheeto! He’s orange and fat and has a small penis... and he’s gay with Putin!! Hahaha Orange man bad
  21. Credit where it's due. Well played
  22. Lol, Slash just sits there in the corner waiting for the boss to give him a call. As for PWR/UP, it sounds like all the other AC/DC albums. Two. three decent songs the rest forgettable, filler fluff.
  23. Probably because he knew Brian Jones is the only one who can play a mean harmonica on Nightrain He secretly wanted his father to play on Nightrain!
  24. LOL it's funny cause Drumph takes shit...LULLLLZ he's orange like a cheeto.....ha ha ha
  25. It's objectively better from the big two Although i'm biased because just ate a Whopper menu
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