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  2. I think it will be fine. There will be a Robot Tax. They will use that money to give jobless people a basic income. People can spend more time being creative entrepreneurs. Maybe why the culture war is so popular now. McDonald’s and twitter wars is the future.
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  4. The problem isn’t socialism or capitalism it’s government spending. Either way the wealth disappears into the system. The US borrows money to keep everything going but the wealthy and powerful are skimming money off the top. The economy is fake. It relies on the US dollar which depends on all trade in oil being done in US dollars. Without it it will crash. The biggest industry is the military budget. 750 bil a year. All those tax dollars go to weapons manufacturers and wars to secure oil and trade in dollars. It’s almost solely a war economy. The US are running the country like a malinvestment company. Borrow money to pay the top people huge salaries but the company owns the debt when it goes bust. Nobody is accountable. After Trump went bankrupt the first time he realized that investors have to agree that they don’t get their money back. So he opens companies gets that investment. Then bankrupts them to avoid taxes and keep the investors’ money. It’s legalized stealing. So he’s perfect to run the US. He just loves spending money. Someone like AOC is the same she will have these big ideas to funnel money into which won’t really help but the money will disappear. She gets a cut of it like Pelosi making 500k a year. These are the 10% of the pop who manipulate us for the 5% of ruling class. The rest of us are the 85%. We’re just here to make up the numbers. Both sides run the US like a malinvestment company. Everyone is acting in self interest. There’s just a bunch of money coming from taxes and borrowing. The trick is to get into a flow of cash. AOC and Trump realized and are crashing the party. Say whatever to get into the VIP room.
  5. this isn't the first time i've seen that video
  6. The Thunder spent their draft pick on a player who HASN'T PLAYED BASKETBALL IN OVER A YEAR. Not because he was in legal trouble or injured, but because he decided not to play. Our general manager is a fucking retard.
  7. Trump should listen to Sean Connery when dealing with AOC, Warren et al...
  8. One of the coldest summers I can remember. So chill at night.
  9. Brother it makes me depressed. i know that’s stupid but it really does.
  10. The wheels of socialism started turning with the fdr new deal which was great for country however it opened the door for socialist policies. The 80’s and the 90’s were capitalism at its peek but when it crashed it crashed hard in 2008. After that Socialism took over look at the policy’s. The new world order wants control of the masses but they don’t want the masses to know. i really hoped Trump would fix these issues but nope.
  11. Eventually I think it’s inevitable. After Trump someone like AOC is coming. Politics is downstream from culture. Everyone is training to live in a VR world where leisure time is at a maximum. No one is gearing up to do factory jobs. The plutocrats have decided to lower the cost of living to zero. We get a fixed payment but so do the companies. Everybody is happy. We play post apocalyptic videogames in our sunless bumkers. The rich will live lives of carnal pleasure on islands.
  12. Things aren’t looking great for the Celtics but Magisme is right fuck Kyrie. Trust In Danny Ainge.
  13. Kinda love that future McDonald’s is going to kick ass it’s scary buddy. I just hope the future is better for my son and his children one day. hopefully SkyNet just has bad pr and is more like the matrix were the Steak taste great.
  14. Unvote: JB I need to read back the last 2 pages, definitely interesting developments before I cast my vote.
  15. @arnold layne And @John Bonham divided their votes in the beginning to avoid suspicion, they’ve come full circle and focused in on me to little fanfare. @magisme is invisible once again. I doubt there is 3 Mafia this game given the size, but it so far my suspects are the 3 named in this post official vote: Arnold Layne
  16. There’s a burger machine that makes them faster than workers too. It never gets tired or ask for a raise. Most people here use their phone to pay the touch screen in McDs. But people still need somewhere to go for lunch. Who actually needs to go to the office though. The top people get excited about those video conference rooms. It’s a big glass screen and it’s like you are in the room with people. Star wars hologram style. So that will be everyone’s future. Once the chip in your head you interface directly with google. Google becomes ypur brain.
  17. Socialism is going to win. Too much money and they control the technology sector.
  18. It’s a scary reality. i have watched a few videos on abandoned malls and it’s sad and scary to see these huge staples of American economy are gone. think of it like this malls, travel agency pretty much gone. truck drivers are on their last breath before self driving trucks take over. news papers and cab drivers are almost gone.
  19. Last 3 pan handlers were women actually. Paradigm shift. I think The Walking Dead will be closer to reality than other dystopias simply for the lack of jobs. #learntoc0de
  20. Vote Count 2 GNRLiars - (Arnold Layne, JB) 2 Wasted- ( Bill Brasky, Ragnar) 1 JB - (GNS) 1 Ragnar - (Wasted) 6 votes to lynch
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