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  2. Well....I have enough GNR shirts to wear for like 3 weeks without repeating any. And I don't even wear them! I just "have" them. That's bad. But I didn't buy Locked N Loaded. That's good.
  3. So it's just a matter of whether Axl calls it GNR for you? Like he called CD GNR so it's GNR, but if he had called it The Axl Rose Project it would have been that? That's a "nah" from me. Shame just descended upon me when I realized I've spent much, much more money on NuGNR than I ever did on actual GNR. I was making up for missing so much Axl when I was too young to go to shows. I'm an embarrassment by my own standards.
  4. I've always considered the Axl solo years to still be "GNR" cause he was singing. I consider "Dead Flowers" by Gilby to be essentially a GNR b-side, too. But that's just me. I understand all sides of the issue. I'm such a dirty whore though....the hundreds or even thousands of dollars I spent on GNR merchandise and tickets over the NuGuns era probably influences my opinion, in a need to justify spending all that money on all that dumb shit.
  5. Uh, HELLO......fucking CLIMATE CHANGE, you patriarchal cisgen heteronormative FUCKING WHITE MALE. How dare you.
  6. Even if he's on them, it's just an Axl and Bucket song. This shit has nothing to do with GNR. Just like CD had nothing to do with GNR. And that's not a matter of whether they're good or not. It's a matter of what your average sane person refers to as GNR. Fuck. I don't think I've posted that in years. Leakshit has brought out the mygina in too many here.
  7. Did she ever explain how her dreams and childhood were stolen?
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  9. Crisis actors don't exist. The flawless government would never do anything that would require them. Conspiracy loon.
  10. Why would he post that? And to a formidably sized audience no less.
  11. Brah, that shit ain't just autism. That's a serious case of the Downs, or what we used to call "retarded" back in the 80s and 90s before the "R" word became a HATE CRIME. Those dead mongoloid eyes don't lie.
  12. This is my favorite defense mode of the mygina cucks. They still cannot offer an explanation as to why he sounded great on YouTube with ac/dc..... I remember MSL blowing a quad with the strain of his anger when I put this to the fat cunt on discord.
  13. Her autism terrifies me, as does all autism
  14. He always sounds like that on YouTube videos! Just go to the gig and you will see for yourself!! OH WAIT
  15. Only Broski's little virgin bosom companion could defend a paedo.
  16. - Oklahoma - Dummy - Soul Monster The rest are forgettable without vocals.
  17. We know for certain that he did lay down vocals on at least some of these instrumentals.
  18. Only if they have Axl vocals. I agree that we can't truly consider any of those songs "GNR" songs unless Axl sings on them.
  19. I have listened to the instrumentals more than the tracks with vocals. Elvis and Circus Maximus are on another level. I expect those two songs to be GNR classics.
  20. Nothing....yet.... Slow fires....slow dancing.... Untill.....
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