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  2. I got Apple Music so that rendered whole life void. Now I can listen to that Faster Pussycat live album I was unsure of. Theres a danger they release it and no one notices. So making it only available on vinyl for the first two weeks is a good idea. It’s out but you can’t listen to it. Marketing 102.
  3. Axl must own the rights to a few Dexter blood splatter screen shots.
  4. This is a gang and we go to the food court.
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  6. It’s Biden, he’s always in front of a US flag in his pics. That’s how you know who will win.
  7. I’m going into the mountains of Taiwan to hide from the virus. I think if I drink whisky and eat hotdogs for 7 days the coast will be clear.
  8. Nothing can compare to Bavarian yodelling music... Franzl Lang was a god amongst lederhosen clad men.
  9. I’m so fucked up here that I can’t even begin to think about eating salami...
  10. Dems are out of bullets, Trump is like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.
  11. After the apocalypse salami will be the only safe food to eat. Salt is the enemy of radioactivity.
  12. England/UK in the 60s and 70s (probably 80s too) trumps everybody everywhere.
  13. THIS. And among those cleared you can't agree on Deadstar, because some of you have doubts, which I applause. So we have 7 out. I know I am town, so that gives 8 players. As I stated before I do not get vibes from popcorn or DS, which doesn't mean I am saying they can't be mafia. That is 10 players. Who is left? MY FAVOURITES: @matir98, @uruguns, @RedHook, @Salsh Borski . Been trying to suggest that we go after one of them today since the beginning of day two? Can we please go after one of them and then buttfuck me on day three if I am wrong and to be blamed for loosing a townie? Unvote/vote Matir98
  14. Americans think they know what immigration and miscegenation is like. You have no idea. Brazil is the true heir to the Holy Roman Empire. People complain about so many immigrants in Europe right now. Well, let me tell you, that resembles much more the idealistic vision of what society should and wants to be, consdering the Romans vision itself is based on a platonic greek vision, full of immigrants, famine, war and shit as a whole. Brazil, on the other hand, has been facing this reality since it's very first beggining. Much like the USA, really, but miscegenation in the USA was smaller than in Brazil. Brazil has, for example, the second biggest japanese population after Japan. The USA went more for the imperialistic and warside of the Roman Empire. Your capital, clearly, is the obvious signaling of that motive - it's practically a reconstruction of someone's dream of Rome. Now look at our capital, the brazilian capital, Brasília. Look it up, that's what future is gonna look like. It's gonna sound like bossa-nova. Not that you don't have that cultural exchange and consumption logic going on, but due to Brazil's formation it's much more prominent here. There was US money involved in ripping apart the brazilian music range in the world, which came to a dangerous degree when Frank Sinatra recorded an album of Tom Jobim songs. Since then, and mainly since the 90s when later-impeached president Collor and his cowgirl of af a wife took office, an US-ripoff country has taken told of popular brazilian music, maybe you don't know that. And now we have this imbecile of an american cock-sucker of a president selling everything to the US and cutting the national culture budget. This is imperialism. We are practically obliged to watch your shitty films, while Brazil had one of the best cinema productions in the world in 2019, with instant classics like Bacurau and critically acclaimed pieces like The Invisible Life and Edge of Democracy. But no, what's sold to me is your shitty Star Wars. Go fuck yourselves. Brazil is what real canibalism looks like. You're just phony liberals, you don't wanna free shit. In other words, this is avant-garde, so far. The rest is SHIT.
  15. Listening to Adam Schiff talk for hours on end should be against the Geneva Convention. Impeachment is supposed to be about the Ukraine but he doesn't shut the fuck up about Russia. He said the aid was to fight Russia over there(Europe) and not in the US. The guy is mental.
  16. And with that statement I will kindly fuck off until Day 3. Adiõs fuckbags.
  17. That's great man. So both you and Deadshit are gonna cover your ears and make noise to dismiss the fact that literally nobody else is claiming to be the tracker? Name some one in the game that claims to be the tracker. Go ahead. Because nobody has. And you, Deadshit, and facekicker will look like FUCKING MORONS when I inevitably die tomorrow. And guess what? You are in a tough spot because you can bet your ass that you'll be the first to be investigated. Go ahead and keep exposing your bullshit. And yes I did track bacardi. Do you know why? BECAUSE HE WAS SHADY AS FUCK. But Bonham told me he had no action so I have no choice but to rescind. And since you are too draft to remember, I will kindly remind you and Deadshit that bacardi was one of my suspects on Day 1. Deadshit is so fucking terrible I honestly don't even care whether she is mafia or not. GTFO of the game.
  18. Nope, I think we are gonna kill mafia instead. I find it very suspicious that your supposed role reveal has the exact same back story as Mags. Its just a coincidence that you also claimed to have checked out Dr S? That and the fact that you were not very close to being lynched when you revealed yourself.
  19. Are you gonna steal all of Axl's Taco Bell, so he leaves the arena, cancels the show and watches basketball in his hotel room while he waits for more taco bell to be delivered.
  20. everyone talks about trump derangement syndrome but trudeau derangement syndrome runs rampant in these parts
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