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"What We've Got Here Is A Failure To Communicate"

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Have not had anything share for while and thought you all would enjoy this excellent article on the making of UYI

Your articles are the reason I joined this forum. This is another great one - I read it straight through without stopping (miracle for me), and the scans are excellent as always. Nice work. I will be digging through your previous submissions again soon, I'm sure!

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Decent read, but I'm not sure it had any new information that we haven't head before.

Not saying that to complain, I definitely appreciate the scan! Just saying that a of us hardcores have already know most of this stuff.

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Awesome.. Thanks for posting.. !

Nice to re-read some of the things.. God I love this band..

Enigmatic, Paradoxal, Dualistic.. Pure twillight zone..

It truly is a story of legends and thieves...

Just can't sum up the feeling I get from that band, but I can describe from now on and till I die.. !

I guess that is the magic.. No matter what it will never get boring, and no matter how you choose to describe the way you feel about this band, you would in one way or the other, be right !

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