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Donald Trump

Axl Rose set to further embarrass himself by having GNR play an intimate Apollo show for SeriousXM broadcast live by Howard Stern

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39 minutes ago, Donald Trump said:

The Sirius Pearl Jam station plays Pearl Jam and the Sirius GNR station plays Led Zeppelin. Seems about right. :lol:


GNR always played way too many covers, even recorded them and the last real GNR album was a fucking cover album


On a more seirous note? Pearl Jam is a totally different band, while this whole GNR radio thing was announced with the following


Guns N' Roses Radio will air from July 13th to July 22nd on SiriusXM's channel 41, with the station playing GNR tracks alongside live performances, rarities and songs by artists that inspired Axl Rose and company.


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