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Is Duff McKagan the most pointless member of the original five?

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49 minutes ago, Barry said:

I like his style of bass playing, and his unique tone. 

I missed this sound when they had Tommy. His playing was good, but a large part of the GnR sound was gone.

I'm not too clued up on sound engineering - would Duff have his own tech? He kept this throughout 90's GnR, and VR, and it's there now. I'm guessing he has his own tech to provide his own signature bass sound. 

I don't think any of the AFD 5 were pointless. They all contributed a big part of the overall sound.

I think I remember reading he does/did have some kind of tech. While he's not the best bass player ever to live, you're correct in saying he has a pretty identifiable sound. When Tommy was in the band, I barely heard him and when I did, it sounded kind of flat compared to Duff's playing.

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