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Bad Apple

Beta's new gift

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2 hours ago, Apollo said:

This is satire, right?


The Beta and her family wouldn't be doing all of this if Axl wasn't worth 150 million dollars. 


This relationship is solely based on money. There is nothing at all beautiful about it. It's actually pretty creepy. 


Of course not.....

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There is no way that Budd is Bad Apples. Apples/crash could barely form a readable sentence. He was a clown who has been banned from every GnR forum, most on multiple occasions. Lol at him claiming he made a living by betting sports. Dude couldn't answer basic sports questions and wouldn't give his opinion on any major sporting event. To make a living betting sports you have to have a large bank roll. Did he seem like a guy capable of losing 10 grand and not have it hurt him? Dude worked at a fast food restaurant at best. 


He was one of the worst posters in GnR forums history. Not the worst, as he would occasionally actually make a good post. But would then follow it up with 20 nonsensical posts. 


I often disagree with Budd, but he is obviously a smart guy who has a pretty sharp grasp of GnR and the world. He clearly isn't Bad Apples. It would be like saying Mags is an alt-account of Ngog. Or P4A and Madison were the same person.....?

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He seemed like a kid who would off himself over forum antics. I remember how he went batshit after somebody posted a picture of a nerd and said it was him or something. Past the hilarity, it was actually kinda disturbing how close to heart he was taking it. If even warchild wouldn't have him I'd say there's a decent probability he isn't.

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