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Sweera wrote: Can you help me find the highly prized version of Shackler's Revenge with the original Buckethead solo? Thank you.

BBF wrote: Yes, it's on the head of my cock. Sooo, maybe check the back of your throat...?

Haha, I think I'll stay here all night and abuse you fuckers......

SunnyDRE @Bumble

You are a douche man, hey these people in these threads (most of them anyway) are the fans of yours..you know the people that buy your albums, come to your shows, etc. etc.

don't insult the fans man....as much shit as your boss...and I guess you now, talk on the fans... slash has never insulted us.

Times slash has come to this or any other board to insult the fans: 0

Times Axl and HIS PAID SLAVES have to come to the boards and insulted FANS: At least 3

BBF wrote: Sunny, gonna make me bitchslap you down a 2nd time? Make you crumble again?

I wasn't attacking the fans, just the little *assholes*. Can totally understand why you took that as an attack on yourself.

Let's count how many times you've insulted people, you fucking little coward.

Back to making music.... and back to watching my life, for you.

LLL, on 16 February 2011 - 09:09 PM, said:

Isn't that a cute response by Ron Thal, stepping out of his Bumblefoot act and suggesting doing forceful homosexual things to fans of the band, who might even be underage, we don't know.Now that is the real Ron Thal, right there. What you see on stage and around the starstruck fans is Bumblefoot, not Ron Thal. It is not the guy with the mask that acts

Multiple people now have those documents and they all confirm the same.When these documents get out for all to see, his replies here will bite him in the ass.

And no matter who someone is, or who they think they are, they can't come here and insult members and then not expect something back in return. And equally the band members can come here and respond too, to whatever they want. In fact, people here are craving for it and seemingly something is holding the band members back. But they must follow the guide lines too, and if they don't, the ones responding to them don't have to too.

Why ban/suspend/warn them for replying back to insults by a band member? Sweersa's return was the best come-back I have seen in a long time, totally wrecked Ron's attempt, lol.

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"To the management of our favourite band, GNR"

Do you remember when we shared an amicable relationship? When Fernando and Beta would often dwell our volatile plains in order to clarify the latest shenanigan perpetrated by one attention seeker or another? Maybe I should shed light on whom I am attempting to describe with the phrase we. It is of course a once proud community, MyGNR.

Maybe at this point you are shuddering as you recall certain experiences with more undesirable aspects of our community. Instances which I assure you have made a lot of us recoil in disgust too. MyGNR is home to many genuine fans you must know. Fans who never wished to stand for the sociopathic Madison or the degrading insults fired at Bumblefoot when he made his most recent, and unfortunately last visit to the community.

We are humbly asking you, imploring you, to review your stance on this particular forum. Which while still the biggest online GNR community, is left soulless by the fact that it has failed to retain a relationship with its purpose. That purpose ultimately, is what lures us all back on a daily basis Guns N' Roses. Nobody can deny that. Everything -- the positivity, the disillusionment, the rabid opposition -- all of it is created and maintained by an inherent passion for whatever Axl Rose decides to do next.

It is difficult to articulate the happiness we felt from a particular highlight in the history of MyGNR. What in hindsight we refer to as the Axl chats. At one point nobody could have fathomed the possibility of Axl Rose visiting our community (as illustrated by the opening sense of dubiousness which Axl encountered and dealt with so well). But how great it turned out to be! It gave us all an almost ritualistic sense of pleasure to see somebody once dubbed an egomaniac, humbly open up to the average follower about things wed speculatively questioned without definitive answer for many years.

Recently the majority of us within MyGNR who do not use the forum to pacify an emptiness in our lives (that dear friends is the trolling contingent, who simply cannot claim to represent the consensus of the forum) decided to reach out to you. We are the fans. We are the ones who log onto our computers every day with one prevailing purpose to discuss GNR. Not to achieve optimum likes on our latest selfies, not to catch the latest deals in fashion, not to salivate over the music industrys latest pawn, but to straight up deliberate over Guns N' fucking Roses.

It is for that reason that we are sending you a few, respectfully written questions we are hoping you will put to a certain Axl Rose. We are ticket buyers, merch buyers, and evangelisers Team Brazil. We opportunistically drop GNR into every day casual conversation about music to get another pagan googling your good work (resulting in yet another inevitable conversion to the one true cause, GNR ha). We ask you to reciprocate our affections guys. We ask you graciously to approach Axl Rose about the possibility of answering a mere 5 questions. Questions constructed consciously and with good intention questions that ensure Axl wont be exposed to that pathetic brigade that have ruined a once righteous community. questions that will sap any sense of frustration beginning to grip the online community questions that can foster good relations between ourselves and you questions that will signify clearly to the world that GNR and its fans are one questions that will give us a rare and timeless insight into the character we all shamelessly fanboy over, Uncle Axl.

*Thanks and God bless*The five questions were decided by a poll ran over a small period of time. It attracted hundreds of votes from the MyGNR faithful. Here are those all important questions, which we open to revising if you think it would make Axl more amenable to giving answers:

*1.* Axl, when are we going to hear new music?

*2.* Axl, you mentioned an autobiography the last time we spoke to you, do you plan on releasing that?

*3.* Axl, do you still intend to release Chinese Democracy II... or have you shifted mentally towards a record capturing the talents of the current line-up?

*4.* Axl, will you ever debut new material live again or did Chinese Democracy sour that idea?

*5.* Axl, GNR has always released new music by way of albums, would you ever consider releasing new songs individually?


*To a new era!*

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