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  1. Come to Portugal and wait... germans will feed you like you were their own son
  2. Human extintion.
  3. Having a blast re-watching RAR2006. Lots of rasp, integrity, passion, running around and not that fat.

  4. If Axl could bring back this game ^^^ to the regroupening...
  5. Best rock interpretation by Axl on ChD album.
  6. You didnt. Thats why you are talking about it only now...after reading my wise comment.
  7. Because you ... me
  8. Good post bruh. I agree about almost everything. Obviously you learned some common sense and logic from your mafia master Gunnão.
  9. I cant believe that shit muslim garbage terrorist killed one (or two) innocent portuguese old lady.
  10. Yes, I confirm: Im that good. I can defend any side of a question, even oposite sides, and I'll be always right. And thats because the world isnt black and white. Its amusing to watch you extremist retards going crazy with all this flexibility.
  11. I take everything related to GnR very seriously. Its something that is part of my life for the last 25 years. I wouldnt let anyone joke about it near me.
  12. This was never a joke.