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  1. You watched the eurovision but you missed the royal wedding? Im disappointed.

    What are you drinking tonight?


    Duff’s Lifestyle

    Im not going to watch that shit if it isnt 4K

    Finally a new single!!!

    Does she look bothered to you?
  5. Why do I waste my time creating new, exciting and hilarious threads and everybody ruin/derrail it?

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    I dont know if my english is better than his, but at least I dont have that funny accent.

    Upgrade to IPS Community Suite 4.3.3

    He's saying you should include some of the ISE's video screenshots of women begging for Axl to beat'em, in the forum's banner.
  8. Its "gaytard". You should know it by now, nomad.
  9. Im glad you are here. Old gringos dont know how to have fun and samba like us.
  10. Again? What are you talking about? I got banned because I had 6 warning points. None of them was related to you. My last warning point was applied during a discussion with the hybrid coward lapdog because his commander didnt like to watch me treating his pet like it deserved. Stop lying please. You are pissed again just because I pointed how ridiculous it his from you to say how Slash is fine and isnt a cuck for getting millions and then admitting that he accepts 10% when he deserves 99% or so. Its hilarious to watch you praising the other place and their politics on banning people. Lol. Coherence is not your cup of tea.
  11. GUNNER

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    Best perfumes comes in small bottles.
  12. Are you best friends now? He isnt making any effort. He just hasnt arguments against my facts. He doesnt miss a chance to attack everytime he thinks he can. I created this thread just to share the video and the screenshots with my forum mates. Its undercovered because Ferdinand has been lurking around and I didnt want him to take another link down. But I guess that anything more than "hey guys, here is a video and some pics" its not obvious enough to some of you.
  13. GUNNER

    Upgrade to IPS Community Suite 4.3.3

    Its perfect the way it is.