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  1. US Politics, Culture and Society

    I wouldnt trust a teacher who's confortable with a gun. We dont need cowboys teaching our kids, except if they are teaching how to ride a horse.
  2. Just because he's a nazi?
  3. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Got it. I thought 52.5% of those 12.6% were killers.
  4. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Maybe. My english sucks
  5. Who is making decent rap music these days?

    Rap is tribal crap for black people.
  6. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Funny how people love to "work" the numbers. 45.3% of 72.4% is still way more than 52.5% of 12.6%.
  7. Shit voice awful headbang.
  8. This I Love music video?

    Not official.
  9. It's so awuful it hurts
  10. I would pay 10 shitcoins for a sorum's album.
  11. Bach is a horrible singer.