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  1. bran

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Some of the posts I have read on far left blogs has been hilarious. Funny how racist the left can become when a black person goes outside the ideological box they have made for them to stay in.
  2. bran

    MLB 2016 Discussion

    Offense really hasn't been the issue for the Yankees even with the Stanton and Sanchez struggles, it really has been the starting pitching and especially the bullpen. Robertson(minus the Smoak grand slam which I blame mostly on Boone) Green, Shreve, and Chapman have been really good of late. Sanchez looks finally locked in, and Stanton is still in between but still having way better at bats than he has been and I think is about to go on a tear.
  3. I understand, it is a take on the "you break my little girl's heart, or I will break your neck", or the old "you better not touch my daughter" joke that is very common here in the US. It was a joke even used in the cartoon show Family Guy, which is made by a massive liberal.
  4. bran

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    9 dead, 16 injured in Toronto, as a van plowed into a bunch of civilians.
  5. Former NFL kicker Jay Feely apologized for this photo after people attacked him on twitter and facebook for posting it.
  6. UK woman who posted rap lyrics containing the N word was found guilty of being "grossly offensive" and also a hate crime. She posted the lyrics in tribute of a boy who was killed by a motorist. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-43816921
  7. bran

    MLB 2016 Discussion

    I really don't have a good grasp on what Boone is going to be yet. There have been a couple of decisions that really pissed me off(like intentionally walking Donaldson to load the bases for Smoak, who then hit a grand slam in the first week of the season) but the season is still early. Aaron Judge smashed another home run yesterday. So far he is 1 hr behind his pace last year, but his avg, obp, slugging, and ops are all higher this year. Gleyber Torres just got called up so that is pretty exciting. I think the JD signing for the Red Sox really solidified that lineup and it was something that was sorely missing last year with Ortiz retiring. The Red Sox have a lot of young and exciting talent, Mookie Betts is one hell of a player and is a lot of fun(when not playing the yankees lol) to watch. Plus their starting pitching has been great so far.
  8. bran

    MLB 2016 Discussion

    @The Linguini Occurrence? Your Sox are red hot right now, some of the best baseball to start a season I have ever seen. Pitching, defense, power, clutch hitting, scary shit On a side note, Aaron Judge is definitely heating up, Stanton finally had some at bats last night that looked like he is starting to see the ball a bit.
  9. I have never been in a Starbucks before
  10. bran

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    I have been asking the same question. France says they have "conclusive evidence" but they didn't share what that evidence was.
  11. bran

    MLB 2016 Discussion

    Yeah I agree, I like the fire and all that, but there isn't really anyone on the Red Sox I hate, both teams are really young and have a lot of homegrown players which makes it even more fun than the old days of the constant arms race between the two
  12. bran

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    They didn't shoot down any missiles like they said they would. Putin has called an emergency session for the UN Security Council.