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  1. college kids are the worst

  2. Madagascar 2017

  3. What Are You Listening II

    lol no The only hipster cred I give myself was trying the new pizza shop a few miles down the road w/o recommendation. I am too autistic to go beyond basic boundaries (joking about the autism, just a man of habit). Apparently they have gotten pretty big though which is funny because I think they've been around for quite a long time. I am pretty sure it's just one guy with a revolving door of synth players and guitarists. The real magic of the show was the keyboardist of the opening act. She had some mesmorizing hip movement thing going on. It was pretty naughty.
  4. What Are You Listening II

    I managed to see them live in 2013. My co-worker was a fan and I decided to check them out when they were in Minneapolis.
  5. The winds of shit are in the sky

    There is this one old lady named Barb in our community that puts towing stickers on everyone's car if they're out in the street too long. She really rustles my jimmies. I refer her as Barb Lahey to all my colleagues.
  6. Steven Adler Seeking Out Stories of His Past for New Book

    Honestly he doesn't look half bad for a crackhead.
  7. The winds of shit are in the sky

  8. What do you guys think of this new song?

    I saw Paramore in the video description. No thanks 8==D, I'll pass on this one.
  9. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I think that's how Geico rolls. Super cheap for your first two premiums and then they will slowly increase your rates. I play the field every six months. Remember you're the customer. Make these cockroaches fight amongst themselves.
  10. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I drank a lethal amount of water before going to bed. Thanks drunk me!
  11. NFL - 2017-2018 season.

    Are we really all that surprised his game has regressed? He hasn't played for a year. Guy probably sat on his ass eating Skittles and thought, 'Shit. Maybe I need more money to drink Sean Don.'
  12. The winds of shit are in the sky

    Lahey's presence will be missed if they continue with TPB. The new stuff isn't really for me. Happy Corey came back though.
  13. NBA 2017-2018

    This is objectively false. The NBA is its own entity. It can do whatever it wants and has no association in any way, shape, or form with other sports leagues. With this being said, it is by far the worst professional league in the United States and it's not even close. I think some of this problem stems from the fact that basketball doesn't rely on teamwork as much as the other leagues. Some dope owner can plug in a Stephen Curry and make a dent in the season. These players see that they kind of have the upper hand and decide to play ball with their friends in South Beach or the West Coast. Players have more power in the NBA contrary to other leagues and we are seeing the effects. Is it fair? No. But you can't compare how the NBA is commissioned to how the NFL is commissioned. It is apples to oranges.
  14. NBA 2017-2018

    @Skeeter and I have had this argument before. I blame the age of free agency but he doesn't agree with me. He says players should have the right to play and sign with whichever team they'd like. It's a tough argument to counter. The only rebuttal I have for that is the product (basketball in particular) is suffering as a result. Nobody besides high schoolers particularly get too excited about LeBron recruiting six of his friends and playing team manager. In the NBA's defense the other leagues have more to work with. They need more players on the roster and that's why it's more challening to make dream teams. I say ban free agency in the NBA.
  15. Gord Downie

    Tragically, they weren't Hip enough for bacardi.