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  1. I refuse to eat at Chick-fil-a. Employees are required to say, "My pleasure" when you thank them which puts me in quite a conundrum. It's rude not to thank someone, but "My pleasure"? Really? That sounds way too sexual for me. When I order chicken, the last thing I want to hear from the 300 lb, zit faced, creature across the counter is "My pleasure." So I don't eat there anymore.
  2. I hate to stereotype but so many do. Carded this chick and told her I was born a day earlier, and she said, 'Another Aquarius!' like it was some sort of crazy god-send. Whoever came up with it probably slept around.
  3. Mtn Dew and a turtle brownie.
  4. If someone told you Donald Trump would be our president back in 1998, what would you have said? I see things from a different perspective. George W. was the first president I was coherent enough to remember.
  5. Anyone remember Smash Mouth? They were in town tonight so we said, 'Fuck it. Let's go!' We saw a few Shrek heads. Tickets were only thirty bucks. The main guy was half phoning it in, drinking a Red Solo Cup on stage while singing, brought chicks from the crowd to dance, he was fat and shit, but it was a great show all the same. The crowd pretty much sang All Star for him. They probably hate that song.
  6. It's a tough old life up here on the wagon. 

  7. Horrible risk. And if his meltdown was real, he outed you as his partner so...
  8. Other movie. I find Ryan Reynolds to be one of the most obnoxious actors. Not disappointed he died first. Oh spoilers.
  9. Miser, if I wanted a wall to read, I would buy a plane ticket to Washington DC and check out the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.
  10. Unvote/Vote: arnold layne As commander in chief I promise to select Miser, Damn Smooth, and altered beast to go on a mission.
  11. Try anyone who hasn't been on a mission. Who are they?
  12. I won't vote you unless you omit bacardimayne. 'cardi was on a failed mission so why the hell would you include him?
  13. mags, why did you include JB?
  14. Can you drug test tobacco? I suppose maybe a mouth swab.