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  1. k.
  2. Russia must think we are all retarded. ...but we won the cold war.
  3. I am going to be so damn poor when the robots take over.
  4. lol What a champ.
  5. The fact that marijuana is still a federally controlled substance.
  6. You can have tits too. Just eat more.
  7. Cincinnati.
  8. The NBA feels more like a rec league than a sport.
  9. Did you grab her by the pussy?
  10. I am undefeated in Pokémon Duel.
  11. Five Guys is great but they have become to SJWy. A female took my order last time.
  12. Thanks Obama. :sadpepe:
  13. Vanilla Ice made their best song listenable.
  14. We should have made him in honorary character in Conor's Wrestlemania.
  15. Makes me wonder. I often romanticize walking around in an abandoned mall.