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  1. Shit: The Frank Ferrer Story

    Maybe he's just a fan of Southpark?
  2. Silkworms Question

    Am I the only one that saw somebody post that this is actually Axl and it is on the studio track? They deleted the post a little later. I'm mobile and didn't see who it was.
  3. Silkworms Question

    Well, I wasn't searching for it. I'm not a GNRchaeologist. I just stumbled upon it like a kid finding an arrowhead in the woods. THEN, I dissected it. Cuz that's what I do. Not sure if that's sad, or ... yeah, it's sad.
  4. Silkworms Question

    I amped it again. Also, I recreated the simple melody (I'm hearing and seeing) with synth and plugged it in at the beginning of this clip. I think there is an "ooh" thing to start it at 19 1/2 seconds. Then at about 22 seconds there's a 'chh" or "jjj" sound. Not sure this is helping, but it seems like: 1) oooohs (notes = E-F#) 2) cchhh (22 seconds) uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh blah blah (note = D) 3) ssssss-something (27 seconds) (note = D) 4) uhhhh aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy (28 - 33 seconds) maybe "the way" or "a way" (note = B to D) Notes E, F#, D and B match the bridge's key, which I think is A-Major. Originally I thought it was orchestration of some sort, but now I'm fairly certain it's Axl.
  5. Silkworms Question

    This is about Silkworms, so, I'm sorry. Yesterday I was listening to the 2001 House of Blues show, and noticed something I've never noticed before. During the bridge, I thought I heard Axl singing. Has anyone ever talked about this before? Well, I cleaned up the file a little bit, and uploaded a clip to Soundcloud (which can suck a big fat one, btw). Am I hearing things that aren't there? Does anyone care? Also, I'm pretty sure the same vocal happens at the Rio show. Very faint. In the video, Axl doesn't appear to be singing it live. I think it's pre-recorded.
  6. Silkworms

    I respect your opinion. And I get that being a Dizzy/Pitman track may turn off plenty of hard-cores. But it is still Axl going off, and I'm a Buckethead freak, so I'm first in line for anything with his input. SW appeals to me. Gotta say though, the first time I heard it, I didn't care for it. I didn't really start caring for it until I began teaching myself to work with audio. Silkworms was my first audio project, and will probably be on my tweek-table until the last day I can move a mouse. I love OMG too. Axl rage is what grabbed me in '87. It's what keeps me a GNR fan today, despite many disappointments.
  7. Coma Vocal Cover by TJ (LLTJ)

    Why yes...yes there is...
  8. Silkworms

    I like the "angry Axl" aspect of this song. It's aggressive, fast, mean. I don't like that a friend of mine asked Axl when we were going to hear a studio version of it and was told "later this year" ...six years ago. I don't think a name change is in the cards because I don't think a studio version of this song will ever be released. However, I have zero doubt that Slash would absolutely nail this. It's a good one both for modern Slash and modern Axl. I think it would be fun if they brought it back for the live shows. This song is three minutes of F*ck You, and that's something GNR fans used to drool for.
  9. Coma Vocal Cover by TJ (LLTJ)

    This may seem silly, but it's not done. It only came out when it did because I set a deadline and had to hit it. Over the last couple of months, I've re-done a few of the old covers. Hoping to get them all properly completed by end of the year. To everyone who has taken the time, I truly appreciate it. It was a fun project. TJ, in my opinion, did an incredible job on an extremely difficult track.
  10. Listen to TJ's Coma. Seriously. Media section. 10 minutes. You have 10 minutes, right?


    Not questioning the authenticity, at all. Just that quality rips from YT are not exactly ....... possible.
  12. Coma Vocal Cover by TJ (LLTJ)

    Guys, most of you probably remember all the vocal covers we did here - Estranged, Locomotive, Garden, Civil War, Chinese, TWAT.... and you probably remember one of the singers, ll_tj that was a regular here. He just finished covering Coma, and I think you should hear it. Please take 10 minutes out of your day to give this a chance, and offer some feedback if you are so inclined. Also, ignore the vocal echo in the beginning if that rubs you the wrong way. That was my idea (I have these voices in my head, ya know). The instrumental was done by a YouTuber called Tyler Rosen. He has a ton of GNR instrumentals that are very well done, so check his stuff out too if you get a chance. Thanks for listening, -E

    Check your email in about an hour, GNS.
  14. Silkworms intro, please. Be a saint.

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      Its been 4 years. If it hasn't leaked by now it probably won't. Knowing that he has it and others dont is the one thing that keeps WFA going in life.

    3. hotdogman


      Speaking of which, I literally typed "Silkworms studio" into youtube right after this comment. Look at the first comment. Come on, WFA, leak it! Be a Sausage Brother!



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      FUCK OFF (not you, evader)

  15. I uploaded his version of RQ to Soundcloud and the internet police took it down as I was testing it. If you want it, here's a link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bw86vl Beware the sendspace trickery. AIO, if you want me to remove it, just say the word. And oh yeah, the OP.... I don't think we'll ever hear a new album, and I think it is absolutely shitty that we never heard the rest from the CD sessions. What's the point of being an artist if you aren't going to share your work?