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  1. evader

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    You are right, Budd, about just about everything you said. Sorry for my shitpost, and a very specific apology to both Andre and Dave. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment and shouldn't have been a dick. I TOTALLY 100% agree that Axl's crew used digital alteration for his vocals. Zero debate there. Every pro singer in the world does it in studio. I haven't used Pro Tools but I know GNR uses it, and they admit it. Whatever they use in combo with Pro-tools to re-tune is debatable. I use Melodyne, and my guess is they use it as well. It is a very high-end retuner, which has both automatic settings and manual. The automatic functionality works but can't compare to the results you get from manual adjustments. That's why I disagreed with the use of a term that has a prefix of "auto" to describe the work. It is all manual, which is kinda the exact opposite of auto. Every note, manually adjusted. The Antares Autotune program, at least up until a few years ago, was complete crap, in my opinion. Regardless, were notes retuned? Undoubtedly. Vocals? Absolutely. Automatically in studio? Highly doubtful. At live shows? Heck if I know, but it wouldn't surprise me. Again, my apologies for going into dick mode. Oh, and yes, Bach's vocals on Sorry definitely sound more like auto-tune, as if the result of a last-second, quick edit.
  2. evader

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    Thanks for the Wiki definition of auto-tune, Dave. Since I've actually worked extensively with the Antares program, I didn't need your assistance, and neither did TJ. However, I think I can speak for both of us that we are eternally grateful for your expertise, and we admit that our years of hands-on experience can't possibly compare to your Wikipedia knowledge of the only recently accepted, incorrect slang use of the term "autotune". You are a genius. Congrats.
  3. evader

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    Hey LL, I think we both need to tap out on this. Ten experts have us pinned. I knew once Andre shared his super-knowledge that we were doomed.
  4. evader

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    I'm betting on the guitars starting at 2:00 are from Paul. He seems to have hired DJ's guitar tech because he's out of tune the entire song. Bass seems out of tune also, but maybe it's just a conflict with the out of tune guitar, because it's only in spots. I like that the drums are louder. I like that the bass is more prominent. The synth during the solo is not good. Axl's studio guys are highly unlikely to use "autotune" for those of you that like to toss that term around. I get that it's just a go-to way of saying that the notes need some fine-tuning, but there definitely is a difference. And yes, There are a few Axl notes on this demo that hadn't yet been fine-tuned. It's a demo, after all. They ain't off by much. Could it have been faked? Yep. No doubt. Drums, shitty guitars, weird synth and all. Was it faked? I seriously doubt it. I have my guess as to why this demo was made, but I'll keep those thoughts to myself. Final version is WAY better. This demo makes me wish there were some differences to the drums and bass in the final cut, but that was so many years ago I really just don't give a shit. You shouldn't either. Why are you even reading this?
  5. Just popping in to say four things. 1) I don't like it. 2) No, I'm not going to remake it with a re-tuned and re-timed Axl. 3) I did no work on this at all. If you play the original audio and isolate the left channel, you'll have done exactly what I did. So, if you don't like it, please don't blame the delivery guys. 4) Yes, the rest of the performance is the same way, and I think it will be posted later. Doesn't sound as clean.
  6. That is one hell of a great question.
  7. evader


    I don't disagree with this at all. You have no clue who got them, but you could easily know who shared them. If I were Axl and was going to share a track - with let's say 5 people - to secretly test loyalty, I'd mark each track differently. That way, if a major leak of that song ever did take place, I'd know the fucker that leaked it. Hell, I sign my name in the spectral of my stupid shit mixes all the time. It's easy to mark that stuff. For all we know, every track Axl's ever turned in to the label was marked a certain way, and differently than how he may have marked songs given to - let's say Ashba, for example. So, if an online music reviewer or wrestler gets their hands on something, at least Axl will know from where. He can't do shit to the thousand fans that ultimately got it, but he can rain fire onto the one person that disobeyed orders.
  8. evader

    Where do you rank Atlas?

    I know a guy who can fix that.
  9. It is my understanding that the other song kaneda claimed to hear was The General.
  10. evader

    Shit: The Frank Ferrer Story

    Maybe he's just a fan of Southpark?
  11. evader

    Silkworms Question

    Am I the only one that saw somebody post that this is actually Axl and it is on the studio track? They deleted the post a little later. I'm mobile and didn't see who it was.
  12. evader

    Silkworms Question

    Well, I wasn't searching for it. I'm not a GNRchaeologist. I just stumbled upon it like a kid finding an arrowhead in the woods. THEN, I dissected it. Cuz that's what I do. Not sure if that's sad, or ... yeah, it's sad.
  13. evader

    Silkworms Question

    I amped it again. Also, I recreated the simple melody (I'm hearing and seeing) with synth and plugged it in at the beginning of this clip. I think there is an "ooh" thing to start it at 19 1/2 seconds. Then at about 22 seconds there's a 'chh" or "jjj" sound. Not sure this is helping, but it seems like: 1) oooohs (notes = E-F#) 2) cchhh (22 seconds) uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh blah blah (note = D) 3) ssssss-something (27 seconds) (note = D) 4) uhhhh aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy (28 - 33 seconds) maybe "the way" or "a way" (note = B to D) Notes E, F#, D and B match the bridge's key, which I think is A-Major. Originally I thought it was orchestration of some sort, but now I'm fairly certain it's Axl.