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  1. Boston

    There ya go.
  2. What is your favorite law?

    500 may not be enough. I don't know how loudly you can yell. Now if there was a "500 from everyone" clause, I'd be alright with that.
  3. What is your favorite law?

    My actual favorite law. If a police officer unjustly exerts force upon you, you are completely withing your rights to exert equal force upon them to defend yourself. The unfortunate part is convincing a jury that the magical police officer did wrong in the first place.
  4. What is your favorite law?

    Flawless victories I dunno if that works, but the Sega Mortal Kombats are amazing.
  5. Favorite pizza toppings?

    Working at Pizza Hut when I was younger, is the reason I hate olives as much as I do to this day. Already didn't like them, and smelling the cooks open 4lb cans of them while I'm hungover...fuuuuuck olives.
  6. Favorite pizza toppings?

    Well something good came of these inane thought vomit topics. I made a pepperoni jalapeno calzome tonight. It came out awesome.
  7. Share two odd facts about yourself.

    Yeah, you really would have missed out had you not developed those stellar people skills that you possess now.
  8. Were The Beach Boys a good band?

    Why don't we just skip the facade. Miser, do YOU think the Beach Boys were a good band? List several oddly descript reasons why.
  9. Favorite pizza toppings?

    Pineapple? I knew you were nuts but...dude...get help.
  10. Share two odd facts about yourself.

    Ah the ol' 9/11 three-way. A fast rising classic.
  11. European Refugee Crisis

    Dude, just post the fucking link and a summary first.
  12. He uses autotune. They also autotuned the everloving shit out of Baz on Sorry.
  13. US Politics, Culture and Society

    They forgot Pakistan.
  14. Fuck the police.

    It just can't keep happening. Not with video as readily available as it is becoming. Juries can't just keep ignoring it.