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  1. Anybody else bummed that Kevin Spacey's career is over?

    I think that some of these people are trying to rewrite their own past. In many cases these accusations date back decades. Back then there was a liberal sexual moral that many women in their old ages do not feel comfortable with now.
  2. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I always have this scene in my head when @Facekicker tells stories from work.
  3. Charles Manson dead

    Best songwriter in GNR
  4. Euro Tour 2018

    Its on their Website ... http://www.gunsnroses.com
  5. Anybody else bummed that Kevin Spacey's career is over?

    Thats true but its one film and when you see where he was coming from you cant really say hes been forgiven.
  6. Anybody else bummed that Kevin Spacey's career is over?

    Mel Gibsons career is still fucked and Polanski hasnt visited the US for 40 years for a reason.
  7. GNFNRs Film Thread

    Step by step they turned the marvel movies into a SJW fuckfest. Im curious what you think about the movie.
  8. Grabbin' Pussy (IRL)

    Do you know what they all have in common?
  9. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Seems like soon is again not the word.
  10. GNR has become my benchmark for shitty things. If I wanna go to the movies with my gf and she tells me that a certain movie is bad I ask her 'is it just bad or is it guns n roses?'. And If its a complete disaster it means gnr.
  11. Grabbin' Pussy (IRL)

    Obviously Kevin Spacey grabbed Tony Montana by the pussy. He didnt wanna say hello to his little friend though. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-41829484
  12. who is Tyler Spiegelund

  13. who is Tyler Spiegelund

    Child pornography? Wtf is wrong with these nutjobs? Kate Uptons lovely boobs hardly qualify for that.
  14. Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    Thats the problem man, thats the problem.