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  1. When is the Chinese Democracy clothing line coming out?

    You're welcome.
  2. Upgrade to Version 4.2.8 of Invision Community

    Wheres the dank meme section?
  3. What is your favorite law?

  4. What is your favorite law?

    I dont know if thats an urban myth. But I hear that you are allowed to shoot intruders on your property in america. I like that. In germany property is not protected that way.
  5. When did you first discover Guns N' Roses?

    1996. My father had a bootleg from their 92 tokyo shows. It was called Banzai. I used it to make prank calls. I called someone and when the guy on the other side said 'hello' I played the 'do you know where the fuck you are' part.
  6. Quincy Jones

    Besides that hes a musical genius and a legend I think hes a dork.
  7. GNFNRs Film Thread

    I was watching Drag Me To Hell and Devil the other day. My gosh old women are fucking scary.
  8. GNFNRs Film Thread

    Too bad. First one was far out.
  9. GNFNRs Film Thread

    Whats the exorcist like?
  10. Erdinger is a great beer. If you like that try K├Ânig Ludwig Weissbier.
  11. Should Angus guest on the next GnR album?

    Guns next album....
  12. Favorite albums?

    MTV Unplugged in New York Axis Bold as Love Abbey Road In the wee small hours Sticky Fingers At Folsom Prison Ziggy Stardust Bat out of hell A psychedelic bubble exploding in your mind Sam Cooke Live at Harlem Square Club Physical Graffiti Led Zeppelin I - IV Houses Of The Holy LA Woman Disraeli Gears Robert Johnson King of Delta Blues Singers The Ultra Zone Pet Sounds