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  1. She should be put on trial for her cover of Heart Shaped Box.
  2. And you thought you had crazy ass left wing nutjobs in the US, didnt you?
  3. Yes they did. If the US didnt land on the moon the russians would have made it public to win the race to the moon.
  4. To be honest the european people have the bad habit of acting like theyre the only civilised people on this planet. In the same way they look down on america especially since Trump got elected. I despise this arrogance although certainly a lot of things are going wrong in the US. Trump failed with his muslim ban. I think it's a good thing but in the end his orders will be repealed by judges. This way he cannot keep these nutjobs out. Maybe he can create a law. Itll be interesting to see if he can get a majority of the congress behind such a law. Everything is blown out of proportion regarding trump. I agree with him that big companies should produce in the same countries they want to sell their products in. What I find annoying is that none of these snowflakes were protesting when american workers lost their jobs. But now since the silentl majority calls for justice they disvover their conscience for democracy.
  5. Slash in his natural environment diving out of the water like in the estranged video.
  6. I personally dont think gold is a good investment. The gold market is pretty small I suppose the central banks can manupulate it til the russians knock on your door. Or Uncle Sam bans its possession. Bitcoin on the other hand is rather an object of speculation considering its mysterious surroundings.
  7. I have the feeling that they're going literally crazy.
  8. Liberal german media:
  9. I wonder where these protestants were protesting when globalization forced millions of american workers into poverty. Neither labouf or Madonna were giving a fuck. But now they disvover their political ideals. Self-righteous adjective 1. confident of one's own righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.
  10. Hillary Clinton's Inauguration
  11. Brexit is not gonna happen. They are not letting people decide on such an important matter.
  12. One bad Apple spoils the whole bunch.
  13. I bet he will cast a woman as terminator. Like afro Iron Woman and Oceans 11 all girls cast.
  14. I dont believe Courtney killed Kurt. In order to believe this you need to have any evidence that actually leads to this conclusion. But there arent any really. Just assumptions.
  15. Fully agree. All companies want to produce cheaply and sell expensivly. They dont give a fuck where the money comes from. Its just fair play to make companies pay their fair share for the community they want to sell their shit to.