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  1. Black or white still gets played a lot. U can Touch this is a Rick James cover which gets played a lot too.
  2. Man GNR is so dead. The fucking reunion, fat axl, this and so fine. If Cobain thought gnr sucked in the 90's thank god he cannot see what came afterwards.
  3. But we are not talking about now. What if theres not enough work for everyone in the future? If machines and software get any job better/cheaper done than you? How are you going to survive? How are big companies going to sell their products? Additionaly I think it's morally questionable if you work your life for a big company and help getting more productive up to the point where your workforce is not needed anymore. So I think in future having a machine tax to finance the living of the 90% of the people is inevitable.
  4. You can donate some money for the forum then you rich motherfucker you.
  5. Nobody really believes this here. If you have a young immigrant from muslimland lets say 20 years old. It takes 10 years for him to learn the language and get used to our customs. Then he starts to work and he has to work for 40 years to be able to get a pension. So he has to work non stop until hes 70 years old. Which is quite optimistic even for native germans. And thats not even taking into account the costs for welfare, integration. Every immigrant is worsening the demographic problem in germany.
  6. In September there are general elections in germany and as it looks now Merkel is going to get elected once again. But its going to be her last run.
  7. Thats a collaboration.
  8. I dislike that they only cast female main actors. And for TFA they basicly copied all elements from ANH and glued it together. I wish these nutjobs would stick with their transgender toilets and not turn every movie into cinderella and the ethno boys.
  9. Great actor. He negotiated to receive parts of the revenues of the batman movie he did. He made about 60 Million dollars just with this movie. Remember what the dollar was worth back then.
  10. Cheers man. Im gonna have a look at this.
  11. Stuff like that gets hardly reported over here.
  12. Rock n Roll is about rebellion . Islam about obeying. Thats hardly going together.
  13. Good for you.
  14. Thats not the first thing that crosses my mind when dirt poor immigrants from south europe beg for my spare change but whatever. I bet the sun shines from their hearts.