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  1. Cheers man. Im gonna have a look at this.
  2. Stuff like that gets hardly reported over here.
  3. Rock n Roll is about rebellion . Islam about obeying. Thats hardly going together.
  4. Good for you.
  5. Thats not the first thing that crosses my mind when dirt poor immigrants from south europe beg for my spare change but whatever. I bet the sun shines from their hearts.
  6. People die anyway. So why not kick the EU in the can? People gonna die anyway. Nihilism at its finest. Why get up in the morning? People gonna die anyway. I get a glimpse now why the south of europe is going down the shitter.
  7. If you were greece you never would have had any assets in the first place thats where the problem started. Did you know that Greece lied to be accepted in the EU? They faked their numbers with help of american banks and now the german taxpayers that helped (not just for selfless reasons Ill give you that) is supposed to pay the bill. Fuck that. If you loan money pay it back or jump you fucker.
  8. Hardly.
  9. How could I forget about the quality pop industry of the 90's. I give you Metallica though.
  10. The shit thing of the 90s is that you have either the Axl Rose dolphin extravaganza or Kurt Cobain 'I dont wash my hair cause nothing makes sense' and hardly anything in between.
  11. I think Salsh should have stayed in Gnus n' Roses
  12. Germany has a minimum wage of 8,90 Eur.
  13. I know its old but I piss myself laughing every time.
  14. Yeah. There are twitter groups of left wing ngos that try to find people with 'wrong' opinions aka hate speech and make it public via twitter. When the pressure soars most companies kick out their workers.