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  1. the chinese says "aircraft carriers are obsolete".....and they are building their own. the russians says "stealth doesnt work,f 22 and f 35 are uselles"....and they are building their own 5 gen stelth planes fucking communist propaganda i cant stand it,always in America shadow......DEATH TO COMMUNISM Gerald Ford is fn amazing
  2. WTF.I love Linkin Park my favourite modern band
  3. Pink floyd,i thought that their music is so boring ,now they are in my top 5 favourite bands
  4. Cornshucker
  5. happy 4 of july GREAT AGAIN
  6. Van Halen-Panama,Hot for teacher,Jump Bon Jovi-You give love a bad name,Never say goodbye,I will be there fore you,Born to be my baby Kiss-Love Gun Ratt-Round and round
  7. 3 I can pay for sex,travel
  8. sex with 80s Erin