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  1. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Make Christmas great again
  2. Charles Manson dead

    this is the first time i listen to the original,fucking great
  3. What Are You Listening II

  4. Best non-YCBM UYI rock song?

    I voted for Pretty tied up,great rocker imo.
  5. What Are You Listening II

  6. Fuck you, Cleveland Indians

    soccer is the best sport in the world
  7. Fuck you, Cleveland Indians

    baseball is the most boring sport i have ever watched
  8. European Refugee Crisis

    no muslims in Bulgaria
  9. Vegas terrorist

    The West/Russia have killed atleast 200 people yesterday with bombing but who cares
  10. Vegas terrorist

    terrorism cannot be defeated
  11. I hate Breakdown,terrible sound effects and drums
  12. 1.Paradise city 2.You could be mine 3.Civil war The rest are in no order 4.Coma 5.Dont cry 6.November rain 7.Nightrain 8.SCOM 9.Its so easy 10.Locomotive 11.Pretty tied up 12.Dust N Bones 13.Back off bitch 14.Rocket queen 15.Patience 16.Welcome to the jungle 17.The Garden 18.Right next door to hell 19.Dont damn me 20.Mr Brownstone
  13. Who has been the best US President since WWII?

    Kennedy,Reagan,Clinton the rest are trash