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  1. 1992 vs 2017

    1992 was fucking amazing .Chicago,Paris and many more
  2. When did GN'R die?

    brazilian housekeeper is better than a wife and kids ??????
  3. When did GN'R die?

    The regrouping is NOT Guns N Roses. Fortus LOL,Frank LOL,the girl i forgot her name LOL
  4. When did GN'R die?

    When Izzy quit
  5. Is it time to scrap the national anthem?

  6. Thoughts on Civil War?

    In my top 3 favourite GNR songs,amazing music,lyrics and vocals
  7. Ronaldo is Axl Rose 2 ,what a legend he was now he is fat and ugly joke
  8. because he owns the name Guns N Roses .......Slash made an album that outsold CD(Contraband),he won grammy with VR ,he is doing fine without Axl.
  9. Slash is the star of the tour ,no one cares about Axl,he is still fat,cant sing he just sucks
  10. Pearl Jam vs. GN'R

    GNR,Pearl Jam is not even the best grunge band imo,Alice in chians is so much better
  11. Do Modern Rock Bands Suck?

    i hate modern music
  12. Is this a Band?

    Slash and Beta love each other
  13. I wish Double Talkin' Jive's studio outro was extended

    Izzys songs on UYI are fucking amazing

    http://livetv.sx/eventinfo/552489_floyd_mayweather_jr_conor_mcgregor/#webplayer_alieztv|42701|552489|759305|13|6|ru russian stream