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  1. Mixes n Qsound was a tough task but at the end the result is great. http://mega.nz/#F!Yjog0YqL!OstFYmUrsTUjxpN2VatwjA
  2. U read right doesnt matter what order u put the tracks them will switch smooth from one to another, the only thing u have to do is label the track order 01,02,03...uploading the first batch ill try at least share 3 or 4 tracks of each track played so far (dunno how many weeks it will take), mostly will be sdb but i found great audiences that will make u pleased! All tracks are eq to a nice range to make it a great experience! Enjoy the ride! 29 tracks already uploaded. http://mega.nz/#F!ovAV2T4C!4fDLau37giowwMRFjORSxw
  3. imsorry

    Saskatoon 1993 - Video

    there is a stupid fucker Walker aka WFA take down everything under Uzi Suicidall LLC but it will got an end soon.
  4. http://mega.nz/#!Zz5GlCxZ!svCVFr7EPDWzpYvIcfgwfHrl3XdlNpKX368ubnOD_SU
  5. imsorry

    GnR announcement coming?

    Brasileiro sendo brasileiro lol
  6. imsorry

    GnR announcement coming?

    the drums sound cooler cuz CLA did some drum replacement somethin his famous for he trigger samples with original drum and boom in your face sound!
  7. Chris Lord-Alge now them choose the right mixer for the job love all his work got all his videos tutorials he did, if this guy had mixed CD... not that Caram crap ...the world would be different lol
  8. imsorry

    My Soundcloud GN'FN'R

    Hollywod Rose Demo http://mega.nz/#F!VmRHFRTI!9YSrnp1zsTns-TvbNNWvsgMistyc Studios Demo http://mega.nz/#F!9ignlDLR!YrUNqsQfUZuM32o-U4tabwAlan Niven Demos http://mega.nz/#F!M6JWDCSK!wYC8ZXCIYHeernwfFtyxiQ
  9. imsorry

    My Soundcloud GN'FN'R

  10. imsorry

    My Soundcloud GN'FN'R

    i have a youtube channel but i just doesnt have to much free time to work with videos. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tSq2UOKZeArNAgznYK6Hw
  11. imsorry

    My Soundcloud GN'FN'R

    Remasters, Remixes n Mixes. http://www.dropbox.com/s/wekj25ld8hq3xm7/maddy.mp3?dl=0