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  1. Y'all saying this is a result of an anti-Trump standpoint, ignoring the fact that Axl can't face life without Mexican food and has to tread lightly.
  2. "Cindy, it has come to my attention that you were looking at one of your fellow humanity employees for longer than five seconds toda-- SHIT."
  3. Conor

    The Mafia (sign-ups)

    Cardi B. Mayne vs Koko B. Ware I'd like to play, but I simply won't have the time I'm afraid. If there's any change to that, I'll let you know and join up.
  4. Conor

    House of Blues 2001

    Low quality audio Recorded on a potato Sloppy and loose Some less than capable musicians RAW AS IT SHOULD BE Cracking Jokes This is the 1986 of NuGnR. And it's delightful.
  5. Conor

    House of Blues 2001

    TIL it's pronounced Paul Hewgy, not Paul Huge.
  6. Conor

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    House Of Blues was the death of Axl Rose. Rock In Rio was the birth of aXL NuRose.
  7. I like to think you didn't even need to look that up, you already knew the timestamp.
  8. Conor

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    SOYL sounded alright at Download from the 30s I heard of it.
  9. Not surprising. We're only six months gone from a core-entry, and it's a film nobody wanted. At least Rogue One was the hard nostalgia play, without relying on it being the "someone" movie. I can't see any of those working, with the exception of a Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan film. They should focus more on stories and the like, rather than "Well we need a Lando film, we need a Boba Fett film". All hell will break loose if they try to make a Yoda one. Solo was never going to have the widespread appeal that an Episode would, and it didn't seem to appeal to casual fans either, it was only for the maniacal propaganda rally fans. That, and the reviews seem to be "It was okay". I'll watch it eventually, I'm sure it's enjoyable enough while not memorable, but even as a Star Wars fan (who has enjoyed most of the new stuff as well), I had very minimal interest in going to see this as soon as I could, which says it all really.
  10. Conor

    Before anyone else posts it

    The Tokyo 1992 DVD, in good quality.
  11. Conor

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    The key word here is now. I'd say it is strictly Nazi imagery now, whether it predates it or not. On the same note, you can't really defend a swastika anymore as "an ancient symbol of peace", it's contemporary meaning is now ingrained in Nazism, rightly or wrongly. That might change in the future, but just as language is malleable throughout time, what was once a Prussian war medal is absolutely now indicative of Nazi imagery and it's difficult to argue otherwise. But yeah, of course they should've mentioned all the other shit on his jacket because that tells the whole story.
  12. Imagine seeing Steven Adler's hairy, track marked, deflated ass bobbing up and down. Now you know why.
  13. Imagine seeing Steven Adler's hairy, track marked, deflated ass bobbing up and down. Now you know why.