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  1. Probably sponsoring Burger King to take him out.
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    I have indeed, big fan.
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    Wayfaring Stranger
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    Excuse me I'm trying to discuss beer with my fellow alcoholics
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    Good to know you've not totally lost the plot.
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    @John Bonham Can you please ban anyone drinking green beer or a shit variation of Guinness this weekend?
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    well that was fucking dreadful
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    It's both. Love a good crossword. I accept the ageing process.
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    His name was the period
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    What'd he do this time?
  11. It makes me want to play it. Resetera is one of the worst places on the internet, they are awful people. I'm part of the Easy Allies community (gaming website, formerly Gametrailers), and there seemed to be a little bit of crossover with Resetera/NeoGaf. Holy fuck, I've never encountered such blind and vitriolic mania in my life. There was always a big blow up on Reddit between the normal fans and the Resetera ones (a small vocal minority). In that thread they have a fucking rule that if you in any way defend the guy, you're banned. I actually challenged them when they said that "racism informed aspects of the game design and mechanics". Did it fuck. When I asked "in what way?" and suggested that there were very few if any black people in 15th Century Czech Republic, and if there were any, they'd have been treated deplorably, and subsequently killed (which doesn't translate very well to a janky video game), they couldn't answer me. All I got was "well they didn't speak English there either", "even in the 15th Century, people moved around, just less so than today. There were dark skinned people in Europe back then", and that there were even Jews there! Who'd have thought? Pressed again, they never could answer my question about how it influenced the game design or mechanics. They just spew out nonsense and anger with complete ignorance about what it is they're saying. Edit: - That thread is amazing, but definitely more moderated than their usual standards. The same page has two warnings dished out, which are in big red banners for everyone to see, one for "calling everyone who bought the game a nazi sympathiser" and another for "using SJW as an insult" The mods just start dishing out bans like Oprah when anyone challenges their mental policy, then say "this is why we can't have nice things" and close the thread. Wonderful.