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  1. If he comes out of this okay, I have no doubt he'll say hello to all his fans, Flair flop onto the floor to scare the shit out of everyone, get up and WOOOOOO! and then expose himself a nurse. Because he's Ric fucking Flair.
  2. It's fine, but find it overrated.
  3. I didn't think we'd have an album, but I honestly thought at this point they would've released a shit easy song or a cover.
  4. Make shit thread - Get into shitfits with everyone through weaponised autism - Delete thread - Act like nothing happened and surprised if anyone mentions it - Rinse & repeat

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    2. altered beast

      altered beast

      Why'd ya delete the thread, chief?   lololol


      You're a creepy pervert and you always have been.  It's sort of your gimmick, except in your case, it's not a gimmick.  


    3. Sora


      I deleted it because I was getting mocked in it, and the thread was stupid. It was a thread about "when were women the hottest", in the 80s, 90s, 00s, or today. Stupid topic for a thread, and I didn't appreciate where it was going.

      I'm not a pervert. Creepy, I used to be when I was fat and had a mustache I will admit, but I've never done anything untoward to any woman or man. My gimmick is I'm the forum's Meg Griffin, except I don't want to be.

    4. Budd Dwyer
  5. Did Miser's North Korea topics get censored? Kim Jong Bonham.

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    2. Sora


      Actually, I only discovered the 'delete thread' function pretty recently....I used to delete individual posts at one time to cover my ass if I said something inflammatory or which could get me in trouble. I'm trying to be better as a person (and my sense of right and wrong has improved a bit with the halving of my Xanax dosage). Nowadays, if a thread has gone someplace that I feel is either overwhelmingly negative, or if it has veered so far off the original point as to no longer constitute the intent of the topic, or if it's a thread which on reflection had a flawed premise from the outset (which is most often the case), I delete it. I consider it an act of self-moderation, which shows discipline on my part. Sometimes a thread needs to be aborted after the fact. Sometimes going back and looking over a thread reveals it shouldn't have been made; that the topic only invites division and/or scorn. The forum has this function for a reason...Why shouldn't it be used? If a thread of mine has devolved into a circle-jerk of me being attacked, and defending myself, then for the good of the forum it should be removed. It's neither Orwellian, nor is it reckless or done thoughtlessly on my part. I'm trying to be, as I said, a better person, and also a better poster and member of this forum. It takes work.

    3. GUNNER


      Deleting posts/threads won't make you a better person.

    4. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      " .I used to delete individual posts at one time to cover my ass if I said something inflammatory or which could get me in trouble. 

      Nothing is more pathetic, than deleting posts in a forum.

  6. He probably stopped taking care of it to give you something to talk about while he didn't make music.
  7. 141 2/3
  8. Ain't Life Grand has some chooooooons. It's much more akin to Contraband than anything else I think. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere screams of a man who didn't really have any breathtaking ideas, and if he did, he was saving them for GNR, so squeezed out an album out of (mostly) bad offcuts.
  9. "The band, the manager, the A&R guy, even the Rocket Queen" So Steven, Gilby, Vicki, Zutaut, and that crazy groupie.
  10. bacardimayne was right alllllllll along!