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  1. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I can't imagine how irreversibly terrible it would be to sit in a cinema or theatre surrounded by people who clap and cheer. It's a film, you shut the fuck up.
  2. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I suspect the Han Solo film will be sarcastic quip-mania, probably ending with the Kessel Run. An Obi-Wan film feels less predictable to me, they've some scope for a character development story, and I'd love to see Ewan McGregor given some decent dialogue. It's very early days, but problem so far is that they've not taken the risk of trying to do anything different, because I'm not sure the general public will go for it. Star Wars gives off this impression of being a huge universe with endless possibilities, but we're yet to really see anything that doesn't boil down to Jedi vs Sith, space battles, and lightsabers. It's a lot more limiting than people give it credit for. Of course, it might only take one or two "out-there" films to dispel that notion, but they're yet to happen. It's another reason I was particularly disappointed in the cancellation of Star Wars 1313 and Visceral's game, they looked like something novel.
  3. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    That is absolutely criminal if they didn't at least map out the key details. I don't mind them filling in the gaps, but that's pathetic. It wasn't to make it more SJW-friendly per se, it was to make it kid-friendly. And even it's hardly child-friendly at all.
  4. GAME OVER: Wrestlemafia

    I can assure you, things are being put into place.
  5. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    See y'all in 48 hours.
  6. Charisma and Great Worker Charisma and Great Worker Charisma, Good Worker and Shaggin' GOAT in All Of The Above I fail to see how any of these apply to the flabby vacuum that is Big Cass.
  7. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    All action, but no substance. I felt like all the tension was sucked out of it because we knew they would succeed regardless, which is very difficult to avoid and only the very best films can navigate around that. The first hour is really poor. As a spectacle though, everything after that was very well made and very much enjoyable. I just don't think it holds up all that well. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. As with TFA, they played it safe. I think they'll do the same with the Han Solo film, and if you like Star Wars you'll probably have a good time, I hope they'll start taking some risks with the Obi-Wan film (but more likely after that.)
  8. It'd also be mad to give him the big push because he's in his 40s. I agree with the original sentiment, but he is a main event talent. That might involve bouncing down to the upper midcard, but unless you only consider Roman and Lesnar as main eventers, then AJ is definitely in the group. I agree that he'll never be the face of the company (again, joined in his 40s) and won't headline a Wrestlemania, but I just don't think that amounts to Vince hating him because he didn't create him. Maybe it's just too strong a word? P.S Big Cass won't, he has late-JBL body, is terrible in the ring with little signs of improvement, and has zero charisma. Braun is a fucking mountain of a man, was terrible in the ring but shown huge leaps of improvement, and has a shockingly good amount charisma.
  9. That doesn't mean that he's buried or Vince hates him though. That's utterly ridiculous. He held the belt for four months, in this day and age I'd hardly call that transitional. After him Cena held it for two weeks. Bray for a month and a half. Orton for a month and a half. I remember you calling Big Cass, how's that working out for ya? I appreciate he's been out with an injury, but he was pish before that and it became very clear that he needed Enzo and not the other way around. Did you call Braun? I don't recall, fair play if you did, I didn't think much of him until September-October '16. He's wonderfully entertaining and one of the best things they've got going at the minute.
  10. His match with Shane was the best match of Wrestlemania Far better than it had any right to be. Like it or not, in Vince's head being in a feud with Shane is a big fucking deal. It was Smackdown's biggest Wrestlemania story. Just because someone doesn't headline Wrestlemania or win the Royal Rumble does not mean they're buried. He's the best wrestler in the company, and has been given considerably more opportunities than anyone thought he would. He immediately feuded with Roman Reigns in PPV main events, he then feuded with and beat John Cena in marquee matches, then he became WWE Champion within his first nine months. He faced a Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania in a match that Vince thinks is huge, had the lowest point of his run when he was in a pretty positon feuding around the United States Championship with a credible contender, before once again becoming WWE Champion and having Brock Lesnar's best match in years. Does someone piss in your Corn Flakes every single morning? You've gone off the fucking rail for rambling nonsense since I've popped my head back round the door. I know I've been away for a while, is this a gimmick? Or has something happened?
  11. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I mean I guess... You can certainly see he commands some respect. I can't remember how I felt when I first saw him, and any subsequent viewings won't be the same retroactively knowing that he does fuck all and is eaten by an anus.
  12. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I think she was marketed as a badass female, I don't think at any point the filmmakers try to achieve that. She's a toy, she's a shiny distraction, she's Boba Fett. I agree, Boba Fett looks cool and does nothing, dies like a bitch, whereas Phasma looks cool, gets bitched and does nothing, and presumably, will die like a bitch. I suspect if a "director's cut" exists, she may get more development, but yeah it seems baffling they'd even bother to pay for Gwendoline Christie. She's not a huge name by any means, but for all she does they could've used "tall woman" or "tall man" in a casting call. She's the epitome of one character too many, they just didn't have any time, scope, or interest, to work towards development. You've already got Kylo with Snoke and Hux as your supplementary evil characters, a fourth was overkill, especially with how many significant good characters there are.