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  1. Oh boys
  2. Everyone should watch Four Lions tonight.
  3. Not since the IRA and the likes, anyway.
  4. I saw The Who ten years ago, Velvet Revolver were supposed to open for them but cancelled at the last minute because they broke up. Even then Daltrey's voice was fucked, but fun night. They'll fit in right in with shit Axl.
  5. 22, 59+ injured. Confirmed suicide bomber now.
  6. It could well be a suicide bomber, I just find a bit ridiculous and reckless that news outlets from across the world are reporting that as matter of fact before there's been any indication of that at the scene of the incident in an official capacity.
  7. Anyone caught being afraid at Slane for GNR on Saturday will immediately be given an emergency beer, that's letting them achieve something.
  8. How fucking loud do people think balloons pop?
  9. The only news outlets that are reporting any "confirmation" of it being a suicide bomber so far are American
  10. #PrayForManchester Ah would ya fuck off. Go do something useful to help.
  11. You should definitely take all witness reports with a pinch of salt. Turns out a friend of mine was there (though how one of my friends has ended up at an Ariana Grande concert I'm not quite sure, but we won't judge), and said the bang was in the middle of the arena, which is pretty much absolutely confirmed not to be case. Still, glad she's safe n' that.
  12. It's fine, there's lots of people on Twitter sending her thoughts and prayers.
  13. Welp, better safe than sorry. Must've been at least a little bit suspicious lads for you to blow it up.
  14. Because we should be doing shit against extremists and known criminals, not generally Islam. It's equally stupid to say this kind'a shit "has nothing to do with religion" as it is to say "fucking Muslims!"