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  1. Yes, it did. What's your point? I'm not debating whether it not it's correctly or suitably classified as a mental disorder, but it is absolute fact that it is classified as one. This doesn't necessarily mean that it requires treatment although in some cases that may be desired. One's desire to be another gender is not itself a mental disorder, but rather the dissatisfaction or distress caused in some cases is what cements that as a mental disorder. If you suddenly decide you want to lob off your cock n' bollocks and crack a dress on, you do not have a mental disorder. If you become significantly depressed and disillusioned with life because you feel you cannot, you have a mental disorder. It's not difficult.
  2. It's in the DSM. So whether you want to think of it as a mental illness or not, it's officially classified as one. So it is a mental disorder.
  3. Nobody takes hardcore insane feminism seriously here. It gets ripped apart in satire and discussion just as much as the Right. It's also a ridiculous rhetoric that all Muslims want to bomb us and cause unrest, equally as ridiculous as the suggestion that the ones that do aren't influenced by religion and other shenanigans. Someone will always want to bomb you. Catholics and Protestants have been doing it for centuries, purely because of the Global Village notion and ease of transport means that now some brown people want to bomb us as well. As with anything, there's a lovely middle ground, and either side of the fence you'll see tremendous twats.
  4. The stuff he did with Hurricane was great as well, and I thought 3MW had a good little run.
  5. a plan taketh shape
  6. Ignoring the fact we lost a decade of him to TNA, absolutely. He's certainly in the discussion. Without a doubt the five best overall professional wrestlers, considering charisma/adaptability/technical ability in my timeframe of watching have been Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and Big Show.
  7. Yes it was also a surprise when Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels had a good match, who'd have thought?
  8. Sending brasky would be absolute perfection.
  9. Wellllllllllllllllllllllll....
  10. No idea I'm afraid, but you should use the money to go see a Bigger Show.
  11. I will host again at some point, for sure. I don't want to takeover anyone's ideas or game-plan though. I've got three or four ideas that could feasibly go at any time with a bit more work on the details, and one or two ideas that I would need to sit down and work out if they're even possible. If I'm listing things that could go right now, WrestleMafia II, Purgatory V, and Pokemon Mafia Version. Chinese Democracy and Survivor would take some working out. You know what you're getting with WrestleMafia and Purgatory, at least, the others aren't quite so vanilla.
  12. Fucking christ I've got an outstanding idea.