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  1. Is it time to scrap the national anthem?

    Lol, the whole anthem thing is so silly. Freedom of speech also means they are allowed to express their opinion, even during the anthem. The USA is not a dictatorship. Who cares anyway, just a bunch of athletes.
  2. Favorite Gangster movie?

    I agree it's underrated, I personally like Lock Stock more though.
  3. Favorite Gangster movie?

    It's Goodfellas probably for me as well. But I also love Reservoir Dogs, Lock Stock and two smoking Barrels and The Usual Suspects (not sure if it's a real gangster movie though).
  4. Oh, lol. Well good thing he wasn't serious, it almost worried me.
  5. Anime

    I like Anime, I am a total nerd.
  6. So blackmailing women into having sex is acting like a boss, did you read the whole article? Gunner, something is very wrong with you. Listen to Apollo, it's not that difficult.
  7. I genuinely feel suicidal

    And every day, I look forward to the moment I can go back to bed again, best moment of the day
  8. I genuinely feel suicidal

    It's true, it does get better over the years. Stuff seems so important now, but when older you don't understand why you were even so nervous, sad or insecure about those things. It's all in acceptence. Accept you are not like other people, accept you don't have to be. Accept your childhood wasn't the most fun, accept your parents are who they are, accept who you are. You are not perfect and you don't need to be. You can be you, don't be so harsh on yourself. It allright to be you. The moment I got severe psychical problems, my depression in my early 20s seemed such a waste of time. I could have used that time, so much better. I regret it so much. Life has so much to offer, so many things you can do. Don't waste it Miser, please. Listen to EstrangedTWAT, it's all true and yeah, your mind is fucking with you, Mags is right.
  9. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    I love Coma, it was also my favorite hearing live. Was waiting for it and didn't see anybody bored. I can sing every line of that song. It's not my favorite song, but the song I can relate to the most. When I was in a very dark place, like 20 years ago, this song was on my discman, non stop. I even like that talking part and love the zapping part. Oh and I love both albums, not as much as AFD though. Can't name my favorite it all depends on my mood. Eventhough UYI II has YCBM on it, I think it's less angry than UYI I.
  10. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    I never cared for BHS as well. I also hated the vid. Soundgarden had way better songs, than this one. I do think they can drop it by now, allthough I did enjoy Axl's version when I saw it. But it's time to move on.
  11. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Lol, you like only those two? Seriously, I agree with Budd, how can you be so shit lately?
  12. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    AFD: 10/10 All other albums are no 10. Done, Guns wins, in my objective opinion.
  13. What to wear to a wedding?

    Miser can't pull it off , cause he ain't from the south. He is a very italian looking guy, so I would just stick with a suit for him. Isn't there a dresscode or anything Miser? Most of the time, the bridescouple has that mentioned in their inventation.
  14. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Oh yeah you are right, lol. Stupid album titles, not good in that
  15. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    LLAS is better than Lies, just cause off one in a million and that's objectively the truth.