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  1. Artists's death Thread

    I absolutaly love The Wiz❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Love the music and it makes me happy. I have seen the movie with the great music like 50 times. Ease on down the road, is an awesome song! As a young child I adored Ross and MJ. I am not ashamed to admit it as well, I can sing every Ross, including the Supremes, songs. I have followed her career and even went to a concert with my brother. I don’t know her work after 1990 or so though. But I love her, there my confession.
  2. Artists's death Thread

    I was truly upset when George Michael died, mostly cause of childhood memories. But as a lost artistcly to me it where Bowie en Prince.
  3. Charles Manson dead

    I don’t say RIP, cause I wouldn’t mean that.
  4. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I actually had three male teachers who married students. I was almost kicked out of school for calling one a pedo. I was going through some difficult times, cause I was very sick. He started yelling at me for not doing my homework, but I had a very good excuse and he knew it. Anyway I know, I shouldn’t have said it, but I did. The story is, he married the student as soon as she turned 18, he was 40 at that time and the relation started when she was 16. Two others basicly had the same story, it wasn’t a big deal in those days, maybe it’s only news when a female teacher is doing it or maybe times where different. I still stand by what I said, but well maybe it was better if I had said nothing, I was an angry kid in those days. It sure got me in a whole lot of trouble.
  5. Malcolm Young RIP

    I am so sad about this. First George now Malcolm only a month later, must be so hard for the family. Sad news, RIP Malcolm
  6. European Refugee Crisis

    That’s such old news. He even warned us about it. It’s in an interview with a French channel you can find on youtube. He also warned Blair in a call I believe. Guess Hillary couldn’t care less, since the US doesn’t have to deal with that problem, so continued to screw up the middle east. Also the whole slave thing is known for years and no news at all. Lol, CNN brings nothing new here, there are even documentaries about that issue. What is going on, is they are held and the family has to pay randsom, if not able to, they are sold off, killed or whatever. But well, they are Africans, so nobody gives a shit. The storming of the Tarajal border happens a couple of times a year, nothing new there. Told you we had our own walls😉.
  7. You have a good point there. However using drugs or molesting/raping people are kind of different. She was hurting herself, while they hurted other people. Yeah, guess it’s the same for Axl and I still like the music of GNR. It’s more I liked his jokes about family life a lot and well, can’t really have sympathy now. But well, it is still funny true.
  8. Ugh, Usual suspects is one of my favorite movies ever and louis CK made me laugh so hard, now they ruined it for me.
  9. Euro Tour 2018

    Well I am probably going again.
  10. I fucking hate winter

    Yeah, agreed the winter sucks. Dark, cold, boring, just
  11. I don’t speak to him personally, but I know somebody who does. I will pass the message. Aw, the Taylor Swift thing was so cute. So easy to make fun off.
  12. Aaron is doing very well. No time or interest in forums anymore.
  13. Izzygirl isn’t a boy, lol. Seriously And this one I really do know as fact. Now stop that, Izzygirl is so Also still don’t buy the Madison = P4A thing. P4A told me she isn’t and that’s enough for me.
  14. No, lol shut up, she wasn’t a tranny. Izzygirl was awesome, I miss her.