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  1. That’s not the case in European countries, well not Nothern European countries. I noticed the difference in culture when it comes to marriage and such. Some do like some royal weddings from time to time, mostly so we can gossip about how horrible they look or why so much tax money is used for stuff like this. The whole fairytale thing is pretty much an American thing. We love to complain about our royals more. The older generation likes it more, like my parents. They are in their 70s. Think the 55+ generation is the one that mostly watched here. I didn’t watch myself and don’t know anybody who did, except my parents. I did watch the wedding of our king years ago though.
  2. MBrose

    Finally a new single!!!

    Well at least the vid is not LGBT, lol
  3. MBrose

    I'm literally a cuck

    Nah, this post was too funny to be Miser
  4. MBrose

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I basicly complain every year, that’s a tradition as well.
  5. MBrose

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Lol it was horrible. I hated it so bad. I was cheering for Austria in the end, everything was ok for me except this one. The thing was, my kids already knew it. Seems it was a hit already for kids, who don’t understand the lyrics, they just liked the chicken sound. So all parents had to vote her, I suppose. Ugh, horrible. Even worse than last years winner Portugal, what I also hated.
  6. MBrose

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    The winner is horrible, it often is. I so not wanted her to win🙄. The show was pretty good overall, Portugal did well organising it.
  7. MBrose

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

  8. I agree. Seeing the songs, it’s definately not worth paying 999 dollar. 999 is ridiculous, way too expensive. I do like the smaller box enough to want it though. Since it is my birthday soon, my family can buy that one for me.
  9. Nah, the huge box is 999 dollar, I believe. But you also have a deluxe edition, which is smaller. Think I will buy that one http://gnrmerch.com/
  10. Lol seriously, are that all the songs?
  11. MBrose

    What do you hate most about Axl?

    Lol seriously, I can show you way worse fanbases. I mean, GnR fanbase can be bad, but it’s not half as bad as some teenager fanbases.
  12. MBrose

    What do you hate most about Axl?

    Definately this one. Still don’t hate, but strongly frustrated about that. I don’t hate, cause I don’t have that strong feelings for a singer of a band. Too much energy would go into that.
  13. MBrose

    GnR announcement coming?

    Ofcourse I open the box, jesus. Just not sure if I want the tattoo’s opened and used. The box complete has more worth, than with stuff missing. But it would be fun to see a photo, so maybe I will send you that one.
  14. MBrose

    GnR announcement coming?

    I will think about it. Not sure if I want it opened. Just in case Germany decides never to buy our products and my country will be ruined and I need to sell the box.