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  1. Oh so sad, poor kitten. Must have been so hard for your kids, what an horrible thing. I also have a cleaning lady, but I call her my PA, which after all these years she has become. Anyway I agree with you.
  2. If not fixed Conor has zero change, like Floyd would have zero change when it was MMA.
  3. Fuck you Axle Rose!
  4. Lol except the Apollo has very positive reviews, unlike the others. Guess it was not that bad being there. I feel like trolling being positive about the band on this forum. Which amuses me
  5. Yeah, I actually stated that as well. However I also said all those singers had their prime and if you compare the current shows to the ones in their prime, I chose the ones in their prime days for watching and listening every time.
  6. No we actually agree. I meant 'live' watching, not the vids.
  7. We disagree Budd. I saw him 4 times ( 2 nugnr, 2 current) live and every time I had the best of time and people were impressed by him. Certainly the last show was awesome. So no, I stand by my words. It might just be a 'thing' he has or something and Axl in combination with Slash is even better. However why should I watch vids of GNR now, when I can see GNR in their prime on youtube as well? I do watch live streams though. But I never watch vids of 2017 or NuGnr if not live streams. I rather just watch the prime vids. I often think, I am actually the one who is the most moderate fan of GNR on here. I don't follow them, like some of you are.
  8. I disagree. Going to the shows is still great. Best fun I had in a long while. I have seen GNR, NuGnr, VR, Snakepit, Walking Papers, I am planning to stalk these people till they are really too old to perform. That just isn't the case, the show is just still awesome to see live and as long I am leaving happy instead of sad, they can go on.
  9. Imo Axl is still great watching live on stage. Still a great frontman. Just compared to what he once was, it's just a lot less. He was incredible when he was young, just beyond words. He now still gives great shows though, but you need to watch it and not only listen. The guy is 55 after all, a live of drugs, smoking and alcohol, that's just too damaging to a voice. He has his moments, but he needs all the band to make it work now. But they sure give great shows, Slash and Axl together is still worth watching every minute. But when I really want to listen, young Axl is what needs to be listened to. It truly sucked no Adler and no Izzy, they should have been there. But I never expected them to be there in the first place Oh I saw Axl in 2010 (already 6 years ago, lot of years), I like this Axl more. Eventhough his voice was better, he on stage wasn't. It's hard to explain, why though. He seems to be more relaxed or something. Could be me as well, cause Slash makes such a difference.
  10. I never understood the bootleg thing. Seriously the only ones worth listening are young Axl ones. Old Axl is still fun for watching shows. But why listen to a bootleg after 2010 instead of one of young Axl in his prime. This is the same for most bands when getting older. There is no singer in his prime after 50. Maybe somewhat better than our Axl, but still not the best they have been.
  11. Yeah music sucked, but it's still sad. He had 6 kids, I feel sorry for them.
  12. Could very will be the case. I am already doubting he wanted equal payment. What I do believe, he didn't want to do all songs. I just can't see him doing CD songs somehow.
  13. Beta seemed to tagged them in her twitter, I believe. edit: she also answers to somebody it has no meaning