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  1. Pearl Jam vs. GN'R

    ugh... I hate Pearl Jam! Can't stand that band...Complete sell outs!
  2. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    There is no more insider infarmatioooon! It's OVAAAAAAA! OVAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  3. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Damn right! GNRsucks.com quality like post! Now tell Matt Sorum to do his drum Roll!
  4. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    It's a guy who wrote Civil War, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle etc...
  5. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Axl is a better lyricist than James any day of the week. The guy could have been the new John Lennon, if the band had never separated and people didn't try to destroy his life. Also, if he had a better management than he does. People that actually push for him to be creative and work on songs on a more fast paced way. In the 90's he was wild and rabid. He was out there. Now he's in his comfort zone. An artist like Axl needs to get out of his comfort zone to feel hungry and motivated. That's my take on it. I agree on Metallica having more artist integrity as a whole, than GNR. They didn't break up, and they continued a long career up until now. That's very fair to say. I agree on them being more consistent live and being more accessible to fans, and treating fans better.
  6. The worst recordings

    Sorry man. I can't really give you a link because for what it worth it's ilegal, but I'm sure you'll find it if you search for it
  7. The worst recordings

    Probably if you go to the download section of this forum, you'll find it. I don't have it.
  8. The worst recordings

    I only like "Better", "Catcher in the Rye", "Chinese Democracy" and "There Was a Time" out of the 14 songs of Chinese Democracy, and I guess I can tolerate "Street of Dreams". The rest of the album was mediocre in my opinion. And I prefer the "2006 leaked There Was a Time" without that crap church intro, and the "Antiquiet leaked Chinese Democracy". The album version of Chinese Democracy the track was ruined right on the intro. You can't hear the bass and you barely can hear the drums after Axl screams on the intro. There's no impact going to the song whatsoever. For all of you, do the test... Hear the antiquiet leaked chinese democracy until about minute 2.00, then do the same with the album version, and tell me what's the version that is properly mixed and that is most badass ?!
  9. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Metallica have no masterpieces. Trash Metal songs aren't masterpieces, however they do have great songs, and two great albums called "Metallica" and "Master of Puppets". They also have two good albums called "Ride the Lightning" and "Justice for all". They're much more professional than Guns N'Roses though.
  10. The worst recordings

    I hate that song... it's the most pathetic attempt to do Oh My God 2 that I've ever seen. Couldn't stand that elephant solo either! God I wish I would forget the day Bumblefoot joined Guns N'Roses. I have abusevely technical guitar players. They take all the simple magic from the songs and turn it into a shredding fest. That's like a wrestling match with 12 RKO's and no other moves done.

    When he makes weight!
  12. If you listen to Oh My God with good heaphones and adjust the equalizer, you can notice an Axl killer almost at the end of the song on the background... Kinda like the screams he does on Live and Let Die. I always thought that they should put that scream over on a finished version. I'm surprised I still remember that. The guitars need to be changed though, they sound like a 32 bit Super Mario game. The solo is interesting, but the way it's compressed, it makes it sound like it's just something that was pasted there and wasn't even created with a real guitar. The Rock in Rio 3 live version is awesome, but Mickey Mouse was singing it... Honestly, besides Better, Oh My God was the song that got me more interested in New GNR, but after hearing it so many times... I'm kind of tired of it. If it ever gets released, like Silkworms, I won't be paying too much attention to it, because it already ran its course with me...
  13. The worst recordings

    IRS Is an embarassing song no matter what version it is. I like Catcher though.
  14. The peeeearls of rooooock n'rooooolll decadeeeence!