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  1. AndreCC

    Trading leaks / unheard material

    Constipation? 🤣
  2. AndreCC

    Trading leaks / unheard material

    "Crack the Sky" is a Buckethead released single
  3. AndreCC

    Trading leaks / unheard material

  4. AndreCC

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    It's not the same shit. If you would have actually listened to the song, you would have noticed it! It has a different solo (Bumblefoot), it has kind of a SKA guitars part close to the solo, the guitars in the whole song are different, and yes it is the version from that disc. The only thing is that it's compressed on purpose. It's not hard to get the reason why it's compressed that way.
  5. I got one word for you: Hammerstein Remember when he comeback in 2006 and everyone thought he was finished, and he cameback almost to his Appetite days voice??? He had a bunch of new songs to sing: Better, IRS, TWAT, CD, Blues... I was there in 4 of those nights and it was magic! He needs that vibe again, he needs new material so he can get that revamped energy and be motivated to sing.... but he doesn't realize that! He's too lazy!...
  6. AndreCC


    I think they're both dating with their nemesis albums 😂
  7. AndreCC


    Damn I miss Scott!
  8. AndreCC


    I'm horrified! This song would be great if Axl sang it at full rasp like on IRS, but instead he sang it like he does on Scraped. Bad interpretation, off key and he had lost his breath by then. He needs a vocal coach! I hope he quits the AC/DC gig, drops a few songs on GNR's setlist so he can hang in GNR.
  9. AndreCC

    Finally a new single!!!

    Honestly I think Perla ate shit from his ass on her own, I think that was her wanting it and doing it... cause later that day she probably got herself a diamond that cost 100,000 dollars. 😂 Don't forget she was a groupie. Groupies do anything for fortune and fame.
  10. AndreCC

    Paradise City at the Ritz... fuck you the 1987 one

    Noticed how natural that rasp would come out of his voice in the beginning of the song?? He didn't even have to scream for it to come out. It was just natural... Also, His voice volume was astonishing. And this is probably the song where I most miss Steven Adler on the Drums. His drums on that intro are so recognizable, that it almost makes the song!
  11. LOL this forum's like the Alex Jones/Infowars of all GNR Forums, you're only missing the Cold War Survival Merch. 😂
  12. I'll buy the boxset of a CD that I already have twice. I have Appetite regular cd and Appetite SHM-CD so I'll buy it for the third time. I bought Appetite for Democracy too (that one I wouldn't buy it again). I bought Shadow of your Love on Itunes, even though I'm buying the deluxe edition box later on. New Music ? I would buy it in a heartbeat! Even if leaked years before!
  13. It's a re-recorded track. Only stupid people can't see that. Axl's new vocals, Slash's new guitar track, new drums and new bass. It's all brand new!
  14. Thanks for posting GNS!
  15. Since the 2cd Deluxe option include Shadow of Your Love. I'm going for that one. 20 bucks seems like a good catch! I don't care about the posters or the photos.