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  1. I know right?!? I was 21... now I'm 32... Oh Hell!
  2. Of course there's a full song, and we know exactly where it is...Two people have it. If this was 2006 that song would have leaked already. We have almost half of the song, or at least a quarter of the song, so traders wouldn't feel like the song didn't have any value anymore and would probably leak it, before somebody else new could trade it. However, after the Skwerl incident, most people left the forums and moved on, afraid they could be next in line with lawsuits, some changed their usernames, and you will never be able to know who they are, unless they tell you, others just don't care about GNR anymore. MSL wasn't an Original Trader, but he's probably one of the few that are left in the message boards from that era, and he's out of the picture as well. So chances that people will have Silkworms are very small. The clips have been around for some time as well. Hell, jackie chan's clip has 10 or 11 years and we never got to hear the whole song. So it's not like there's good chances of Silkworms to leak.
  3. I would take Silkworms and the new Oh My God over Jackie Chan any day! Jackie Chan sounds like a Mickey Mouse fest!
  4. Who did that list, and how are you sure that the full song leaked??? As far as I know only MSL and another guy have it (of the people that go to message boards)
  5. Please clarify. Posted what in full?
  6. I'm banned forever at GNR Truth. I don't want to rat out anything. I couldn't care less.
  7. Hey only good intentions here. You do what you wanna do. Not my problem.
  8. do you guys think that that is why Axl sports various Mickey Mouse t-shirts ? To mock our opinion on his voice?
  9. It sounds like Scraped or Riad to me. It has a punk vibe to it as well. If it didn't have all the voice and sound effects it would probably be a straight up Spaghetti Incident kind of song.
  10. I just don't want anyone to get in trouble for this, that's all. It's just a song. Hopefully nothing will happen! It does sound good though!
  11. @John Bonham be the responsible one. The kid doesn't know what he's doing. Close this thread! It's not worth it man...Someone could get in serious trouble. You're the site owner, so please do the right thing!
  12. WTF!?! I never thought he was telling the truth. You better delete that. You might get in trouble and it's not worth it Bill. Seriously!... Haven't you seen what happened to Skwerl?!? You would think that that was enough to put some brains into everyone. I say that with all the good intentions in the World. It's not worth risking your life for this. There's more important things in life then GNR songs. Not only that but you also risk putting other people at check who have nothing to do with this. Be responsible!
  13. Thank You!