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  1. Where are they now Un-GN'R?

    Matt's book is gonna save it all!
  2. Oct. 28th, 2011 GNR @ the AMWAY center

    The excuse now is that he makes music for himself and he's the one that decides if we get to hear it or not.
  3. Dizzy once said they had a bunch of songs and we're looking at what to do with them... and nothing happened. Now he's saying he knows nothing about new music... so maybe the opposite will happen again!
  4. I liked VR. Still have the albums on my iPhone. I thought it was a great match. I think Slash was an asshole to Scott, but I can understand Slash's side as well. He had just gotten clean, so obviously he didn't wanna deal with another junkie, and wanted to be as far away as possible from any type of contact with drugs. Slither, Come on Come In, Get out the Door, She Mine, Do it For The Kids, Dirty Little Thing, Sucker Train Blues, Fall To Pieces, Spay, She Builds Quick Machines, Big Machine, Set me Free, Superhuman... All great songs in my book! I just wish they had released at least 2 more records.

    I love Van Halen, Aerosmith and Guns. Those are my 3 favorite bands. Motley would be the 4th. Jim is right on that one. Axl doesn't exactly owe us anything. However, the way I see it, is that if you're put in the privileged position of being able to be an artist and create music, because you have that much talent, and can make a difference and leave a legacy that will be remembered forever (even after you're gone), shit I think I would try to record songs every day if I had his talent... but that's me. People are different, but sometimes I just can't understand that waste of a talent... Doesn't mean he hasn't recorded anything, but recording songs and then having them in a vault and not releasing it... That's like having a Ferrari in your garage and not driving it... Or having a pool in your home and not use it... I don't get it. My suspicion is that the label doesn't give him the money he wants for the record, but I'm shooting in the dark here...

    Don't get me wrong, I know where you're coming from, but the comparison is a bit off. Motley and Poison both had tons of releases since 2000, comparing to GNR. Those two bands have done Reunion Tours, cash grab tours, whatever you wanna call it, but they've actually treated their fans very nice. I'm not saying Axl is purposely not releasing stuff to piss his fans off, obviously that's not it; However throughout the years it seems that the desire to release material just isn't there for some reason. Since 2000 Motley Crue have released: - New Tattoo (Studio CD) - Crued and Tattooed (Live DVD) - The Dirt (Auto - Biography Book) - Greatest Hits (First Greatest Hits 1 Cd) - Tommy Land (Tommy Lee's Book) - Red White and Crue (2 cd Greatest Hits with 3 new songs, and 1 extra new song on the Japanese Release) New songs: If I Die Tomorrow, Sick Love Song, Street Fighting Man ; I'm a Liar (and that's the True) - On Japanese Release only - Carnival of Sins DVD - Carnival of Sins Live (2 CD pack) - Saints of Los Angeles (Studio CD) - It's a great album!! - Greatest Hits (The last Greatest Hits album they have released) - Sex (iTunes Single song release) - All Bad Things (iTunes Single song release) - Remasters Special Editions of Dr. Feelgood, Girls Girls Girls, Shout at The Devil and Too Fast For Love (Vinyl and CD) - The End (Live CD/DVD) - The Dirt Movie Documentary What Poison Released since 2000: - Crack a smile... (Studio Album) - Power to the People (Live Album) - Hollyweird (Studio Album) - Greatest Hits: 20 Years of Poison (with 1 New Song, Cover of "We're an American Band") - Seven Days Live (Live DVD) - Poison'd (Covers Studio Album) - Best of Poison (Greatest Hits Album) - Live, Raw and Uncut (Live DVD/CD)
  7. GnR set to hit the studio

    Their best new song is "You and your Blues" in my opinion.
  8. GnR set to hit the studio

    I knew it was Van Halen. They've been spreading those rumors for a year now. I'll take a brand new Van Halen album with Roth over Silkworms, Checkmate or any of the remixes, recordings that have been rumored for more than 20 years now, to be honest. DLR and Eddie are Gods in this industry!
  9. GnR set to hit the studio

    Can't be Guns N'Roses! Axl would never give a producer the full power for recording the album... I think it's Van Halen!
  10. Darren Jay Ashba

    WHAT?!?!?!?!? Axl managed to screw up things with Slash again?!?!? I knew it! I knew he would screw up again...I can't believe it! If this is really happening it's gonna be the biggest Joke in Rock n'Roll history. Bigger joke than Gary Cherone joining Van Halen, or Kiss Re-recording their greatest hits... Slash IS a bigger star than Axl at this moment! Slash became bigger than Axl! What is Axl thinking?!? He has to pay the man. He has to pay the man accordingly! He is the bigger star! I'm not saying he should pay Slash the same he's getting, because it's his band (unfortunately, those damn contracts! Dumb motherfuckers! They should have never signed those papers!), but he should pay Slash accordingly to his star power and status! Right now Axl needs Slash more than the opposite! His voice is gone, and Slash would make a new GNR record sound like a billion dollars! When it comes to touring they also make a lot more money with Slash in the bad... so really Axl seems to have lost his mind, if he's getting rid of Slash... And if he does so... Imagine how the press will react to it, how the fanbase will react, how the casual fan will react. It will be the nail in the coffin for GNR! I really hope this is another PR stunt from Ashba to fund interest in his solo stuff...
  11. That Time Axl Cucked Brian May

    I know that fanmade very well
  12. Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    He has tons of autotune on Shacklers, Scraped, Chinese Democracy, Madagascar, Street of Dreams, Prostitute, If The World and Sorry
  13. It's awful! I don't know why would anyone be interested on a half time jam, and I don't get why they're still trying to give a push to an album that was released almost 9 years ago.
  14. Checkmate leak

    I think that's Oh My God and Street of Dreams. Oh My God only because Axl's voice sounds like his hey days in the 90's on that song.
  15. Checkmate leak

    Am I the only one that doesn't find "Checkmate" even remotely interesting?!? I never did. I was there when that clip leaked, and I always thought it was nothing special comparing to songs like There Was a Time or Better. However, everyone besides me seemed to like it and put that song on a pedestal. I still feel the same way. It's his Mickey Mouse clean voice all the way on the clip maybe with a little tiny bit of rasp at times, but very little.... I have no interest on that song.