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  1. Without Paul. there would be no Guns N Roses.
  2. Placed next to an A1 record too! Great work Mr Poundland.
  3. Ha, in the bin, exactly were it belongs.
  4. That's a joke. It's about £80 for Slane, but you tend to get five or six bands at Slane. It's like a mini-festival. Sounds like I done fucked up. There's a chance he may recover what's left of his voice by London though.. bit tetchy about going to the first gig of the tour.
  5. 150 quid for a ticket.. mother fuck. Who's going to London?
  6. Guns could be as good as this if they'd just get shot of the lower register songs and replace them with the stuff off of Live Like A Suicide, and throw in stuff like Shadow Of Your Love, and maybe Human Being and Nice Boys in place of KOHD etc. Got to say it though, Axl sounds incredible here.
  7. So, Axl is adding an "Oh, Yeaaaahh" to the end of every song now.
  8. Rocket Queen sounds amazing with Slash's extended solo. Frank's drumming is terrible though. They need to strip his kit back or just get him the fuck off the kit - useless fuck that he is.
  9. Well... he did nail the very last note.
  10. This I Love finally getting a real solo
  11. Ha "It's mean, and it's pissed off, and it calls itself Slash"