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  1. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    Glad you liked it. I used to think it was okay, but now when I listen to it, it sounds like he's in pain. Sounds very awkward to me. I love it when mickey makes an appearance during one of the "Where do we go, whooooaaa" :-)
  2. Wonder how Axl will feel when he's straight back to playing bowling allays, weddings, and half filled theaters.
  3. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    If only they didn't mask it under all that distortion and compression.
  4. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    OMG was using distortion in the same sort of way, in order to mask his shit voice.
  5. The only CD era song I thought sounded like GnR was The Blues.. specifically the HOB and Rio 2001 performances. By the time it became ''Street Of Dreams" it had been stripped of that. I don't think Prostitute could have been rescued by better playing, singing, production, or arrangement. It's just too shit. A shit that cannot be polished. Just my opinion of course.
  6. I'm not sure there was a good version of any song mate.
  7. I wish Bill had never come out of retirement at all.
  8. The reports all came from sycophants such as Bach. CD would have had the very best of the available songs. No doubt about that at all. Scraped is probably better than what's left.
  9. Fucking hell, Prostitute is such a crap song. I remember back in the days long before CD. Someone in the production team had talked about it and how we should all be looking forward to that particular number. That it was like 'fire and ice'. Then #Song2 leaked, and nobody would even believe it was Prostitute, despite the word 'Prostitute' being in the song. Such a let down.
  10. He was always in tune, and sang with a powerful voice in the 80s and 90s. He's has neither of those qualities for a long time.
  11. Slash fucking Prostitute

    Shit and boring song.
  12. LALD is shit to live. Axl can't sing it.
  13. 1- Get rid of all songs sung in that mid-range thing where he basically whispers 2- 90 Minutes shows 3- No fake GnR songs 4- No KOHD 5- No LALD