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  1. At least Axl isn't a massive peadophile.
  2. GNR's 1st studio demos

    These are great! Love raw and unpolished music. Duff's spoken word bit in Don't Cry makes me cringe ha.
  3. What do you think GN'R are doing during this break?

    Getting fatter than ever.
  4. Buckethead Announces 2017 Fall Tour with Brain

    When I think of Bucket Head, I think of fans that would play dungeons and dragons.

    I wonder how much Axl actually created. I think he probably had a lot of help lyrically on UYI.
  6. I'm sure Fortus knows it's shit.
  7. Because it is shit
  8. What in the actual fuck, boys?

    Maybe they watch it with the sound off, like a kid in denial with their fingers in their ears.
  9. When did you first discover Guns N' Roses?

    1996. I was 12. Random thought came into my head and I remembered Paradise City, vaguely. Had older brother, asked him about it, he gave me the records... hooked!
  10. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    But I think the Slash theory is interesting. The fact that it used to be played at every show before being pulled adds more weight.
  11. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    I thought it was about Stephanie's abortion.
  12. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    It had melody, had some Piano, had a decent enough solo(first half would be better if Robin didn't okay like a tit), and had a decent structure to it. It doesn't really sound much like anything on UYI, but I don't think it would have been out of place had it been on them.
  13. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    Only ever liked the performances from HOB and Rio 2001. It was destroyed after that. That song had so much potential.
  14. Rank the shit—Legacy acts only

    I'd reckon that Aerosmith were about the only one I'd remove from the fat shit list. GnR had potential. Beach Boys were good for one year in 66... the rest are crap!
  15. where are we at

    We all knew it would be shit.