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  1. I'd like a farewell tour with the original 5, or the illusions era line up. I'd like Axl to just try and sing like he used to, not caring if he blew his shitty fucking voice out. I'd like Slash to get fucked up on smack and play some fucked up shit and dance like a stripper hooor. Then call it a fucking day and die. Or some pro-shot stuff from 1993.
  2. Stone Roses are basically following suite. One amazing record. Another one years later with some good tunes. Split up for 20 years. Start up again touring stadiums for 100 quid a pop. Same setlist every time. They had the fucking decency to at least release some new (yet shit) songs before the latest tours. Cunts, the lotta them.
  3. US media maybe had more of an obsession with his weight back then. I can really only speak for the UK. We're more interested in the work one has done to one's face. Funnily enough, now that he actually is a fat fuck, none of the press here tend to dwell on that. They're either on the money train, or they're just blindsided about how fat and shit he is because Slash.
  4. I thought that was more the 'plastic surgery' era. People had been saying Axl was fat since he went missing in 1994. He turned up to Rio fat, but the mainstream media (at least in the UK) didn't know or care about this performance. By 2002, I didn't really hear anything about his weight (looked pretty thin to me for a 40 year old). The press, as far as I can remember, were all about his face and hair.
  5. 2001 - 2002 - Not on cocaine. 2006 - 2010 - Cocained out of his nut. 2011 - Present - Not on cocaine, but on lots of beer and burgers. That's my theory anyway.
  6. I like his style of bass playing, and his unique tone. I missed this sound when they had Tommy. His playing was good, but a large part of the GnR sound was gone. I'm not too clued up on sound engineering - would Duff have his own tech? He kept this throughout 90's GnR, and VR, and it's there now. I'm guessing he has his own tech to provide his own signature bass sound. I don't think any of the AFD 5 were pointless. They all contributed a big part of the overall sound.
  7. He sounds better in these youtubes than I was expecting. The sound where we were was terrible, so we moved around until we found a sweet spot. Slash doesn't smile. Axl seems to smile a lot these days. Duff's bass sounds fantastic. It always bothered me that they didn't replicate his bass sound with Tommy. Frank should be taken outside and shot.
  8. Couldn't really hear Axl at London. Probably for the best. Didn't get in until Jungle. Best part of the gig was drinking like fuck. London was cool, nice atmosphere.
  9. Anyone recommend a cool pub for pre-show piss up in London tomorrow?
  10. Anyone gonna swap me a shitty pair of standing tickets for my pair of golden circle tickets? Straight swap. Meet you outside gig. We don't need to do small talk.
  11. I think he more closely resembles Wilson today, in every sense.
  12. I don't think he's lost his mid-range that much, he just lost that scratchy low head voice that he used to use everywhere, and replaced it with chest voice, which he has a lot less of a range with. In the 80s and 90s, he was able to sing a lot more of his range in his 'head voice'. Although, it's not exactly head voice, it's sort of a mix of chest and head voice. Anyway, he could sing a lot of the mid-range parts in this voice, because it was scratchy, and it didn't sound like he'd transitioned from his chest voice. There was never that that obvious moment where you knew he'd changed. He now uses his chest voice a lot more, but slinks in and out of that and his now non scratchy, non loud, low head voice, and it is very noticeable. A good example of comparison is Don't Cry. The line 'And please remember, how I felt inside' gives the game away. It's nothing but pure chest voice until 'Come the morning light now baby', where is slinks into using his chest voice. In the 90s for example, he'd have been using his chest voice for both lines. He's also fat. Edit: I may also be talking shite.
  13. Oh fuck yes it is. Along with YCBM, SCOM, PC and all CD songs, and Coma... fuck me, listening to Axl sing that one hurts my fucking ring piece! It total, they're probably left with about 20 minutes of music from their current set list that they can play. Time to either chuck it in, or play some new songs in a more appropriate singing style, or play some songs in Axl's ACDC vocal range, where rather astonishingly, he sounds incredible. Or simply play some ACDC songs. Who the fuck even cares. Every cunt at the gigs is just there to be a tourist in their own youth... to quote Simon David Williamson.
  14. Exactly. A set with new music, using a voice that suits him now, and some songs like Jungle thrown in, it would be great. They probably wouldn't be playing to 80 thousand a night.
  15. Crowd looks fantastic, looks like a great atmosphere. I'm going to the first London show. No chance in hell it'll be like this. Loving the red exit too.