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  1. He had this testicles removed as he was too aggressive with the beta, and too horny with Vanessa. Drinking too much produced too much estrogen, and also gave him bitch tits.
  2. Is Axl a massive coke monster?
  3. Is Axl gay?
  4. I think Axl may have had his balls removed. He's clearly not interested in woman, or men. Where does that put him on the LGBTXYZ?
  5. I think Axl has Aspergers or something. He does seem to like repetition. Same songs every night, or at least every other night. Same moves at the same times. Same costumes for the same songs.
  6. Best fake GnR song ever. I wished that this was how they'd have sounded. Like this, and Silkworks. Not even trying to be what the real band were.
  7. Thought Dizzy was playing that? Nice though.
  8. Soon as Axl gets his feet under the table with ACDC, he'll start Mickeying the shit out of it.
  9. Was 2000 Intentions really mentioned from an official source as a working title? I remember reading somewhere that it was nothing more than a rumor started on the GnR Live forum back in the 90s. I could be full of shit though.
  10. One can only hope. They're shit.
  11. So in 2010, he seemed to have attained more of his trademark raspy head / mixed voice. But I don't put this down to practice or technique or anything like that. I think it just appeared again, and he used it.Patience again is a good example. It's like when he feels his head /mixed voice is good enough, he'll just use it for the full outro.. when he doesn't, he sings the majority of it in his chest voice. But 2010, I mean, he wasn't exactly a great singer again all of a sudden, he just had a raspy voice again. If you put him into the studio to re-do patience, for example, it would probably have sounded atrocious. However, live.. given what we'd come to expect, it sounded great. We don't know what meds he's on, but I reckon he's on some anti depressants. These things can really fuck with your appearance. I can only imagine they can fuck with your singing voice too.
  12. He was a lazy singer back in the day anyway, he was just gifted with a head voice (or whatever you call it) that sounded very close to his natural voice, and he could merge the two easily and it was gritty and loud. He got used to using in that range for years, despite it changing a lot even between 86 - 93, it still sounded cool. Fast forward 7 years to Rio and it is gone. We now hear how lazy he's been singing all these years, and now that head voice sounds like your average persons head voice, all clean and weak. At this point Axl is still trying to sing the same way he'd become used to, but the game is up. Eventually he adapted, singing more and more in his natural voice before "breaking" into the head voice when the notes became too high. See the outro to patience over the last few years for example. Back in the day this entire outro was sang in head voice, or to be more accurate, this weird middle ground that some singers can do where the natural voice and the head voice are almost mixed. Now, it's done in chest voice, all the way up to the "Yeah a yeah a need you" bit where it almost sounds like someone turns the mic off. His raspy range now belongs to ACDC. Or, new songs that suit his voice. Too fat and lazy to bother with the latter though.
  13. This man must have one fuck of a poker face.
  14. Fucks the lyrics up, as always. Cunt.