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  1. He's clearly a gay man. - The costume changes, several costume changes during a single song even, that was a sign. - The obsession with Elton John. - One In A Million. - The way he looked at Slash. See Saskatoon couch session for more info. He's like a smitten kitten. Then he gets all huffy when Slash talks to someone else. - The super duper huff he took when Slash walked out on him. This was a hissy fit that last near 25 years. - Going on a date with that gay footballer in 2006. - The 'Snake Dance', jesus mother fuck, how was that not gay? - The gay college dude jock thing, where they act all tough and agro because they're proper straight up pussy lovers. - This I Love (what he really loves is cock). - Back-stage parties with muscle men. - Hiring a whore for 4 years, or a 'Beard' if you will, to hide the fact that he's not into Woman, yet can't bring himself to be seen with a Man, again. - His relationship with Sebastian Bach. The list is endless. It all points to a man that would smoke a bloke. This is 2018. Time to embrace it.
  2. Barry

    Finally a new single!!!

    I wonder if she got some closure witnessing Axl in his final form? (Fat and unable to sing).
  3. Barry

    Finally a new single!!!

    Erin getting spanked like the nasty little slut she is. No kitty litter though, wtf?
  4. Barry

    Help name Axl's new rasp

    Type two diabetes rasp.
  5. How could anyone forget this magical, yet funny moment between Paul (without him, there would be no Guns N Roses) and Axl. You can almost see Paul shite it when he realizes he doesn't know the words to the song.
  6. The vocals don't sound anything like fat Axl though. The drums don't sound anything like Frank. It does sound very fresh though. Very good mix in my opinion. Wouldn't be surprised if some parts have been touched up.
  7. Dude is without a doubt on the old Columbian marching powder.
  8. He sounds great here. Wonder what happened between this and Rio 2011. It's night and day.
  9. Axl should have never bothered coming out of retirement after the 93 tour. To go from this, to.. whatever the fuck 2001 was... even to 2016... no.
  10. I think Gilby's fine. Does the job. Looks cool.
  11. 93 GnR was awesome. Glad we've got a pro-shot Skin N Bones show.
  12. Barry

    GnR announcement coming?

    Hoping to get a bunch of pro-shots from the real tours.
  13. At least this is a song in Axl's currently decent vocal range. They should play this live.
  14. Barry

    GnR announcement coming?

    Probably for the best that they're releasing old stuff. The new stuff is shit! Get the pro-shot stuff from the 90s out!
  15. Barry

    GnR announcement coming?

    This is great! Thanks, Axl. May we have another?